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  • Summary: The Pedestrian is a 2.5D puzzle platformer themed around the public sign system. You play as a 2D character moving through signs in a dynamic 3D world. You progress through the game by rearranging and connecting public signs to explore and advance through each environment.
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  1. Feb 19, 2021
    The Pedestrian is one of the best puzzle experiences I’ve had on the console. It starts off strong and carries that energy throughout the rest of the adventure, dishing out new mechanics and obstacles at a comfortable pace that never had me feeling bored or disinterested. Mix together the gameplay with an animated setting and a jaunty musical score and the end result is a delectable delight of video game entertainment.
  2. 90
    Well thought out puzzles and a fantastic art style really propel The Pedestrian to the top of my list of recently played puzzle games. It is so different and that is something I really admire. While it will not be for everyone I think it does enough to even tease non-puzzle game fans into trying it. Striking and clever, The Pedestrian never overstays its welcome. It's short, sweet and I enjoyed every minute of it.
  3. 90
    As with most of the best puzzle games out there, The Pedestrian isn’t going to eat up a huge chunk of your time. That said, every minute spent playing it will give your brain a solid workout. My first session saw me burn through the first half of the game in an afternoon before my noggin needed some downtime. As the puzzles ramped up in difficulty, it slowed me down a touch but only because I was being much more deliberate and triple checking everything. Putting this one up there as one of the best puzzlers available for PlayStation gamers, right below A Fold Apart.
  4. Jan 28, 2021
    While The Pedestrian is a great puzzle platformer, it's not perfect. Probably the most noticeable absence in the game is a hint system. The puzzles can get extremely difficult at times, becoming borderline frustrating even. Additionally, another missed opportunity is in the game’s use of the touchpad. While pressing the touchpad works as the interact button, the cursor cannot be controlled by sliding your finger over it. This nitpick might not affect many players, but it’s still an odd exclusion. Minor frustrations aside, The Pedestrian is a fantastic puzzle-platformer that stands out from the crowd. For those looking for a unique pick-up-and-play experience, it's well worth the investment.
  5. 80
    The Pedestrian is an ace collection of puzzles thematically linked by some very clever set dressing as you traverse 3D environments via 2D puzzles. It's really quite good. Get on it.
  6. Feb 3, 2021
    While it may not be for everyone, The Pedestrian is worth a shot. It stands out from the crowd in so many ways, leaving a positive impact on me in the end.
  7. Feb 1, 2021
    The Pedestrian is a beautiful game that permeates with ingenuity. Each area is brimming with ideas and these are suitably positioned to not overwhelm the gamer. Due to its design, players of any skill level will be able to jump on and enjoy this unique title. Unfortunately, there are a few road bumps along the way and the conclusion of the subtle narrative is a bit of a dead-end but this doesn’t take away from the incredible journey across the city.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 2
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 2
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  1. Mar 30, 2021
    Really a fun puzzle game that has a fair amount of challenges! I think for the price you get very good contents
  2. Feb 1, 2021
    Amo jogos de quebra cabeça e este é muito muito bom! Dificuldade crescente, mecânicas bem explicadas e desafiadoras sem serem muitoAmo jogos de quebra cabeça e este é muito muito bom! Dificuldade crescente, mecânicas bem explicadas e desafiadoras sem serem muito frustrantes, além de um estilo de arte legal. Pontos negativos são a curta duração, não aproveitar mais o último e surpreendente tipo de quebra cabeça e falta de mais trofeus, inclusive platina. Expand