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  1. Dec 17, 2021
    There’re solid game ideas here, and I hope that Serenity Forge’s next title will bring all these elements together. But for now, while Date Night Bowling isn’t rolling complete gutterballs, it’s not bowling any strikes, either.
  2. 40
    The appeal of Date Night Bowling is incredibly limited. It's for people that want to play a game with their romantic partner, and need something that both can enjoy equally, regardless of their gaming experience. At the same time, it's for those that don't want to become too competitive or heated. And both people also need to be old enough to enjoy the 80's and 90's vibes and aesthetics. It's inoffensive enough in fulfilling that very narrow role, but its concepts fall down badly when you're playing single-player, or with anyone other than your significant other. Throw in a dearth of depth and character, and even when you are playing it in its optimal environment, you're going to wish that you decided to take date night to a real bowling alley instead.
  3. Dec 9, 2021
    Serenity Forge has had a hand in bringing some of my favorite games to the Nintendo Switch. But Date Night Bowling feels like an unfinished proof of concept and failed to hold my interest. It’s a bush league release with much room for improvement. One could argue that it’s a better alternative than going to a real-life alley and running the risk of catching COVID. But given that choice, I think I’d rather skip bowling altogether.
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  1. Dec 16, 2021
    Conceptually this is simply a cool idea, offering a mix of a traditional bowling game with a sort of a stripped-down dating game. In executionConceptually this is simply a cool idea, offering a mix of a traditional bowling game with a sort of a stripped-down dating game. In execution though, it doesn’t all quite come together. The bowling itself is pretty rock solid, using a pretty traditional gauge system to control the ball’s positioning, spin, and power, with all of that then combining with your choice of your preferred ball weight and even the degree of oil on the lane. Unfortunately, the more novel side with the dating piece feels a bit more like an afterthought than something given full attention. In between frames you’ll participate in a variety of mini games that range from decent to not so hot, with the goal being to find success and slowly build up interest with your date. Between the mini games and the interactions this side of the experience simply doesn’t feel very fleshed out, and at the end of the date even when finding some success it all seemed to end abruptly with a few pleasantries. It works well as a novelty game, and could be fun to play with a romantic partner for a little competitive fun, but I’m left wishing it had a little more ambition to realize its potential more fully.
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