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  • Summary: Sprint between saw blades while dodging homing missiles. Duck under lasers while the floor crumbles beneath you. Almost There was designed specifically for hardcore platforming fans - you've been warned.
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  1. Mar 24, 2019
    Almost There: The Platformer takes a stripped-down approach to enemies and level design and adds a twist: while gravity can kill you, it only has limited power over your movement. It subverts the jumping puzzle game and manages to meld it with a fun brainteaser because the designers realize that a real-world motion (the joystick) doesn’t have to play by real world rules.
  2. 65
    It’s competent and well-made but ultimately uninspired. This is a game you will have fun with and then completely forget about. There are better platformers on Switch, but this one is worth a look if you feel the need to test yourself every time you see a gap or spikes that beg to be jumped over.
  3. Mar 4, 2019
    Almost There: The Platformer is bare-bones platforming, with simplistic visuals and sound, but the platforming shines. If you fancy a challenge and have a few quid spare, it’s worth a spin. Be there and be square.
  4. Feb 25, 2019
    Almost There is perhaps the most aptly-named game in recent memory. I love platformers more than most other genres, and have spent my whole gaming life jumping across 2D plains. But this game just doesn’t meet the expectations set by others, nor does it have enough depth (in content or control) to give it any legs. Instead it leaps toward a completely different direction, but doesn’t stick the landing.
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