Description: It's the American West during the 1800's. The days of pioneers and the Gold Rush are ending, and a transcontinental railway is in place. One day, a lone stranger arrives in a tiny, windswept desert town? His long hair is drawn back in a topknot and he wears strange foreign clothes. A mysterious-looking blade that is neither a knife nor a saber hangs from his belt. This mysterious stranger is certainly no gunman, and he ain't no indian? His name is Gojiro Kiryu, and he's bringing justice back to the Old West. Slash your way through 16 different missions. "Bushido Sense" allows you to dodge and deflect bullets with superhuman skill. Customize your hero by choosing between 10 different stances each with their own special attacks and powers. Over 100 unlockables including over 25 playable characters, 70 accessories and 20 weapons. Be a Samurai or a Gunman! Unique 2 player mode allows you to play as both. Unleash the power of the samurai in Master Mode and chain hundred-hit combos. [Atlus]


  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: Jun 7, 2005
  • Acquire
Publisher: Atlus


Kei Shigema
Written By: scenario
Michael Shitanda
Cast: Gojiro Kiryu
Osamu Hosoi
Cast: Rando Kiryu
Steve Blum
Cast: Ralph Norman,Gunman 4
Jennifer Hale
Cast: Anne Barret,Child 1,Gunman 3
Tasia Valenza
Cast: Claudia,Child 2
Phil LaMarr
Cast: Donald,Thrower
Debi Derryberry
Cast: Joey,Child 3
Michael Gough
Cast: Gunman 1,Gunman 5,Group Leader 2
James Horan
Cast: Gunman 2,Jean-Jacques Wilson
Quinton Flynn
Cast: Generic Faceless,Faceless,Harvey
Paul Eiding
Cast: Group Leader 1,Frank Goldberg
Dee Bradley Baker
Cast: Keeler,Kyril,Nathanael,Nathan
Takuma Endo
Produced By: executive producer
Koushi Nakanishi
Produced By: producer
Shinichi Suzuki
Produced By: executive producer
Riche Casper
Sound: recording director
Shinichi Enomoto
Sound: recording engineer: Japanese voices
Taku Goto
Sound: sound effect: full motion video
Takamasa Hirao
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Nobuhiro Momiyama
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Kôsei Muraki
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Hideki Sakamoto
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Sound: chief sound engineer: Two-Five Ltd.
Kris Zimmerman
Casting Director: voice casting director: English voices
Akiyoshi Kakinuma
Art Direction
Haruka Ura
Makeup: hair stylist: full motion video,makeup artist: full motion video
Toshiaki Omiya
Special Effects: special effects: full motion video
Hoshiko Kamata
Visual Effects: 2d artist
Makiko Okuda
Visual Effects: 2d artist
Tsugutaka Fukuoka
Art Department: visual designer: full motion video
Chiharu Hayashi
Art Department: artist
Toshio Koike
Art Department: art management
Atsushi Numata
Art Department: object artist
Yumiko Sugiyama
Art Department: artist
Yoshikazu Takenouchi
Art Department: artist
Yoshiaki Arimura
Animation: animator
Takamitsu Nakahama
Animation: lead animator
Tetsuya Toyoshima
Animation: animator
William Alexander
Editorial: editor/quality assurance assistant
Tomm Hulett
Editorial: assistant editor
Kouijirou Endo
special thanks
Risa Fujise
special thanks
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special thanks
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special thanks
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special thanks
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special thanks
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