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Mixed or average reviews- based on 8 Ratings

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  • Summary: A dying reality, a universe that's fading away. A merciless world that gets sick and vanishes. No past, no present, no future; only the impending moment of "dead synchronicity" ahead. Will you be able to stop it? Because, otherwise... what will you do when Time dissolves itself?
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  1. Nov 26, 2017
    Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today arrives on Nintendo Switch keeping alive its essence. It does not have any new content for those who have already played the game, but it is perfect for those who have not tried the amazing Fictiorama adventure.
  2. Dec 20, 2017
    A great option if we didn't have the chance to play it before; Dead Synchronicity arrives to Switch with no changes but with the interesting option of being played on the go.
  3. Dec 4, 2017
    A fun, worthwhile point-and-click adventure that tells an engaging story. Though there are some issues with voice acting and length, this is a tightly driven narrative that you’ll want to see through to the end, and ultimately be glad that you did. We’d give this one a recommendation to anyone who’s interested in this niche genre of games. Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today isn't the game that’s going to win over those who don’t have much interest in this more deliberate kind of experience, but it’s still a strong example of the genre and is certainly worth the price of admission.
  4. Dec 4, 2017
    Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today doesn't try to reinvent the wheel or fix some of the genre's frequently occurring, yet small, flaws, but that's not a problem, as point-and-click adventures are mainly about the story and presentation. In that regard, this will surely offer a fun, and heavily dark, ride in the few hours that it will last. The only problem? It strongly feels as if it is missing its final chapter.
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