Description: The legendary hellbound comic anti-hero comes to life. Straight from the blockbuster arcade game, this home version kicks it up a notch with ever more features and modes of play. Up to 4 players can battle in the "death match-style" Battle Royal Mode or choose a computer controlled teammate to take on Team Battle Mode. All your favorite characters from the Spawn series are faithfully recreated in the ultimate death match challenge.


  • Dreamcast
Initial Release Date: Oct 1, 2000
  • Capcom
Publisher: Capcom


Todd McFarlane
Written By: characters,comic book
Alyson Court
Cast: Tiffany
Rob Cowan
Cast: Sam Burke
Tony Daniels
Cast: Malebolgia,Admonisher,Overtkill,Curse
Don Dickinson
Cast: Twitch Williams
Alec McClure
Cast: Redeemer
Erin McMurphy
Cast: Jessica Priest
Philip Shepherd
Cast: Cogliostro
John Stocker
Cast: Clown
Sean Sullivan
Cast: Violator
Terry Fitzgerald
Produced By: executive producer
Noritaka Funamizu
Produced By: general producer
Kenji Kataoka
Produced By: producer
Todd McFarlane
Produced By: executive producer
Yoshiki Okamoto
Produced By: executive producer
Hiroaki Kondô
Sound: sound effects
Hisashi Kunie
Visual Effects: motion designer
Haruo Murata
Visual Effects: visual effects designer
Atsushi Mishima
Animation: background designer
Souzi Takamori
Animation: background designer
Satoshi Ito
stage program
Masaru Kanai
programmer: special effects
Morimichi Suzuki
main programmer
Nobushige Takaki
player program
Kazunobu Takamatsu
system programmer
Yuichi Ueda
game programmer
Neil Gaiman
co-creator: Cogliostro
Alan Moore
co-creator: Admonisher and the Phlebiac Brothers
Bart Sears
co-creator: Admonisher and the Phlebiac Brothers
Michael Foster
Music Department: musician: lyrics,musician: vocals
Yuki Iwai
Music Department: musician: music
Rafael Moreira
Music Department: musician: bass,musician: guitar solo
Crank Shaft
Music Department: soundtrack
Rob Stiteler
Music Department: musician: drums
James Yauk
Music Department: musician: adaptation,musician: guitar