Description: Save humanity from extinction in this electrifying story-driven action adventure, made by Korean developer Shift Up, exclusively for PlayStation 5. Experience blistering combat and a twisting storyline as you unravel the mysteries of Earth's downfall.


  • PlayStation 5
Initial Release Date: Apr 26, 2024
  • SHIFT UP Corporation
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Hyung-tae Kim
Directed By
Nezar Alderazi
Cast: Adam
Rosie Jones
Cast: Lily Artemis
Alexandra Constantinidi
Cast: Tachy,Additional Voices
Díana Bermudez
Cast: Raven
Holly Earl
Cast: Kaya,Additional Voices
Adam Sims
Cast: Su,Additional Voices
Meaghan Martin
Cast: Enya,Additional Voices
George Weightman
Cast: Mann,Additional Voices
Tom Clarke Hill
Cast: Barry,Additional Voices
John Hopkins
Cast: Clyde
Andrew Wheildon-Dennis
Cast: Kasim,Additional Voices
Akie Kotabe
Cast: D1G-g2r,Additional Voices
Dev Joshi
Cast: Roxanne,Additional Voices
Laila Pyne
Cast: Rael,Quiel,Shael,Additional Voices
Georgina Jane
Cast: Mother Sphere,Additional Voices
Adam Longworth
Cast: Additional Voices
Marta Da Silva
Cast: Additional Voices
Jay Rincon
Cast: Additional Voices
Alex Jordan
Cast: Additional Voices
Aleksander Varadian
Cast: Additional Voices
Chris Rogers
Cast: Additional Voices
Jules de Jongh
Cast: Additional Voices
Sen Mitsuji
Cast: Adam
Lucas Butterfield
Produced By: Interactive Producer
Joe Phillips
Sound: Recording Engineer
Shin Jae-eun
motion capture: Eve
Jamie Bafus
Casting Department: Senior Casting Manager