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  1. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    PaRappa is just as refreshing today as he was 10 years ago, though somewhat hampered by the PSP's control scheme. [Aug 2007, p.101]
  2. Old school is not always the best school.
  3. The PSP version includes a four-player multiplayer mode that lets you compete against other players. It's a decent addition, but the novelty is short-lived.
  4. 60
    If you find it cheap somewhere or fancy renting it then you'll doubtless have some fun with it. But can I hand on heart recommend anyone paying full price for it? Nope, not in the slightest, but I kind of wish I could.
  5. PaRappa means “paper-thin” in Japanese. Unfortunately, that also could be used to describe the game in general.
  6. I suppose PaRappa might find a niche fan base on the PSP, but most of us will be seeking our musical entertainment elsewhere.
  7. Despite the aforementioned low replay value, however, I'm glad PaRappa the Rapper was released. It still holds up even today, and perhaps having some renewed attention given to the Hip-Hop Hero will convince Sony to have a development house revamp PaRappa the way it should have been revamped, instead of the horrific sequel we got five years ago.
  8. The good news is that PaRappa the Rapper, along with Gitaroo Man Lives!, proves that you can have solid music games on the PSP.
  9. 70
    Pick it up if you're buying it for the original experience of PaRappa the Rapper, for the classic gameplay that is still...classic. Think of it as retro--not the next hot thing--and enjoy it as an episode of games gone by.
  10. Sony has included multiplayer and some downloadable songs. The graphics also look remarkably good for a game that’s 10 years old. These features help to elevate the game, but are just not enough to save it.
  11. 85
    It may not be the next God of War, but it's a unique diversion and one that is amazingly fun.
  12. Ultimately the brevity of PaRappa the Rapper is what makes it such a tough game to recommend.
  13. PaRappa is a relic of a bygone era. Had Sony decided to make this PSP re-release a PaRappa collection of sorts, including maybe PaRappa 2 from the PS2, or the pseudo-sequel UmJammer Lammy--or both--this would have been a sweet UMD.
  14. Even with the laughable downloable options there isn’t much to keep your ears entertained for more than a few hours. I suggest you wait until the price drops on this remade classic before you slap on your dog collar.
  15. The final verdict on Parappa the Rapper for the PSP is that it is still a very good game just far too short and far too basic.
  16. It was nice revisiting the Dojo (Kick, Punch, It's all in the mind!), getting driving lessons, and selling junk at the flea market. It was like having old friends come to visit for a spell. But these old friends are all quirky and weird now, and they smell funny. The technical shortcomings give the game very low replay value, much different than the original.
  17. For a remake, this version of Parappa the Rapper feels a little rough around the edges to suggest for a $30 price tag.
  18. AceGamez
    The main problem with PaRappa The Rapper is that it's pretty much a straight port of the PSOne original. Ten years is a long time in the gaming world, and what was once a trendy young thing throwing hot moves on the dance floor does, after all this time, now look a bit like a teacher at the school disco.
  19. 50
    While not terrible, there just isn't enough in PaRappa the Rapper to lift it into contention against today's various music games.
  20. So while the grading is still off, and the song selection is still scant, PaRappa has so much charm in its songs that it's still worthwhile all of these years later, whether you're revisiting it or playing it for the first time.
  21. Just beware when shelling out the cash for it as the mileage youfll get out of it will vary.
  22. Pelit (Finland)
    Still a great and a highly amusing bemani game. In fact, it pretty much created the genre we know today. A living legend. [Sept 2007]
  23. While PaRappa the Rapper isn't worth the initial asking price, its mix of clever songs, cute graphics, and downloadable content make it a great bargain bin purchase.
  24. Provided that you are willing to persevere with the game’s difficulty, Parappa provides a lot of fun.
  25. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A fantastic game, but a short, limited one. Not really worth the asking price, and not as good as "Gitaroo Man." [May 2007, p.66]
  26. This is a classic in my book, and I'd love to rate it higher than I am. However, time marches on, and by today's standards PaRappa isn't the top dog anymore. [July 2007, p.106]
  27. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    There's a sense of satisfaction to slogging through each challenge in normal mode, but with only six levels to beat even this proves to be a hollow victory. [Aug 2007, p.109]
  28. Games Master UK
    PaRappa still melts our hearts trying to woo Sunny Funny, but this dog has had his day. [Aug 2007, p.84]
  29. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Too bad the extra content isn't quite as fresh. [Aug 2007, p.85]
  30. Parappa has aged well, with the storyline and music still as amusing as ever. The simplistic game play is still fun, although the game feels shorter now that it did in its original release, mainly due to all the other rhythm games released since that time offering more content.
  31. PSM Magazine
    Why isn't this game a PS Store download? [Aug 2007, p.87]
  32. 70
    Definitely worth another few play-throughs. However, it's depressing how little Sony added to this package.
  33. 70
    While it's always nice to have a good rhythm game on the go, PaRappa on PSP is still a serious value proposition at $30. There are plenty of extra remixes to download and play (about half of which are decent), but with essentially six levels it's still a more flimsy package than current gamers are accustomed to.
  34. Sadly, that sums up all the new content. Players can beat it within an hour and never play it again.
  35. 60
    By modern standards, it's decidedly lacking, but it's still a classic.
  36. The seminal rhythm game makes its PSP debut with a chunk of new content, but the gameplay hasn't quite withstood the test of time.
  37. The game is terrific fun while it lasts, but that’s not long. It took me under two hours to make it through the game’s paltry six songs. While I got a little more mileage by attempting to get a “cool” rating on every song, it is hard to justify paying $30 for a game that offers fewer entertainment minutes than a movie.
  38. 68
    If you've never played the original game, it's worth a quick look. But for anyone hoping PaRappa can compete strongly in today's music game category, look elsewhere.
  39. Play UK
    Retains all the charm it had ten years ago. [Issue#155, p.84]
  40. PaRappa the Rapper is not only a rollicking trip down memory lane, it reminds you how groundbreaking the game was and the path it has laid down for so many pretenders in its wake. Well worth a look for PSP owners.
  41. Gamers should only pick up PaRappa the Rapper as quick trip down memory lane with a rental or borrowing from a friend.
  42. It's hard to hate a game as genuinely quirky and happy as PaRappa and indeed I don't hate it. I do hate the sticker price and the lack of anything truly new, however, and until this is on the PlayStation Store as a download, avoid it.
  43. Entertaining and charming, but a little on the "incredibly short" side.

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  1. Mar 15, 2011
    One of the great games that has been created for the PlayStation to the PSP. It's still the same from the original PS One classic.
  2. Jul 22, 2016
    I was going to give this a 7 but I decided it is the psp and it is a handheld so I'll give credit. The game is still really flawed and doesn'tI was going to give this a 7 but I decided it is the psp and it is a handheld so I'll give credit. The game is still really flawed and doesn't control like other PaRappa games do. There is more flaws to this game as well. Full Review »