Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Oct 11, 2019
    Blasphemous is a visually stunning action-adventure platformer that will leave you clamouring for more. Challenging even the most skilled players, you’ll be left shaking your head at your own incompetence while unwaveringly resuming your quest as the Penitent One.
  2. Sep 17, 2019
    Blasphemous takes a few well trodden genres and mashes them into something that is fun, rewarding and downright beautiful. Its story, themes and macabre nature will not suit everyone but I could not get enough of it. Its difficulty is near-perfect, not too hard but enough of a challenge to please most players. Metroidvania fans, Souls-like fans and gamers who want a challenge will revel in this games gorgeously crafted world. Its a brilliantly crafted experience that needs to be played.
  3. Sep 17, 2019
    Blasphemous gets so much right, but also creates its own identity with its stellar art style, tight gameplay and platforming, and unique cast of characters.
  4. Sep 9, 2019
    Blasphemous is a beautifully crafted Soulslike/Metroidvania action game set in a delightfully unhinged, deliriously gory world filled with well-designed enemies, satisfyingly meaty combat and some truly memorable and grotesque boss battles. Platforming sections are uniformly well-crafted and the whole thing comes together to create one of the most visually arresting and solidly enjoyable action titles currently available on Switch. Spanish developers The Game Kitchen have created a nightmare world in Cvstodia, one that will truly test your combat and platforming skills and leave you begging for more come that final bloody battle.
  5. Sep 30, 2019
    Blasphemous is one of the most interesting metroidvanias recently. It offers a great gameplay and exquisite visual presentation. A simple sound production and several technical errors can be annoying, but they do not prevent you from appreciating the great quality of this game.
  6. Sep 9, 2019
    A "Soulsvania" game with its own character, that draws artistic inspiration from the spanish Easter imagery and Goya's paintings las pinturas, both in the visual and the narrative. In gameplay terms, it's a superb and hard adventure that mixes with intelligence ideas from the lesser linear Castlevanias with Dark Souls mechanics.
  7. Oct 14, 2019
    Blasphemous is a delightfully dark game with superb style. This Kickstarter success pairs magnificent world-building with clever combat mechanics. A player must have precision timing, as every hit point is vital. One wrong move could be a fatal error. This intense game feels very much like a 2D platforming version of games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne.
  8. Oct 16, 2019
    Blasphemous is a visceral, morbid, gory metroidvania that has beautiful artwork, design and is coupled with challenging but fair gameplay and platforming. However, the world that enthralled me needed more lore to keep me overwhelmed
  9. Sep 24, 2019
    The Game Kitchen has managed to get the most out of the Andalusian tradition with a twist towards violence and extreme gore. Blasphemous has a soul, has passion and will make us spend a penance that, unfortunately, ends. An essential title for fans of the metroidvania genre.
  10. Sep 23, 2019
    Just one more Metroidvania? Not really. Blasphemous has its own thing, with its grim, gloomy atmosphere and tight combats. We could have used some more save points though.
  11. Sep 20, 2019
    It’s probably one of the best looking indie games of the year, accompanied by incredibly effective notes of religious horror. More importantly, minus a few small gripes, it’s still a very enjoyable game to play through. Definitely one to sink into when the clocks go back in time for the dawn of All Hallows Eve.
  12. Sep 17, 2019
    Blasphemous is a fun game. It provides challenging enemies and platforming sections, but some challenges are less difficult and more unfair. Still, Blasphemous is a demanding experience that will make you feel rewarded for your tribulations. Just don’t play the game if you can’t stand a little religious ribbing.
  13. Sep 12, 2019
    Blasphemous is a fantastic souls-like Metroidvania, featuring an exceptional aesthetic design that adds to what is one of the most macabre worlds in gaming today. In addition to this, outstanding combat and a range of interesting enemies, bosses and more - supported by some great level design (with some issues in navigation), this is a game that I can do nothing but recommend to anybody and everybody. It's difficult, challenging and most of all, fun.
  14. Sep 9, 2019
    Blasphemous is a great mix between Dark Souls and Castlevania. what we loved about it the most is how welcoming it was to its sorrowful world, it is simple but well designed. The pace can be slow though, as the moment to moment gameplay is less engaging than Castlevania's tight game design.
  15. Sep 9, 2019
    It didn't need to reinvent the wheel either; as Gearbox pretty much had the formula figured out the second time around.
  16. Sep 16, 2019
    As it stands in its current form, I will say that if Blasphemous’ aesthetic interests you even a little, or if you’re a fan of metroidvania-style games, then it’s absolutely worth checking out in its current form. I will also say though that despite how good the performance is on the Switch version, there are bugs and animations/interactions that could use more tuning. Blasphemous in its current state is a strong entry in the genre, and definitely stands close to the top, but with further refinement, it could turn from an interesting title to a true must-play experience.
  17. Oct 1, 2019
    In a fictional world obsessed with punishment, perhaps it’s fitting that victory in Blasphemous doesn’t come without its share of pains and tribulations. I can’t say that I adored every second of Blasphemous, nor can I guarantee that its conclusion will satisfy everyone, but I can certainly credit The Game Kitchen for building a universe unlike any I’ve seen in games. I’m nauseated by it, yet I can’t look away, and I certainly won’t stop thinking about it anytime soon.
  18. Sep 17, 2019
    Blasphemous is a strange metroidvania that does not innovate and put all of his power on narration and lore.
  19. Sep 23, 2019
    Blasphemous is sadomasochism at its best, both in setting and gameplay. It is a spicy platformer in the metroidvania genre, which also faithfully follows the traditions of Dark Souls. That sounds great, but at one point Blasphemous suddenly becomes weirdly unforgivable.
  20. Sep 10, 2019
    An accomplished attempt to create a mix of Dark Souls and traditional Metroidvania, but its bizarre visual style ultimately overshadows its other virtues.
  21. Sep 9, 2019
    Blasphemous is an eery Metroidvania with gorgeous animations and combat that’s just a tad too one-dimensional.
  22. 60
    So, in the end, it’s easy to say if Blasphemous will appeal. Players who love intentionally difficult games will find a lot of value and horror fans who can muscle through will love the game’s visual and thematic design. Unfortunately, the game takes its masochistic themes of martyrdom too seriously, making the player feel like they’ve stepped into the retro gaming equivalent of a back alley S&M club they mistakenly took for an 80s video arcade.
  23. 50
    Unfortunately the game is too bogged down with a high difficulty level that is more tedious than challenging, dragging the entire experience down into something I can hardly bring myself to play. Blasphemous is a beautiful game that I wish I could enjoy more, but the extremely high difficulty of combat and platforming simply does not mesh well with the amount of exploration and backtracking needed from a world as expansive as this one.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 81 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 81
  2. Negative: 13 out of 81
  1. Sep 10, 2019
    Bloody. Dark. Savage... PIXEL ART !
    Only for powerful people....that truly knows how to value.
  2. Sep 10, 2019
    Después de casi 10 horas de juego, puedo decir que Blasphemous es un auténtico juegazo y lo recomiendo a cualquiera. El apartado artístico esDespués de casi 10 horas de juego, puedo decir que Blasphemous es un auténtico juegazo y lo recomiendo a cualquiera. El apartado artístico es una absoluta maravilla visual. Que la música sea remplazada en la mayor parte del tiempo por sonido de ambiente le da una inmersión total al jugador en el mundo que han creado. El combate es sólido y preciso, no he tenido crasheos o bugs (a diferencia del infame port de Bloodstained) y en general todo es de SOBRESALIENTE... La única razon por la cual le pongo un 9 y no un 10 es pq no me gusta mucho el tipo de letra que usa el juego. Entiendo que es una cuestión de diseño, pero hay veces que confundo letras con otras y es pesado tener que leer varias veces una frase... Por todo lo demás es un juego de 10 Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2019
    Fantastica historia y gameplay en este metroidvania que es toda una sorpresa del estudio español