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  1. 82
    For a retro compilation, Activision Hits Remixed is top notch with one hell of a presentation. The quick-loading feature and its Game Sharing option are two key elements in pushing this collection into the "recommended" category.
  2. Activision Hits Remixed gives you 40 classic games, a serviceable menu design, and perfect emulation for the games. If you’re interested in the lineup, be sure to pick up this collection.
  3. 80
    Exactly what a retro games compilation should be: a celebration of gaming's roots that puts an era in context and preserves it for future generations. And at a mere twenty bucks MSRP, you're virtually guaranteed to get your money's worth.
  4. 80
    Is the game worth it? You bet your ass it is. Forty Atari classics, most of which are entertaining in some way, fantastic emulation, a budget price of $19.99 — what more do you need?
  5. The sprites are all there, the frenetic control schemes, but in this package is also a solid interface that allows players to easily navigate for instructions, to set up multiplayer sessions and to embark on an entertaining trip down memory lane.
  6. The games run accurately and the package has some nice extras, but the graphics are a little on the blurry side.
  7. A solid retro collection for those looking for stone-age thrills. There are enough good games to care, the miniature '80s revival bit is fun, and the $20 price tag is just about reasonable.
  8. PSM Magazine
    Back when the Atari 2600 reigned, Activision was synonymous with quality, and Activision Hits Remixed does its best to show you why. [Feb. 2007, p.83]
  9. 70
    Activision Hits Remixed is one of the best compilations ever - with slick presentation and plenty of nostalgia, you won't find a much better retro compilation than Activision Hits Remixed.
  10. Attaching a score feels a little mean, because in terms of what the games are worth (even collectively) it wouldn't even register on the scale, but as a sensibly priced package it somehow serves its purpose admirably.

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