Description: Stuck on a godforsaken island – things can’t get any worse, right? Wrong. The native tribesmen decide to have you over for lunch – unless you want to end up on the spit you’d better Run Like Hell! Run Like Hell! is a frantically paced run-and-jump platform game – run, jump, slide, climb and crawl your way to safety pursued by mean looking guys with spears. Dash through ancient ruins, along nighttime jungle trails and sun-kissed beaches dodging obstacles as you go – every collision brings you a step closer to your doom! You’ll need quick reflexes and nimble fingers to avoid being roasted as a chicken - you’d better Run Like Hell! Features: • Story mode with dozens of levels, mini games, comic cut scenes and more... • Five endless modes in exotic locales • Power ups to help flee the hungry tribesmen • OpenFeint and Game Center: leaderboards, achievements and challenges • Easy but fun game mechanics • Hours of addictive gaming! Running Like Hell! can be a helluva lot of fun!


  • PlayStation Vita
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Initial Release Date: Sep 16, 2014
  • Mass Creation
Publisher: Mass Creation