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  1. Play Magazine
    The procedure is more tedious than fun, and the payoff is a handful of minigames that are genuinely fun and addicting, but far too many that aren't. [Mar 2008, p.65]
  2. 69
    If you're a fan of traditional Bomberman and you want a shinier, portable version of the experience, this is a pretty solid game to pick up. However, if you're more interested in the single-player mini-game collection, be wary: the pacing and lack of real innovation keep this from being a stellar title.
  3. 65
    Bomberman Land is basically a PSP version of the classic Bomberman game plus a bunch of random stuff you can take or leave. The trouble is, there are better versions of Bomberman around, so unless you really want to play the mini-games, you're better off sticking with those.
  4. Bomberman Land is a simple title that won't keep you entertained for very long.
  5. But don't let the "new" content have anything to do with your desire to purchase the game. For that alone, the price tag is much too high.
  6. Bomberman Land's single-player adventure is a dud, but the multiplayer battle mode is a blast.
  7. 60
    With a collection of pretty solid mini-games and a smart decision to include a thorough Battle Mode, Bomberman Land works out as a step forward in the series' evolution.
  8. Bomberman Land is an average title. The storymode is a nice challenge to play. But after some while the storymode becomes quite boring because of its repeating assignments and minigames. The game has to thank its result mostly by adding the superb original Bomberman.
  9. 50
    The inevitable conclusion, a showdown with the final boss, should sensibly have been the one part of the game to slip into classic Bomberman battle mode. Instead, it's just another retread of one of the less interesting minigames. Imagine all that buildup with not even an explosion to be seen. How fitting.
  10. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Bomberman Land just blows. [May 2008, p.78]
  11. Ultimately, Bomberman Land isn't bad, but there are certainly better minigame collections out there. Likewise, there are a myriad of alternative ways to play the classic Bomberman battle mode if that's what you desire.
  12. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    We just can't help but feel incredibly bored by it. [May 2008, p.115]
  13. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Although once a trusty friend, Bomberman is too old and tired to compete on PSP. [June 2008, p.91]
  14. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    In fact, a character in the game even tells you that while you may not like all the mini-games, you have to play them all to get through the game. [Mar 2008, p.89]

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#41 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2008
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  1. Jul 21, 2015
    Once again, can't understand the critics.
    Well, if you're looking for a game like Bomberman Land 3 (BL3) of the PS2, you are going to be
    Once again, can't understand the critics.
    Well, if you're looking for a game like Bomberman Land 3 (BL3) of the PS2, you are going to be disappointed at the beginning of the game. Yeah, just the beginning of the game. Why I say that? Because it happened to me.
    Got the game thinking on the same mechanics of the PS2 game. Well, there was no character movement at all. But I did what I started to think (sorry if this is not true, but is what all critics seen to be to me) none of the official critics did: I played the game. I don't mean playing like half an hour to write a review, but finishing the game (getting all pieces).
    The game disappointed me at first, but then I keep playing and oh my, I was getting fun! This kind of fun fits perfectly on the difference of the BL3 of the PS2, since it is a "pocket" game. They just got all the fun and exciting mini games of the BL3 and excluded all the boring walking through repetitive areas that would REALLY bore anyone with a PSP.
    This game is sure fun and I really recommend it to anybody.
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