Description: Blast it out in a 64-player battle royale with SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE. Now with the unique Battle 64 mode, take on dozens of players like never before in this explosive frenzy to be the last one standing! With the new Battle 64 mode, players will automatically be placed in one of many areas at the start of each match, and must battle it out against other players in the same area. Areas will begin to close down as the clock ticks and players must pass through the gates to the other remaining areas before the timer runs out. Those who make it to the last remaining area must battle it out to become the last one standing.


  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: May 27, 2021
  • Konami
Publisher: Konami


Peter von Gomm
Cast: White
Jon Sabay
Cast: Black
Jeff Gedert
Cast: Blue
Jeff Manning
Cast: Red,Narrator
Greg Dale
Cast: Yellow
Sachiko Hara
Cast: Green
Soness Stevens
Cast: Pink
Hannah Grace
Cast: Aqua
Chris Koprowski
Cast: Plasma Bomber
Jack Merluzzi
Cast: Magnet Bomber
Carolyn Miller
Cast: Karaoke Bomber,Pretty Bomber
Vinay Murthy
Cast: Phantom Bomber
Michael Rhys
Cast: Buggler
Steve Downes
Cast: Master Chief Bomber
Quinton Flynn
Cast: Raiden Bomber
Diana Garnet
Cast: Princess Tomato Bomber,Jehuty Bomber,Ayako Katagiri Bomber,Reiko Bomber
David Hayter
Cast: Solid Snake Bomber,Naked Snake Bomber
David Kaye
Cast: Clank
James Arnold Taylor
Cast: Ratchet
Austin Watson
Cast: Xavier Woods Bomber
Noriaki Okamura
Produced By: producer
Zavosh Rad
Sound: dialogue recordist
Yukiko Suwa
Sound: sound program
Tetsushi Takahashi
Sound: sound director
Masashi Watanabe
Sound: lead sound designer
Yuichi Yasui
Sound: sound designer
Seima Iwahashi
Music Department: lead composer: Elements Garden
Daisuke Kikuta
Music Department: composer: Elements Garden
Niko Gerentes
Script Department: script assistant