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  1. Jan 20, 2021
    It’s an extraordinarily well-made game that shows no signs of slowing down, and which performs very, very well on PS5.
  2. Jan 14, 2021
    The PS5 version of Warframe is a perfect upgrade: resolution, frame rate and loading times are better. The real star here is the new lighting simulation, that makes every corner more beautiful, sharp, deep and realistic.
  3. 90
    Warframe is made better by its release on PS5. The gorgeous glittery visuals jump off the screen and improved loading times get you into the action faster than ever. With a wealth of content to discover, unlock and find, Warframe on PS5 is a title everyone should check out and what was once one of the best looter-shooters on PS4 is now one of the best on PS5.
  4. Feb 2, 2021
    This current-gen version of Warframe sticks closely to its PS4 counterpart, even offering cross-save and crossplay functionality between both versions of the game. What's new with the PS5 edition are improved visuals that run at 4K and 60fps and added haptic features with the DualSense controller. This in turn gives a greater sense of visual and gameplay feedback in combat and the general action of the space-faring adventure, which is one of the most compelling aspects of playing Warframe.
  5. Feb 18, 2021
    The gameplay loop of Warframe remains the same, but the smooth frame rate and great loading times will be a great benefit to long term console players as they move to the PlayStation 5. If you’re a Warframe fan, you can look forward to a much sharper experience.
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  1. Nov 30, 2020
    Warframe is a mediocre at its best moments, at its worst it a mindless time sink, with things like timers so you can’t get any of your gearWarframe is a mediocre at its best moments, at its worst it a mindless time sink, with things like timers so you can’t get any of your gear the same day you farm it unless you pay cash, de gets most of its income from rookie players who don’t know what their doing, and uses things like making early lvls extremely ez, and not explaining anything so new ppl will buy weps and frames hoping to change up the game play and make it more fun well not knowing what their actually doing. Theres a huge grind wall of 500hours +, all on the same 5 maps and enemies, it’s basically a system where all the vets end up quitting cuz the game goes nowhere, literally you’ll fight the crew men at lvl 1 and lvl 1000, so no progression all well asking you to put in hundreds of hours and most ppl usually spend +$200 plus cuz they think they know what their doing. Every update that comes out (only like 3-5 updates a year) either takes about 30min to beat or has some insane 10hour+ grind wall of running the same thing over and over again. There’s no content in the game for ppl of higher levels, so basically all there’s is to do is wait for build times and help newer player learn what to do, basically a pyramid scheme . As someone who’s wasted their time all I can say i don’t waste your. The company hyped ups all their updates just for them to be unfinished and forgotten about for the next one, even now they act like ps5 is the game changer but 90% of this games problems have nothing to do with hardware and everything to do with timers and how few resources de puts in drops, and how much of those resources you need to actually build the things you want to build. The gameplay is alright but there isn’t much fun when nothing can kill/ challenge you and you can just 1 shot everything, the later part of the game is basically prestige your weps for more dmg, now do it to another wep. Overall this game is literally doing the same thing over and over for different results everything Full Review »