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  1. Positive: 1 out of 7
  2. Negative: 2 out of 7
  1. Jul 18, 2017
    Cars 3 Road to victory is a solid racing game. It lacks online multiplayer, but still, it has a lot of content and its many tracks and characters are a faithful adaptation of what we´ve seen in the movies. A game for everyone in the family.
  2. NF Magazine
    Aug 24, 2017
    While I liked it well enough, I think it's the bigger Cars enthusiasts that will get the most out of this one. [Issue #29, p. 71]
  3. Jul 10, 2017
    Cars 3: Driven to Win is a quite complete game with lots of content and great gameplay mechanics. However, the lack of an online mode and some graphical issues may affect negatively the experience.
  4. Jul 9, 2017
    Cars 3: Driven to Win falls for some of the pitfalls that are expected of a game released to coincide with a movie's arrival in theatres. Rather rushed, rough around the edges and with minor but persistent annoyances, older players will certainly recognise the symptoms. That said, it hits top gear in some respects. Its gameplay mechanics are rather fun once grasped, there are a variety of modes and tracks to master, and despite its sidenote of a narrative it goes big on the film series' charms.
  5. Jul 26, 2017
    Up against Mario Kart 8 Deluxe of course Cars 3: Driven to Win comes up short, but on its own merits, despite a few technical issues, it’s an alright time for all ages if found at the right price.
  6. Jul 28, 2017
    Despite what seems like a sincere attempt at trying to stray away from the typical licensed game pitfalls at first, Cars 3: Driven to Win strays off course almost immediately and winds up just another disappointing movie tie-in. The amount of content packaged in almost feels illusory at times, as the presentation gives the impression of a deeper experience. The Hall of Fame mechanic promotes tedium instead of overcoming challenge, and a lack of online multiplayer severely holds the content back. Tracks with no discernible identity and mechanics that feign complexity only serve to make Driven to Win feel even more like a blatant advertisement. With Mario Kart 8 already out for the Switch and better than ever, there's little reason to give Lightning McQueen the time of day.
  7. Jun 27, 2017
    But the game just feels so slow, overall, that these flashy ways of driving just end up feeling obtrusive to an already frustrating game. A lot of these ‘perform trick here’ areas are on the main track, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing at first. But this leads me into my second issue- there are just too many shortcuts.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 17 Ratings

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  1. Jun 15, 2017
    Cars 3: Driven to Win
    There’s a lot here, but none of its fun
    Driven to Win is a racing game inspired around the story of the Cars 3 movie
    Cars 3: Driven to Win
    There’s a lot here, but none of its fun
    Driven to Win is a racing game inspired around the story of the Cars 3 movie where lightning McQueen is start to feel a bit old…
    Other than the opening scene, there is no actual story here, so if you’re looking to get the movie story here, you’re not going to get it…
    There surprisingly a lot here in Cars 3: Dirven to win
    There’s 22 characters to unlock, these local split screen multiplayer, 6 different event types, a cup series, customizations, and 21 tracks to unlock…
    The problem is this game is just not fun to play….
    Front and center is the straight up racing events... you choose the difficulty of the race and get to work…
    you can bump into other cars, drift, jump, and do tricks to fill up your speed boost and try to come out on top after 3 laps…
    then theres battle race which I feel should’ve really been front and center where its more smash bros style of racing but with pick ups to take out opponents at range. Stunt showcase where it’s all about getting the most air and doing the most tricks before time runs out, takedown which is sort of burnout inspired where you try to destroy as many cars as possible, best lap challenge which is a time challenge, and finally master level events.. these are essentially the games boss battles where you take on a cars character and try to best them at their own game
    All of these battles, cars, customizable, and tracks are unlocked by completing challenges..
    there are 136 challenges in total in this game for you to try and tackle during races and events such as stay on 2 wheels for 10 seconds or earn 3 stars on a certain track…
    These hall of fame challenges gives player incentive to try every mode and grind in them even if those modes aren’t really what’s fun to them… especially since they are tied to unlockable…
    I really do appreciate all this game has going for it and the amount of content here…
    The issue though isn’t in the racing itself.. It obviously isn’t in a lack of content...
    The issue is in the track design...
    These tracks are all insanely boring... and theyre long... some taking over 6 minutes to complete…
    They are varied though…
    There are shortcuts…
    But they all for the most part feel so uninspired and generic…
    None stuck with me...
    I’ll remember none of them in the future…
    They aren’t dynamic…
    There’s no great soundtrack to keep your heart pumping...
    It’s a dull experience throughout
    It just doesn’t feel like you’re racing...
    it feels like youre just driving around some boring tracks as fast as you can..
    It’s a very numbing experience…
    Don’t get me wrong... the content is here…
    You’ll easily putting in more than 10 hours trying to unlock everything and complete every challenge…
    But the driving and tracks aren’t interesting enough to make those 10 hours feel enjoyable…
    This racing game feels like busy work…
    And after 1 run through each track, you’ll never feel the urge to race them again
    I Give Cars 3: Driven to Win
    a 5.5/10
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  2. Jun 19, 2018
    Needlessly difficult and complicated game.
    I believe this game is rated for 7+ which is kind of a joke considering how popular Cars is with
    Needlessly difficult and complicated game.
    I believe this game is rated for 7+ which is kind of a joke considering how popular Cars is with younger fans(3-5 year olds).
    Pretty bad rubber banding to the front and only one or two to the back.
    Not much difference between Easy and Medium modes.
    Would have preferred more characters from actual track racers. Kids have only been playing for a week or so but I still haven't seen any normal circuits like the ones in the movies.
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  3. Aug 14, 2017
    I still remember the Cars franchise as not one of the best animated movies,but one of the best movie/game tie-ins of all-time. The first oneI still remember the Cars franchise as not one of the best animated movies,but one of the best movie/game tie-ins of all-time. The first one and Mater-National were pretty great,then Cars 2 arrived,and it was flawless at some parts. And now we have Cars 3:Driven To Win,which tries to be both Cars and Cars 2 at the same time,and,like Cars 2,it's good and bad at the same time. The story is set after the end of the movie,where we have a competition called the 'Lightning Storm Cruise Challenge' with Lightning McQueen,Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm (once again,the game's baddie). You have 20 racetracks,and that's where they play the MarioKart route,since there are most tracks inspired from the movie and some of them from Cars 2 The Videogame. The graphics are just like the last game,but with some 'sprinkles' added to it. I found the challenges pretty fun to play,like the 'Stunt Showcase' where you have to make an awesome performance while flying in the air, or 'Battle Race',where it's "Cars 2" all around: You race while at the same time you blow up your opponents. Every challenge was fun,except the Best Lap challenge,which i found pretty hard to do that at some point i gave up. We have the addition of new charachters,too,like Bobby Swift,Mater The Greater (surprisingly...),some of the Next-Gen racers...Basically the charachters that made some sort of 'one-time appearance' in Cars 3 (except Mater The Greater). We also have Thomasville Playground,where i thought it was some sort of excuse to add more challenges and more achievements to the game. There are also these Cup Events. You can race on one of them,and you can also create one of them,and that's it. Basically nothing new to the table. If the multiplayer mode in Cars 2 was struggling to be good but it wasn't,so is this one,but worse,thanks to its humongous frame-rate drop (it runs at 30fps). The comands are pretty difficult to handle. They try to make it look like a Racing game,but the way they set up the comands is like if you're trying to master a tiger or a lion,but you end up being dead because of its failure. In the end,Cars 3 Driven To Win is good,yet disappointing at the same time. There's nothing new added to the mix (except the challenges,maybe),the graphics are the same and the story...Wait. Why did i talk about the story? There's no story. Well,there's only that opening scene and that's it. You'll love it as a Cars fan or a Pixar fan,but for everyone else,a better MarioKart rip-off? You can find it somewhere else Full Review »