Description: Assume the role of Superman as he tries to avert disaster in Metropolis. Back for vengeance and determined to control Metropolis, Brainiac 13 has unleashed an unstoppable army of robotic drones that destroys everything in its path. To stop these drones from creating a giant Brainiac 13 monolith, you must travel to the far reaches of space and into the depths of the Phantom Zone. With Superman's powers and combat skills, you can destroy enemy robots, rescue civilians, and fly around lush environments.


  • Xbox
Initial Release Date: Nov 19, 2002
  • Circus Freak
Publisher: Atari SA


Jerry Siegel
Written By: characters,creator
Joe Shuster
Written By: characters,creator
Scott Petersen
Written By
Jeff Kramer
Cast: Superman,Clark Kent,Cyborg
Billy Brown
Cast: John Henry Irons,Steel
Roger Jackson
Cast: Metallo
Monica Murray
Cast: Lois Lane
Dave Gochman
Cast: Jimmy Olsen
Eric Francis
Cast: Brainiac 13
Sean O'Kane
Cast: Bizarro
Rebecca Wink
Cast: Narrator
J.S. Gilbert
Cast: Lex Luthor,Mongul
David Abrams
Produced By: producer
John Hight
Produced By: executive producer
W. Scott Snyder
Sound: audio director
Paul Anselmi
Art Department: graphic designer
Randall Ng
Animation: animator
Richard Bruning
creative director
Paul Levitz
executive vice president: DC Comics
W. Scott Snyder
voice director
Ron Fish
Music Department: music arranger