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  • Summary: Back To The Nightmare.

    NAM - 1975 - SUMMER
    The roar of helicopters overhead snaps us back into reality.
    Will never forget the nightmare of that Summer.
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  1. Mar 31, 2017
    Another top quality retro game for Switch, NAM-1975 provides top tier multiplayer blasting action, a large range of customisation that the future Virtual Console would do well to copy, and classic pixel art. A short life span encourages quick bursts of play, but compliments its host hardware perfectly.
  2. 70
    NAM-1975 is a fun game while it lasts. The game itself is short, but the gameplay is fun and the presentation is pretty sophisticated for a game from 1990, which I like. Picking up NAM isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can be a fun diversion while also taking note of what SNK had in mind for the NEO-GEO hardware.
  3. Mar 23, 2017
    NAM-1975's status as a Neo Geo launch title means that while it's fun in short bursts, it's a long way from being the best the console has to offer. The action gets repetitive after long periods of time and in terms of visuals, it's quite a dull game in places. Still, if you're a fan of old-school coin-op blasters like Operation Wolf and Dynamite Duke then this is well worth a look, and the enhancements made by publisher Hamster Corporation are excellent, as always.
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  1. Apr 27, 2019
    There haven't been many video games with the Vietnam War as a backdrop. This isn't really one of them, to be fair, since the bonkers story hasThere haven't been many video games with the Vietnam War as a backdrop. This isn't really one of them, to be fair, since the bonkers story has no basis at all in historical fact, and the only link to the real-world Vietnam is the map shown between stages. Still, NAM-1975 is a somewhat significant game in the history of SNK, as it marked the Japanese developer and publisher's transition to the Neo Geo hardware and its superb library to come. As an arcade game, NAM-1975 is fine; not great, but not terrible. It would be much more playable and enjoyable as a twin-stick shooter, but as the Neo Geo MVS cabinets did not have such capability, you're stuck moving and aiming with the same control stick. Don't miss the screen shots brazenly lifted from Full Metal Jacket -- seen in a few of the cut-scenes and at the end. Expand