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  1. 45
    Battle Supremacy is a usually functional, though consistently clunky, third-person shooter. The occasional forays into non-tank vehicles offer momentary reprieve, but that feeling is quickly overshadowed by their own unique shortcomings. While it may half-heartedly scratch an itch for the most hardcore of tank fans, most others will just be left frustrated.
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  1. Feb 23, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fun and easy tanks game.
    Only a regret: we cannot use our preferred tank for campaign missions, nor the full upgrade of imposed tank.

    -Tips and tricks:
    3 or 4 missions have to be done on an airplane; they are rather hard. Meanwhile the joystick on the right is useful to turn, we have to think about to use the one on the left (I realised that in the last airplane mission); very useful to adjust our target taking in losing a few altitude parallel to the ground, without path bias.
    -At the ante-penultimate mission, Midnight Fog, we have to tend to scarify ourselves in order to keep our allies for the last steps, as if we have the opportunity to reload the mission at the last point with our full armour, our allies come depending on the last number they were, and with the same armour. Once that the heavies of the bridge are destroyed, another bunch of enemies come against us. You have to lead yourself on the two isolated near the bridge, (coming back on your own traces), and take them at the corner of the buildings, going on and back, as the computer does very bad target taking, what is good, seen the number of enemies. Destroy again 3 or 4 of the bunch to which you lead yourself, keeping this method. At the end of this mission, the four last enemies are absolutely static; target their extremity at the corner of the building (you don't need to move, at this point), to avoid damage to you. Finally, you have to escape at the last check-point, sheltering yourself behind the dune, to avoid any shot from behind, which are rather destructive.
    -Penultimate mission, Cerberus, After the first enemies flow destructed, you have to protect your convoy, what is very difficult, as, after, it goes in a get-happen, without possibility for you to overtake it to protect it. So, at the second enemies flow, during the passage of your convoy, destruct 2 or 3 more enemies (the nearest), and go full speed at the head of your convoy, leaving the 2 last enemies be destructed by your allies. Your armour should be sufficient for the whole mission, without re-load. Once get happens, continue to protect your convoy head in shooting on the enemies. They will keep their attention on you, who have a sufficient armour, leaving your convoy healthy.
    -The last mission is offered: You have to shoot the enemy convoy, what is really easy. Then, a Tiger 1 is offered to you, to annihilate the last enemy reserves; you should take almost no damage.