Description: At the heart of our Galaxy, an advanced civilization has built a technological marvel...Starship Titanic, the most majestic and luxurious starship ever. Its maiden voyage is interrupted when it suddenly crashes into hyperspace, vanishes and collides with your house. Bewildered, you find your way aboard, and as you are gazing at its awe-inspiring interior, the ship takes off again and heads deep into space. You are stranded. But you are not alone...


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Mar 31, 1998
  • The Digital Village Ltd.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster


Douglas Adams
Written By
D.A. Barham
Written By: additional dialogue
Neil Richards
Written By
Douglas Adams
Cast: Shorbut Sweet aka Succ-U-Bus,Leovinus
Quint Boa
Cast: Krage Koyotoal IV, the BellBot
John Cleese
Cast: The Bomb
Dermot Crowley
Cast: Fortillian Bantoburn O'Perfluous, the BarBot
Renata Henkes
Cast: Elevator,Pellerator
Terry Jones
Cast: Parrot
Jonathan Kydd
Cast: Edmund Lucy Fentible, the DoorBot
Laurel Lefkow
Cast: Titania,Marsinta Drewbish, the DeskBot,Ship's Announcements
Philip Pope
Cast: RowBot,Nobby, the LiftBot,D'Astragar 'D'Astragaaar' D'Astragar, the Maitre d'Bot
Emma Westecott
Produced By: producer
John Attard
Visual Effects: digital artist
Jason Hannen-Williams
Visual Effects: software engineer: positronic brains programmer
Richard Millican
Visual Effects: software engineer
Adam Shaikh
Art Department: additional designer
Emma Westecott
Art Department: additional designer
Nikki Bridgeman
Animation: animator
Tim Browse
software engineering
Rik Heywood
software engineering
Alison Humphrey
producer: web
Mike Kenny
software engineering
Sean Sollé
software engineering