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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
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  1. 90
    It's a near-perfect port of a killer game. In fact, I'd go on a limb and say that The Warriors is that console generation's best pure brawler.
  2. It's a beat-em-up, and so there will inevitably be someone complaining that it's repetitious, but the different micro-games should help stave them off for a while.
  3. Games Master UK
    A cult hit, just like the original movie, to be overlooked at your own peril. A PSP classic. [Apr 2007, p.83]
  4. The Warriors on the PSP is just as good, and in places better, than both the Xbox and PS2 versions from two years ago. In our opinion the controls have been refined and the gameplay tweaked to great effect.
  5. The best 3D scrolling beat-em-up ever. And did we mention it’s a near-perfect port with a budget price?
  6. If you missed out on this, or are looking for a reason to pull your PSP out of mothballs, The Warriors is a great purchase.
  7. Once again, Rockstar manages to do an amazing job porting one of their games and does so nearly flawlessly.
  8. The Warriors for PlayStation Portable captures the 1979 Walter Hill movie in a near-perfect port of its 2005 PS2 and Xbox counterparts.
  9. If you missed this game on the consoles, or just want to experience it on the go, it’s a no brainer.
  10. The ability to play through the story mode with a friend is enticing and is only one of many features that makes it worth the price to add to your collection. Where else can you beat up everyone around you, loot, steal car radios, mug, and graffiti complete neighborhoods with a $5 can of spray paint?
  11. The Warriors could have easily become just another repetitious street brawling title, but with a strong and original storyline that merges with the film plot, great combat action mixed with tactical strategy elements, and authentic 70’s style and flavor, this is one game that will keep you knocking heads for months to come.
  12. 82
    The gameplay is varied, the combat is deep, and the presentational and multiplayer extras add plenty of brownie points.
  13. A few translation imperfections aside, this is the same great beat-'em-up from 2005. If you never had a chance to experience it on consoles, it's still a game well worth playing.
  14. The game features plenty of content, solid audio and terrific AI. Without question the game does have some deficiencies in relation to its slightly awkward controls and graphics, but The Warriors is a terrific game no matter the console and it comes in at an affordable price making it a sure fire recommendation.
  15. It's a damned impressive game by PSP standards, and if you're looking for a deep, brutal, high-quality PSP brawler with lots of variety and short load times, then you're not going to find one that's better than this.
  16. 80
    Impressive because The Warriors was such a good and complete game the first time around, with a lengthy story, fun brawling mechanics, and a host of that classic Rockstar optional stuff that we don't have to do but are compelled to anyway -- and it all works incredibly well on the PSP. But at the same time, The Warriors was never really designed to the strengths of a portable system, so unless you haven't played it already, there's no real need to play it again while in transit.
  17. What The Warriors lacks in new content, it more than makes up for with intense brawling, decent multiplayer options and a presentation that matches the film's tone.
  18. 80
    The gameplay offers a few tricks up its sleeve, like with the mugging system and unscrewing the car radios out of vehicles for bonus cash. The presentation appears to be top notch, without missing any steps during its translation to the PSP. And the extras come aplenty.
  19. Returning to the title (regardless of the platform) does prove to be just as much fun now as it did in Autumn 2005.
  20. The Warriors remains one of the greatest 3D brawlers of all time, even though it has been shrunk down and the controls have been revamped.
  21. A hugely enjoyable brawler with an engrossing story and an atmosphere you can cut with a machete – one of the greatest movie tie-ins ever.
  22. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    A violent, ballsy, moody, stylish adventure that oozes late-1970s street cool and stays true to the spirit of the film. We can dig it. [Mar 2007, p.106]
  23. 80
    The Warriors on the PSP remains a great game, and is actually quite suitable as a handheld beat 'em up.
  24. It always impresses Gamestyle when a developer manages to successfully port a PS2 game onto the PSP - especially without resorting to five minute load times - and The Warriors does so especially well.
  25. AceGamez
    For this price and this level of quality, it is an absolute bargain - it isn't one of the very best PSP games, but it's not far off either. It does an excellent job of being many things at once - a movie tie-in, fighting game, mission-based open exploration game and more. And it provides compelling gameplay throughout.
  26. The cult movie gets yet another video game treatment, this time on the PSP. It's yet another solid outing for Rockstar, with plenty of brawling and side missions to do.
  27. The Warriors on the PSP is basically the same game it was on the consoles; a rock solid brawler that captures the heart and soul of one of the coolest flicks of all time.
  28. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The Warriors retains its inherent "coolness" and remains more than decent fun. [Apr 2007, p.86]
  29. Offering engrossing beat 'em up action on the go, Rockstar's The Warriors ranks both among the genre's and the platform’s best.
  30. 75
    The Warriors are going to march straight through your set and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.
  31. PSM Magazine
    Overall, it's a very good game, and it only costs $20, to boot. [Apr 2007, p.87]
  32. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or a new initiate, this is definitely one of the strongest titles in the PSP’s recent library.
  33. With 15-20 hours of gameplay and the increasingly challenging levels, you can guarantee you will spend hours proving yourself as a Warrior.
  34. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It can be restrictive, but overall The Warriors works thanks to its recreation of '70s NYC. The clothes, music and graffiti combine to lift a simple fighter into an atmospheric trawl through the Big Apple. [Apr 2007, p.111]
  35. The Warriors more than holds its own on its transition to the PSP. For a start, it's still a perfectly playable, charming and downright brutal game - there really is nothing quite as ludicrous on the shelves today.
  36. Violence is what makes the game so enjoyable in the first place. It's a little disappointing just how much the game looks and feels like every other Rockstar has released recently, but the shining story and brutality of it all make it all a worthwhile endeavour.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 30 Ratings

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  1. Nov 20, 2012
    A great port of a great game based on one of the greatest films of all time. If you have a PSP or a PS2, you NEED THIS GAME. If the amazingA great port of a great game based on one of the greatest films of all time. If you have a PSP or a PS2, you NEED THIS GAME. If the amazing story, thousands of unlockables, destructible and interactive environment isn't enough of a reason to buy this game, then I don't know what is.
    Bashing people over the head with beer bottles and breaking baseball bats over cops heads provides some of the most refreshing gameplay I've ever experienced.
    You'll grow to love the sound of steel toed boots breaking peoples noses in no time.
    Full Review »
  2. FuZZyD.
    Feb 27, 2007
    I have never seen the Film or played this before when it was released 2 years ago, but this is definitely worth a look on the psp. It's I have never seen the Film or played this before when it was released 2 years ago, but this is definitely worth a look on the psp. It's free roaming and the fighting side works really well. You can it typical rock star fashion Mug people and Smash up shops and steal from them and also smash car windows and nick the stero out of it by rotating the analog nub to unscrew it. Theres plenty of things to do, like flash backs which tell you how various members of the gang ended up joining, training (Sit ups, push ups and the Punch Bag) Rumble mode and Armys of the night plus the actual missions them selfs. Its fun to play easy to get along with, and the missions include going around taggin with your spray paint, muggin, also have to run for it, which includes jumping over fences and leaping across roof tops to escape from rival gangs. If you have never play this like me then it is well worth a look, even if you have played this before its well worth getting it on the portable psp so you can mug and mame people on the move. Violence in computer games I love it.. Its a game not real life...and a good game at that... Full Review »
  3. Jun 23, 2022
    Una vez terminado de jugar Warriors tengo mi conclusión the Warriors para la psp es un juego infravalorado y desconocidoUna vez terminado de jugar Warriors tengo mi conclusión the Warriors para la psp es un juego infravalorado y desconocido (desafortunadamente)es un juego divertido q te entretiene un sistema de combate q pudo ser mejor y más pulido para un sistema de combos mejor y entretenido una historia muy bueno siendo una precuela de la película pero al mismo tiempo te cuánta la pelitno la e visto pero si veo q le es fiel subiré la puntuación la razón por la q no le di nota verde es q a la larga se hace muy repetitivo en resumen es pelear,robar cosas por ahí y demás no hay tantas cosas por hacer pero considero q todo el mundo debería jugarlo pero si vas a jugar en la versión del emulador juegalo los controles son cómodos no pesa mucho y corre en casi cualquier teléfono Full Review »