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  1. Jul 31, 2017
    Accel World VS Sword Art Online is a fun game that will provide enjoyment for established fans of Accel World and Sword Art Online, and they're the only ones I would recommend this game to. The interesting controls and varied battle mechanics make for dynamic boss battles, but exploration is ponderous, keeping the vast number of characters adequately leveled is a chore, and following the plot is wholly dependent on prior knowledge of both series. Still, I have to give credit to the game for having some well thought-out aspects to it, saving it from being a complete throwaway as games based on popular licenses are wont to be.
  2. Jul 19, 2017
    Accel World vs. Sword Art Online is a competent action role-playing game offering a simple yet solid combat system, good story and characters and plenty of content. Due to the very bland exploration and a couple of other issues, namely technical and controls issues on PlayStation Vita, the game can only be recommended to fans of both franchises.
  3. Oct 3, 2017
    What’s especially annoying about that is that I know for a fact that these games can be better, since the first two SAO games on Vita were decent. You wouldn’t think that such rapid regression would be possible, but Accel World VS Sword Art Online is proof that it absolutely is.
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  1. Aug 13, 2017
    Probably the worst PS Vita port of a SAO game. Graphics are terrible (trees are blocky, textures are badly-designed, etc.), the controls areProbably the worst PS Vita port of a SAO game. Graphics are terrible (trees are blocky, textures are badly-designed, etc.), the controls are cumbersome (especially when it comes to flight combat), and the framerate dips a lot (and just wait till you play online). Sure, the game has a lot of content (though not as much as Hollow Realization's), you can play as the Accel World characters which are personally more enjoyable than SAO characters (Chrome > Kirito) and the gameplay is atleast improved compared to Lost Song, it is still far from a perfect SAO game. The story is nothing to write home about (Yui gets captured by an evil force who's from the Accel world, SAO girls wants to help Kirito, Accel World characters attacks you but then forgive you for attacking, defeat the villain, and Yui is saved, sadly), enviroments are blandly designed and even at times reused, characters are either likable (Haruyuki) or stereotypical (any of the female SAO characters), audio cuts out in some cutscenes, most scenes are static pictures, and while the combat is pretty fun, it can get a little tedious. If you still interested on getting it, get it on the PS4 because the Vita is definitely not the port you are looking for. However, I won't be surprised if the Vita fans will end up giving the game good scores. I mean, SAO games are hugely popular on the Vita (no surprise here) and since the PS Vita isn't getting a lot of support from big developers, I guess this game is "better than nothing". Collapse