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  • Summary: Whether you're driving a bus, a classic muscle car, or a monster truck—you go your own way in this multiplayer stunting game. Speed across a huge map equipped with plenty of bizarre terrain to make the race intense. Collect coins, upgrade your ride, and WIN the offroad race.
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  1. Feb 7, 2020
    On paper, Crash Drive 2 should run out of gas, but with Joy-Cons in hand, it succeeds in spite of itself. It’s not for multiplayer that it’s a success – the lack of local support ensures that – but it triumphs as a solo romp, as there’s plenty to accomplish and laugh at.
  2. Feb 10, 2020
    Crash Drive 2 is a harmless game that provides plenty of chances for players to have fun when in need of some mindless driving action. Unfortunately, in terms of on-the-go gameplay, it’s the missed opportunities that could have made the Switch version of the game stand out from the mobile version.
  3. Feb 14, 2020
    Playing Crash Drive 2 will provide some fun but don't expect it to fill the shoes of its trick-based sandbox contemporaries.
  4. 50
    Crash Drive 2 is a decent game that doesn’t exceed at anything in particular. The fundamentals are all there, like good controls and a lot of goals to work towards, but the gameplay loop is just too simple to be worth more than a few minutes of play at a time. If you just want something to play while you’re waiting for the bus then you could do worse, but it’s worth noting that the mobile version of the game is free on both iOS and Android. The game fits into the short-bursts niche that mobile gaming has carved out for itself, so perhaps it’s best to pass on the Switch version; after all, you can’t beat free.
  5. Mar 23, 2020
    Mobile games often struggle when ported over to other consoles. Although there are hints of fun in Crash Drive 2, its now seven-year-old graphics make the maps look bare and outdated compared to more recent car-related titles.
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  1. Nov 19, 2020
    This game was ported to Nintendo switch for some reason. This was for mobile phone and iPads when games first started taking hold in the AppThis game was ported to Nintendo switch for some reason. This was for mobile phone and iPads when games first started taking hold in the App Store. I gotta say, it’s fun to mindlessly go around and drive and crash your car into things. It’s more of a experimental game really, if you ask me. I used to play when I was younger and seeing it now on a switch is funny.
    If you want cool graphics or gameplay don’t buy.
    If you want enjoyable laughing for about 10 minutes, this is for you!