Description: Super Critters of the world, unite! Free the bunnies and their critter friends enslaved at E.A.T. (Evil Animal Testing) Labs. Break them out in crazy fun mini game challenges that combine classic Atari Breakout-style gameplay with physics-based puzzlers.Gather your team of genetically-altered Super Critters, nurture them and band together to destroy E.A.T., so all the poor lab animals can return to nature where they belong!FEATURES:•40+ levels of laboratory breakout madness! •Awesome, real-time physics and 5 handsome characters total to unlock!•Unleash powerful special attacks for each Super Critter!•Tons of cool power-ups: Time Warp, Anti-Gravity and more!•Decorate your tree house with snazzy furniture and make it feel like home!•View, feed and play with each Super Critter!•Game Center integration_______________________Come check out the latest updates, or talk to us directly!Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/superbunnybreakout *** CHECK OUT OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES! ***Centipede®: Origins, Atari’s Greatest Hits, Breakout®: Boost and watch for our future apps at facebook.com/AtariGIFT TO A FRIEND: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the App StoreIf you are experiencing any problems with Super Bunny Breakout, please email CustomerSupport@atari.com so we can assist you.


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