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  1. Mar 5, 2021
    This is an absolute must have for fans of the franchise, but also a fantastic game for those new to the series. Multiplayer and crossplay both work incredibly well, and offering both an inexpensive full version and a free lite version means everyone can play together, regardless of their device or budget.
  2. 80
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered brings back a beloved GameCube classic for a new generation, and while the game is virtually the same, new additions to the core experience make for an amazing remaster.
  3. Aug 26, 2020
    Although a little marked by time, the graphics and sound improvements are successful. The magic of the title still operates as much even after sixteen years, not to mention the multiplatform side making the title more accessible. In short, whether or not you missed the original, this remaster, certainly not flawless, remains an adventure that we invite you to (re) live alone or with someone.
  4. Aug 26, 2020
    The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition does not reach the level of an MMO or Monster Hunter World, but it offers an adventure unique in the series. Playing in the company of your friends is the best way to experience this job. However, if your acquaintances aren't interested, I think you'd better keep raising money for another game.
  5. Aug 26, 2020
    All the changes and additions are welcome, although the playable core is weighed by the years and the online options are not quite convincing. Fortunately, it still retains its charm.
  6. Sep 9, 2020
    This remaster offers a good experience in everything as far as the game itself is concerned. Unfortunately, many of its mechanics have become somewhat outdated and can become repetitive for those who didn't enjoy it on Game Cube. The multiplayer mode is also missed.
  7. Aug 31, 2020
    Remake of a mediocre and seemingly outdated action roleplaying game with only little Final Fantasy flair.
  8. Sep 21, 2020
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is another classic FF game that featured a lot of revolutionary features for its time. Unlike other re-released FF games that aged like fine wine, however, Crystal Chronicles’ antiquated controls and half-step multiplayer additions don’t nearly stand the test of time, especially when there are so many games available that do loot-based dungeon-crawling far better and far more streamlined. For many modern gamers accustomed to the faster pace and tighter controls of said games, Crystal Chronicles may feel like an old relic that requires a hefty amount of patience. There’s no lack of charm in the visuals and character designs, and getting four synchronized party members together that can effortlessly chain spells together to unleash a powered-up super spell can lead to a decent time, but it also shows that some old games can be harder to revisit due to the rapidly-evolving technology surrounding videogames.
  9. Sep 13, 2020
    The work remains anchored to an obsolete and far too sparse play structure.
  10. Aug 29, 2020
    Square Enix should have gone the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Trials of Mana route and made a full, ground-up remake of the original Crystal Chronicles that did away with the more antiquated design choices, and opened up the multiplayer modes to make it easier to play with friends. As it stands, this multiplayer game makes it as hard and unsatisfying as possible to play with multiple people. Those who can endure the design choices might find things to enjoy in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition, but the developers won't make it easy for them.
  11. Aug 27, 2020
    The decisions in many aspects of gameplay are correct for the time and even now, but Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition has some flaws that can't be put aside. It fails to be the cooperative and adventurous Final Fantasy that fans have long sought.
  12. Aug 26, 2020
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered recreates the original's flaws, and like before, it's best enjoyed as a multiplayer-only game.
  13. 60
    While the most dedicated players will find a game containing dozens of hours of grinding and challenge to overcome, most are likely to encounter repetitive and simplistic gameplay with no major story to reward their endeavoring. Many will no doubt find the final main game dungeon to be too great an obstacle to overcome. Without nostalgia to buoy its lackluster gameplay loop and online functionality, Crystal Chronicles is one caravan ride you may want to skip.
  14. 60
    Whereas the original rewarded players for bringing friends, this version is frustrating and downright inconvenient if you want to enjoy it with others. It’s sad because Crystal Chronicles is still a fun game with a deep story and interesting mechanics, one which I truly wanted to enjoy again. Perhaps when we can meet in person, my old party can hang out and play through a couple of raids. Maybe meeting in person really is the only way this game can be fun. As it is right now, with social distancing and self-quarantining being the norm in the United States, I can’t recommend this title.
  15. Aug 26, 2020
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is the kind of game that will unfortunately only appeal to a relatively limited demographic. Enjoyable co-op chaos with your friends is the main draw here, but the lack of same screen or even local Switch multiplayer substantially hobbles that appeal. Couple that with simplistic gameplay that fails to provide you with much of a hook to stay with it long term, and you’re left with a rather middling experience that doesn’t do much to incite strong feelings one way or another. Newly remastered graphics and extra content certainly sweeten the deal, but we’d advise you take a good look at why you’re interested in this game before jumping in. If you intend on mostly playing solo, we’d firmly advise you to pass and instead look to the litany of other excellent solo RPG’s on the Switch, many of which are in the Final Fantasy series. If you intend on getting a new multiplayer game to play with your mates, we’d give this a light recommendation and encourage you to evaluate how much playtime you really think this will offer. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is far from being the worst co-op focused game on the Switch, but it’s far from the best, too, leaving it somewhere in the middle of the pack.
  16. Oct 8, 2020
    Not the best Final fantasy to choose for a re-release and not the best remaster at all, with cumbersome online multiplayer and n o local co-op. Better save your money for the next entry in the franchise.
  17. Sep 7, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  18. Sep 3, 2020
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered sadly isn’t going to appeal to new fans due to its poor multiplayer and outdated gameplay mechanics, while those who played the original may find their nostalgic memories aren’t quite as satisfying as they remember.
  19. 50
    So, what's left? What reason is there to purchase Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition? That's really the problem here. There isn't one. This isn't Trials of Mana with its breathtaking scope, characters, and narrative reborn for a new generation. This isn't even a port of a beloved classic like Star Ocean or Romancing SaGa, because unlike those faithful ports, Crystal Chronicles Remastered doesn't preserve the reason people loved the original. There's something of a hit of nostalgia in playing through the single-player game... but it's the nostalgia of how much you loved playing that original game, with friends, and the realisation that you can't do it as well as you'd like to, in classic local multiplayer action, bites.
  20. Aug 29, 2020
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is a clunky release which feels older than it even was in 2003 and plays significantly worse as a multiplayer game.
  21. Aug 27, 2020
    For every improvement it offers, the Remastered Edition also takes some serious steps backwards that I can’t imagine longtime fans enjoying this one for too long either. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a game that I hoped to love, but with all of its shortcomings in the Remastered Edition, maybe some things are just better left in the past.
  22. Aug 26, 2020
    The original was hardly viewed as a classic even at the time and while a lot of work has gone into this remaster it can’t hide the game’s intrinsic shallowness and repetition.
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  1. Aug 29, 2020
    No local multiplayer, online play limited to dungeons and region-locked (cannot co-op in towns, join the same caravan, on experience the worldNo local multiplayer, online play limited to dungeons and region-locked (cannot co-op in towns, join the same caravan, on experience the world map events as a group) and only the host's progress is updated after a dungeon, making it tedious to play the game from start to finish with a group of friends, and content that could be experienced as a group on GC is now unavailable.
    Load times are also worse than the Gamecube version and some bosses have framerate drops that weren't present on the GC version.
    It's serviceable if you wanted to play the game solo because they added some quality of life improvements to solo play, if you don't mind worse frame rate and loading times than the GC ver, but cannot recommend for multiplayer play, especially if you were planning on doing the entire game with a set group of players.
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  2. Aug 28, 2020
    "If SE ever patches in local multiplayer I will come back and edit my review back to a 10." - Me, Just now

    The hardest review i've ever had
    "If SE ever patches in local multiplayer I will come back and edit my review back to a 10." - Me, Just now

    The hardest review i've ever had to write both because of the points I have to dock and not being sure how much to dock. Crystal Chronicles is my favorite videogame of all time; that is to say, the original Gamecube release is. You can imagine my immense shock when the remaster was announced and it felt like someone at Square Enix snuck in to my house to find out what game to add next to their line up.

    FIRST, the good. Crystal Chronicles core gameplay is ever faithful. The only true RPG Party Game i've ever played, running these dungeons with friends is memorable and you still form amazing memories. The sound track is BEAUTIFULLY remastered, the visuals are starkly upgraded, and the high res models make me realize details in the original designs I never noticed before. If you never played the original the storytelling, incredible level and boss design, and overall presentation are what make this game a gem.

    The new content is great, the challenge dungeons are a good edition and essentially add thirteen new dungeons to the game built around high level characters. This fixes a pitfall of the original where, after your first playthrough, knowing how to get everything quickly means by year four you're way overpowered. Now you take those busted characters in to brand new challenging content.

    Unfortunately, in the end, CC: Remastered is a slighty worse take on the original. A slightly worse take on a 10/10 can only be an 8/10 right? The problem is how the multiplayer works. Not just the lack of local multi, which is huge, but also the lack of being able to truly share this adventure. Friends can only join you during dungeons via online co-op. Only the host gets Myrrh, only the host gets letters, and at the end of the day only the host can partake in the road events and memories. The sensation of going on an adventure is gone in that way.

    Another side effect of this is how hard it is to level all the profession families. Where as before you'd effectively be leveling four at a time, you can now do one at a time. Since you only get letters when you get Myrrh maxing out an entire village would take 40 years where it might normally take 10 or less. Little problems like this are numerous and all of them could easily be solved by adding local multi.
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  3. Aug 31, 2020
    If you're feeling nostalgic, just pop on a Youtube collection of the soundtrack, which remains a classic.

    Even for Square, who's been
    If you're feeling nostalgic, just pop on a Youtube collection of the soundtrack, which remains a classic.

    Even for Square, who's been screwing up most of their ports for like fifteen years at this point, this one's egregious. The whole point of this game is the multiplayer. To play 4 players, you need four Switches, four online accounts, and four copies of the game to play 4 player simultaneous. (I understand local multiplayer is similarly broken). OK - I have three friends with the first two, and we agreed, for nostalgia's sake, to grab the third. Huge mistake, shoulda read the reviews.

    To be clear, there's basically no reason to play this game without the multiplayer. (Without the nostalgia goggles, if I'm being honest, there aren't a whole bunch of reasons to play it at all.) In any event, our foursome loaded up the game, and... in a game expressly about adventuring together, there's no way to adventure together. You can run a single dungeon together, after which point you can either run it again, or break up the party. Oh, also, only the host gets credit for beating the dungeon, so if you want everyone to advance you'll have to have player 1 host the dungeon, finish it, break up the party, then REPEAT 3 TIMES FOR ALL OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP. Oh, and if you remember the towns, where all your characters had their own little hub that each of you could visit, and you shuffled equipment and crafting? Hope you like doing that completely on your own.

    I'm not a "demand a refund" guy but this was egregious enough that I looked up the Nintendo eShop refund policy (no refunds, confirmed). I'm also not a "post a negative Metacritic review" guy, but this was infuriating enough that I actually made an account. Square should be legit ashamed.

    At least there's (strange, off-putting) voice acting, though.
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