Description: Its time to get fit the PlayStationMove way! Grab your PlayStationMove motion controllers, step into your own virtual gym and get in shape with over 25 fun, intense exercises and a personal trainer to guide and push you all the way. PlayStationMove Fitness is the ideal way to boost your fitness in the comfort of your own home. With the precision of PlayStationMove motion controllers, exercises are easy to get into and highly rewarding; youll find yourself instantly ducking and weaving, hitting targets and performing punch combos. You can set up your own tailor-made fitness program, pick your favorite exercises for a quick dose of fun and even work out to your own music collection. And when its time to let off some steam, PlayStationMove Fitness is also a great stress-buster, giving you the opportunity to pummel a destructible dummy, shoot some basketball hoops or play a game of dodgeball. Not a fan of training on your own? Then hook up with friends online, give them some encouragement or challenge them to beat your best scores adding a little competition can really help you get results!


  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Mar 26, 2013
  • Coldwood Interactive
Publisher: SCEA