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  1. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage feels like a step backward in ways that this writer appreciates. Gone are the lessons, and in their place is a genuinely affecting story with plenty of whimsy and epic tactical conquests. It's a great way to kick off the year for the Switch, and also happens to be one of the best-looking games on the platform, too.
  2. 100
    The only thing that I would change in Fire Emblem engage is the design of the protagonist. Her combination of red and blue does come across as excessively garish to me, even within the context of a very bright and colourful game. I’d keep her character, which is great, but just give her green twintailed hair or something. That’s it, though. That’s the only change I’d make. In every other way, Fire Emblem Engage is everything I love about Fire Emblem, bundled up in a way that does justice to both the classics that got me into the series, and the production values of modern gaming. Brilliant.
  3. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is amazing and a wonderful way for Nintendo to kick off 2023.
  4. Jan 31, 2023
    Fire Emblem: Engage is a return to the more linear Fire Emblem style of storytelling while continuing the path that Fire Emblem: Three Houses began with the graphics and combat upgrades. The game feels fresh and new while also paying homage to Fire Emblem’s storied past with the inclusion of iconic characters in the Emblem Rings such as Marth, Roy, Lyn, and more. With a collection of adorable characters you’re sure to cry when you lose them and a story that has its fair share of twists and turns; new and old Fire Emblem fans can find something to enjoy about this game. It’s a story of friendship, family, and doing whatever you can to save the ones you love; Fire Emblem.
  5. Jan 17, 2023
    At least in my case, I can already tell you that the first candidate for Game of the Year has arrived, and boy did it arrive early. How much does 2023 hold for us if we are having such a special start?
  6. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a masterpiece of tactical gameplay design, with a gorgeous look, and depth most games can only dream of.
  7. Jan 17, 2023
    One or two unnecessary chapters and some half-hearted multiplayer can’t get in the way of what is a sensational Fire Emblem experience.
  8. Feb 1, 2023
    Despite weaker writing than I’ve come to expect from the series, Fire Emblem Engage’s gameplay is so good that the game is a blast from start to finish, and I’m already thinking of ideas for my third playthrough. If you like Fire Emblem’s gameplay at all, Fire Emblem Engage is a can’t-miss game.
  9. Jan 30, 2023
    Whether you've been playing Fire Emblem since the beginning or are mostly curious about where the blue-haired sword goblins in Super Smash Bros. come from, I think you should give Fire Emblem Engage a proper try. You will not regret it.
  10. Jan 25, 2023
    Focusing more on its traditional combat experience, Fire Emblem Engage is an impressive game that tries to give you a lot to play with and succeeds in feeling refreshing yet on brand. Its Emblem mechanic brings nostalgic elements to battle while introducing better ways to modify and customize your party, though its social aspects are more toned down than in previous installments.
  11. Jan 20, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a significant improvement over the previous mainline sequel, with a greater focus on the story, better performance and design, it brings everything that should please old and new fans of the long-running series.
  12. Fire Emblem Engage is one of the early surprises of 2023. Nintendo has managed to make fans of the genre happy with a great JRPG game.
  13. Jan 17, 2023
    Engage is a fantastic tactic RPG with an excellent gameplay, exquisite level design and interesting new additions to celebrate more than three decades of Fire Emblem.
  14. Jan 17, 2023
    Between various novelties and improvements, the combat system of Fire Emblem Engage is perfectly smooth and exciting. Not all the campaign is full of twists and the shadow of socialization at all costs could make the most surly digital generals nervous, but overall Fire Emblem Engage is a recommended chapter.
  15. Jan 17, 2023
    After dozens of hours traipsing around the world map of Elyos, I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised with what I’ve found. The shift in tone and style helps set the game apart from what came before, and the new mechanics bring a breath of fresh air to combat while paying tribute to all the games that came before. I was surprised to find a level of difficulty that Three Houses had, for the most part, not showcased – paired with a story with enough twists and turns to keep me interested. While players may be tempted to judge Fire Emblem Engage on the art style alone, I strongly suggest giving it a try before casting judgement; you may just find that this is one of the best Fire Emblem games to date.
  16. Jan 17, 2023
    Despite the initial misgivings, Fire Emblem Engage has proven to be a solid and articulated strategy, which mixes the fundamental characteristics of the saga with great attention to a rich slew of functional and inspired innovations. With the introduction of the Breach and the numerous mechanics related to synchronization, the guys from Intelligent Systems have indeed added new layers of depth to an already sublime strategic component and to the customization of the party, offering an always adequate and pressing level of difficulty . However, the proverbial - and somewhat unexpected - icing on the cake is represented by a visual system of great impact and more than satisfactory technical performances, which represent a surprising step forward compared to what was seen in Three Houses. Whether or not you know the various heroes recalled from the past, we suggest you make it your own and let yourself be enchanted by a brilliant and varied combat system.
  17. 90
    Fire Emblem Engage may not be my dream game, but it is still a damn good Fire Emblem game. The worst parts of it are merely okay, and the best parts of it paint a bright picture for the future of the franchise. I have never played a game quite so ravenously, sinking over ninety hours into my first playthrough in just two weeks (though don’t get too intimidated by that number, it counts all of my resets from playing on Hard difficulty, and I also played all fifteen optional chapters). At the end of it all I didn’t feel exhausted or burnt out, but rather like I somehow wished that I could play for even longer. Fire Emblem Engage may not check every box that fans were hoping for, but it is easily the strongest showing for the series in the last decade.
  18. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage proves itself worthy enough to be counted alongside the legacy it honors so well.
  19. Jan 17, 2023
    Engage’s characters and social systems never quite hit the high bar set by Three Houses, but it does surpass its predecessor in almost every other way. Players looking for deep customization, expertly crafted strategy RPG combat, and a heartfelt story with adoration for more than 30 years of Fire Emblem history will find that and more in Engage. It’s one of the most gripping games I’ve played on Switch and, ultimately, one I struggled to peel myself away from. If Three Houses was an experiment with where Fire Emblem’s social mechanics can go, then Engage is doing the same for the series’ evolving combat, and excelling just as much, too.
  20. Jan 17, 2023
    If you're new to the mainline Fire Emblem games albeit an enthusiast of SRPGs in general like I am then Engage will surely wow you with its tight old-school gameplay, incredible presentation, and fantastic cast of characters. Heck, it might even turn you into a dedicated fan.
  21. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is an adventure I wanted to keep going, with characters you want to get to know even while the land is becoming mired in war. It feels like a celebration of the series’ past combined with a whole new story. I recommend Fire Emblem to fans and anyone who likes a good strategy RPG.
  22. Jan 17, 2023
    If you were overwhelmed by Three Houses, this is a great follow-up that doesn't just follow that same formula: and in many ways, gets back to Fire Emblem basics.
  23. Jan 17, 2023
    The combination of strategy battles and social sim gameplay is more than enough to make Fire Emblem Engage a standout in the already bustling catalogue of Nintendo Switch titles. But when you consider details like the Emblem characters, the multiplayer modes and the fact that it’s just a gorgeous game to look at, it’s hard to imagine this fantastical tale won’t be included in game of the year talks later in 2023.
  24. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a great celebration of the franchise's legacy. With a story and art style very reminiscent of contemporary anime, the game features classic gameplay with just enough new features to keep us hooked. If you're a fan of the series or like tactical RPGs, it's a must-have.
  25. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is another stellar entry in this storied franchise, but it's also one that takes a noticeably different stance than its most recent predecessor. It's all about the combat this time around, at the expense of the relationships and romance that made Three Houses such a fan favourite, so if you're looking for that social element here, you're bound to be left feeling at least a tad disappointed. However, for those jonesing to get down and dirty with some sweet turn-based tactical action — action that's embedded in a satisfyingly OTT, beautifully presented anime narrative — this is as fine an example of the genre as you'll play this year.
  26. Jan 17, 2023
    In any given moment in Fire Emblem Engage, you’re likely to see the ghostly shape of a long-gone hero fly into battle, as walls of ice spring forth from the ground, and nearby allies join together for an impossibly flashy – and deadly – sequence of attacks on an enemy general. All of this unfolds on a map you could swear you’ve seen before, and the entire setup feels like something out of a Fire Emblem fan’s fever dream.
  27. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage balances the series' past and its future, offering a renewed focus on the tactical gameplay, an endearing cast of old and new faces, and the best visuals the franchise has ever seen.
  28. Jan 17, 2023
    Despite some minor shortcomings, anyone who loved previous tactical role-playing games from Intelligent Systems will quickly fall in love with Fire Emblem Engage. Especially in classic mode with permadeath switched on, the well animated battles are in top form. The new gameplay mechanics fit in perfectly, the battlefield design has nice surprises in store, the story is peppered with some interesting twists and the online multiplayer mode provides additional long-term motivation.
  29. Jan 25, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a treat for retro fans. It retains the best of the GBA title, with excellent level design and a rich combat system. But the story is very dumb, making it the game's biggest weakness. Fortunately, Fire Emblem Engage itself is still fun enough for anyone with a passion for SRPGs to have a good time.
  30. Jan 17, 2023
    If on the narrative side the differences compared to Three Houses may not please many, the many innovations made to the combat-system make Fire Emblem Engage a tactical JRPG of absolute thickness.
  31. Feb 1, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage explores new formulas with a splash of nostalgia. While it's full of chliché moments, its agile battle system will test in you in battle to come up with a good strategy. Fire Emblem Engage takes a risk with a new proposal that highlights his legacy.
  32. Jan 24, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a mix of steps forward and back. On a gameplay level, it's pretty much the absolute best the franchise has ever been, with excellent level design, great new gimmicks and features, and a customization system that offers a ton of depth. The storyline feels too much like standard Fire Emblem to stand out, and the side content that isn't focused on combat feels tacked-on. It's still a delightful game to play, and despite my nitpicks, I had a fantastic time. Fire Emblem fans will find a lot to enjoy, even if the story might not be to their tastes.
  33. Jan 24, 2023
    Newcomers to the series will find Fire Emblem Engage a great game, but they won’t truly know what a Fire Emblem game means until they play a previous title. Despite the few negatives, Fire Emblem Engage is a must for fans of the series, as well as newcomers who love turn-based strategy games.
  34. Jan 19, 2023
    Still, as far as challenge goes on the battlefield, Engage is right up there, and the game’s titular hook isn’t a be all, end all part of proceedings, serving as a functioning tool for combo experimentation as well as another source for that all-important nostalgia. All of which grabbed me far more than any other features of the game. And it’s something I happily engaged in for the roughly 45 hours or so I played and slaved and rewound. And as has become customary for this series, it comes highly recommended for die hard fans, while newcomers, in particular here, will get a lot from the game’s heady tie-in to Fire Emblems past. A great way to kick off Switch gaming in 2023.
  35. Jan 17, 2023
    With Fire Emblem Engage, the Nintendo Switch offers itself a first quality exclusivity at the start of 2023. Like Three Houses, the fights are always fluid and accessible, and even benefit from spectacular animations which reinforce the pleasure of play. also in depth thanks to the Emblem Fusion mechanic which offers tools to approach situations with intelligence. Beyond the quality of the design of its friendly characters, the title also shines with its successful graphic rendering for the Nintendo Switch, even if we note sometimes poor environments and a static staging. Finally, it is more by its not always practical menus and its classic story and more interventionist than Three Houses that the experience is a little fishing. Not enough to sulk the pleasure of this new Fire Emblem which remains an excellent way to start the year controller in hand.
  36. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is hands down the best gameplay the series has ever had, but storywise is messy and poorly directed.
  37. Jan 17, 2023
    It’s refreshing to play a Fire Emblem that places such an emphasis on tactical depth as Fire Emblem Engage. Not because the series wasn’t known for it, but because recent entries have placed a stronger focus on the social aspects. Engage is, in that sense, a return to form for the series.
  38. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a title that presents you with an entertaining story and unique characters. Add to that tactical and in-depth combat, creating an excellent whole. This is complemented by colorful graphics and good audio. That the social aspects are limited and the activities in the central hub Somniel are not that engaging should be taken for granted, because the rest of the game is more than fine.
  39. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a great celebration of a more than 30 years old franchise, and also one of the best looking Switch games of the last months. We dare to say it's not one of the best episodes in the franchise, but it is, nonetheless, a great SRPG if you have at least fifty hours to invest in it.
  40. Jan 28, 2023
    Playful, strong round tactics spectacle with many guest stars from older parts of the series, compared to whose stories the new plot seems comparatively pale.
  41. Jan 17, 2023
    I would have preferred the cute anime designs and simple story after Three Houses, but otherwise Fire Emblem Engage is familiarly good. The maps in particular are very strong and offer enough challenge for the very strong Emblem Rings.
  42. Jan 17, 2023
    Its story is not as good and impactful as Three Houses or Awakening, but in terms of gameplay it is the most cutting-edge and advanced Fire Emblem game to date.
  43. Jan 17, 2023
    While Engage didn't win me over with its story, the mechanics are a different matter. I'm pleased that level grinding is being sidestepped in such a clever manner, though I still miss it. I loved how intense the battles are, every single time. Even with the Time Crystal, the stakes feel terribly high. Sure, the narrative feels more cliché than I'm used to. I wish it wasn't a good vs evil fetch quest. But the character bonds still tell a compelling tale all on their own. And though I didn't love the side content this time around, I'm still happy there's so much of it available. Overall, Fire Emblem Engage is an excellent entry in the franchise. You won't want to miss this one.
  44. Jan 31, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a more single-minded entry in the series than we’ve seen in a while. A lot of the things people may have loved about Three Houses don’t return here, and the battles are left to carry the load. The more focused design is by choice and I respect that, but it didn’t mean the characters and story had to be as diminished as they are. It’s fortunate that the battle mechanics ratchet things up this time, with the new Emblem system and the returning weapon triangle adding compelling strategic layers. Fans of the tactical aspect at the core of Fire Emblem will find a lot to like, but it’s a shame that the overall package isn’t as strong.
  45. 80
    It's essential to remember that just a little over 10 years ago, Fire Emblem Awakening saved the franchise and brought it to the mainstream. Now, in the present, Fire Emblem Engage represents a series that now no longer needs saving. It's a series that has blockbuster appeal, with people eagerly anticipating every announcement. Fire Emblem is Forever, and I'm overjoyed to see friends and colleagues take to it so passionately, something I didn't think would happen.
  46. Jan 30, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage feels like a Greatest Hits album for one of your favourite bands: a perfect gateway that provides a good introduction for newcomers and plenty of nostalgia for veterans.
  47. Jan 30, 2023
    Engage is the perfect gateway to the series, and a festival of good memories for those who already lived adventures with Marth, Celica, Sigurd and the rest.
  48. 80
    If you love addictive strategic gameplay with as much challenge as you want, then you are guaranteed to have a party with Fire Emblem: Engage.
  49. Jan 27, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage does away with intricate relationships systems and in-depth downtime between battles, choosing to focus on a well-rounded tactical turn-based combat system that will be hard to beat this year.
  50. Jan 25, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage will delight fans of the series with its use of rings and heroes from previous games. It may feel a little simpler than Three Houses in some ways, but it's still a good game.
  51. Jan 25, 2023
    When taken as a whole, Fire Emblem: Engage often succeeds, though where it falls, it falls a bit hard. With a largely less-than-stellar cast keeping you company for the 40+ hours you may find yourself playing this game, there are many times when the game’s solid narrative and excellent gameplay aren’t able to carry it through to the finish it feels like it deserves.
  52. Jan 24, 2023
    It’s a charming adventure that doesn’t overstay its welcome or drag the gameplay down with too much fluff in between fights and allows players who just want to get through everything quickly the opportunity while having a small handful of side activities that let those who want to take it slower the chance to take a breather between encounters. Fire Emblem Engage feels like one of the tightest experiences in the franchise since Awakening and is well worth giving a try for those looking for something with a perfect clash of old and new.
  53. Jan 22, 2023
    For players who really got into Three House's story part, Engage will be met with some measure of disappointment. Its streamlined plot and structure are more accessible, but less intricate, and it doesn't help that the storyline never even threatens to leave well-trodden fantasy grounds. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but it does feel like a step back. As soon as the battles start, though, everything is forgotten and forgiven ... Here's where Intelligent System's decades of experience are showing.
  54. Players swarm to new Fire Emblem games not to see the latest in graphics and mechanics innovations, but rather to enjoy a bit of classic Japanese RPG-style melodrama mixed with captivating tactical combat. And that’s exactly what they get here. The added bit of nostalgia that comes with revisiting past heroes is just the gravy on the side.
  55. Jan 18, 2023
    The timing after Three Houses is challenging and expectations are high, but FE Engage serves as the best of series in 30 years. Solid, although uneven plot, still interesting social interactions and non-combat parts are merged with excellent tactical strategy gameplay. Mixing new Engage tricks with established weapon-triangle and great maps layout will please fans for tens of hours.
  56. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage puts combat front and center, rewarding old fans of the series with one of the most versatile unit progression systems in franchise history. Three Houses fans will be disappointed to find, however, that the story and characters are as generic as they can be.
  57. Jan 17, 2023
    With Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo Switch hosts one of the best SRPGs on the market in terms of combat. However, we see this game as a missed opportunity to present a rounded classic title due to its storyline. The shadow of Three Houses has played against this game, despite the fact that seeing Marth is always a reason to rejoice.
  58. Jan 17, 2023
    The latest from Intelligent Systems proves that the studio has its finger on the pulse of the genre inside out. After a groundbreaking installment, they return to the classic approach while presenting new features that spice up and make, if possible, even more interesting its great combat system. A must for fans of the genre.
  59. Jan 17, 2023
    As a longtime fan, I like the optimization options that Fire Emblem Engage allows for.
  60. Jan 17, 2023
    Well focused combat system, very classy flavored, and nicely designed maps can't fully overcome a lackluster story and forgettable characters. It is very good as an strategy game, it´s a bit lacking as a Fire Emblem.
  61. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a really good Fire Emblem that lacks the same difficulty progression that previous entries. The battles were way too easy at different times and some of them do not really require great strategical thinking. Other than that, overall it is a magnificent Fire Emblem, and almost made it among the best of the franchise.
  62. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage feels like a love letter to loyal fans of the series, providing pangs of nostalgia with recognisable characters, as well as an even deeper combat system that builds upon already solid foundations. Engage isn’t the best entry point into the series, and is rather shallow in terms of story and character development, but the combat is enjoyable enough alone to keep players engrossed until the end.
  63. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a good tactical RPG with a paper-thin story, shallow characters, and a kitchen-sink approach to far too many subsystems that don't synergize well. If you come to Fire Emblem primarily for its tactical elements, you may have an absolute blast building your perfect team of colorful combatants and their Emblem counterparts. I come away from Fire Emblem Engage satisfied with its tried-and-true gameplay and unique Emblem twist, but I wish the narrative elements made more of an impact on me.
  64. Jan 17, 2023
    Despite faltering in its plot delivery and the absence of meaningful decision-making, Fire Emblem Engage once again allows Intelligent Systems to demonstrate its unparalleled strategic brilliance and unquestionable dominance in the genre. It isn’t a game that is lacking in heroic ambition, in many ways evolving its own formula triumphantly beyond what was achieved with Fire Emblem: Three Houses but otherwise disappointingly falling short in others.
  65. Jan 17, 2023
    Without ever completely abandoning the franchise's defining elements, Fire Emblem Engage leaves behind Three Houses' web of friendships and relationships to focus on the battlefield. The result is a somewhat uninspired story and an absolutely brilliant, fluid and extremely engaging combat system capable of being both accessible for beginners and profound for fans of 'min-maxing.'
  66. Jan 17, 2023
    With Fire Emblem Engage, the extensive social sim of Three Houses is gone. However, the strategy gameplay is stronger than ever. The turn-based fights become more intense because of the Emblem Rings, which sometimes turn the battlefields upside down.
  67. Jan 17, 2023
    From a solid score to a rapturous cast of characters, Fire Emblem Engage refines the strategy format into a worthy successor to what kicked off the West’s obsession with the series. The story is barebones at best, but the Emblem system is bound to ignite a call for more remakes and releases. And we’ll take them.
  68. Jan 17, 2023
    Driven by kingdom-trotting carnage, Engage is an essential addition to any strategy fan’s library. Though its opening hours are too cluttered to capture the same charm that Three Houses boasted, riveting combat and an engrossing plot help Engage find its footing long before the credits roll.
  69. 80
    As an experience more in-line with the pre-Fates era of Fire Emblem, Engage is a worthy celebration of one of Nintendo's longest running and most storied franchises. Despite many flaws, none of them offset the experience so drastically to sour the overall experience, making for another great entry into the gilded halls of Fire Emblem.
  70. Jan 17, 2023
    In some ways, that focus-shift back to SRPG fundamentals feels like a possible course correction after the significant ‘Personafication’ of Three Houses. On the other hand, this game still feels like it strives to marry old-school Fire Emblem with those new ideas. As a fan of older Fire Emblem and strategy games in general, I was thrilled to see the depth of combat and the level to which you can make battling your absolute focus. That’s still true even if Engage doesn’t quite get the balance in its execution right in a way that might put a small subset of Three Houses lovers off. It’s still a tremendously satisfying experience, mind. It’s engaging - sorry, I had to get it in – and an easy recommendation.
  71. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage’s story is derivative JRPG nonsense and its social elements are skippable, but the game’s battlefield heroics largely make up for its shortcomings. Classic Fire Emblem combat mechanics make their welcome return here and are nicely elevated by the new Engage system and a slate of varied, surprisingly-challenging maps. Fire Emblem Engage won’t be everybody’s favorite entry in the series, but it should be a critical hit with many seasoned generals.
  72. Jan 17, 2023
    Rather than following up on 2018’s hit Fire Emblem: Three Houses by repeating its exact playbook, the new tactical RPG is a quick regroup for the long-running series. It looks to reinforce its core combat hook with new systems, like adding extra armor plating onto an ax-wielding knight. It may seem like a step back at a glance, but it's more a lateral move that ensures the series can safely fight its next battle.
  73. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is focused on making the series’ enduring turn-based tactics more compelling, more exciting, more stunning – and the game does an excellent job at that. Smart new mechanics add much to the feel of battle, and once your army begins rolling through enemy forces across the continent, it’s hard to stop.
  74. Jan 17, 2023
    A more traditional Fire Emblem experience than Three Houses, but one that’s filled with fun new features and emphasises deep and varied gameplay over dating mini-games.
  75. Jan 17, 2023
    Ultimately, Fire Emblem Engage is an excellent game that contains one of the finest tactical systems in recent memory, and it's well worth a look for that reason. Just don't expect to remember much about Elyos once the journey ends.
  76. Jan 17, 2023
    This is the best Fire Emblem game to play ever. No exaggeration. I have not experienced all of the very early games, but I have seen enough to plant my flag for this one. But to fully experience? Way down the list. It's frustrating in the extreme - I just do not care about these characters and their plight, and even the ones where I might have, the game offers me no reason to invest whatsoever. I highly recommend Fire Emblem Engage because the gameplay and battles are stellar. Just be prepared to find yourself skipping a lot of stuff by the end.
  77. Engage continues the series trend of mashing up tactics and RPG elements, but while the latter falls flat and feels out of place, it excels in the former. And if my biggest qualms are with the game’s least Fire Emblem-y parts, I consider that a solid entry in the series.
  78. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a very unbalanced title, on the one hand, it is very affordable for all players, and we loved the challenges it offers at high difficulty levels. But on the other hand, its story and characters made us roll our eyes all the time. Fortunately, the quality realization, at least for the Switch, makes up for it. Also, real efforts have been made to improve the gameplay, and the interface is well thought out. It's a real pleasure to play and watch the fights, which are always accompanied by good animations and music. This can be a great game, if you can ignore the bad parts of it, and focus on the tactical battles.
  79. Jan 31, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a clear step backward for a great series. While the strategy gameplay at the core of it is perhaps the series’ best, everything else here feels weaker. I still enjoyed my time with the game, ultimately thanks to its gameplay which is some of the best in the genre, but after how great Three Houses with, it’s hard not to come away from Engage disappointed.
  80. Jan 30, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage offers the most rewarding, fleshed out and beautifully balanced strategic combat of the series so far, and performs beautifully on the Switch. Its story, characters and social sim element, however, are not up to the standard expected of this beloved franchise. While the combat has matured beautifully, the overall tone has taken a step back. If you're only interested in the trademark Fire Emblem combat, then you'll likely have more fun than you ever have with the series. For players who want a little more from Engage's characters and story, though… you may be disappointed.
  81. Edge Magazine
    Jan 26, 2023
    There's no denying that the fire burns a little less brightly than before. [Issue#381, p.92]
  82. 70
    As a turn-based tactical RPG, Fire Emblem Engage delivers on all fronts. On the other hand, when it comes to its social sim systems and story, this latest entry falls short of the mark, especially when compared to its predecessors.
  83. Jan 19, 2023
    The score would be higher if not for the fact that this very same series managed to reach much greater heights with its previous instalment. This time around, the socializing seems perfunctory at best and the story itself feels very, very flat. The combat system is still amazing, but the narrative struggles pretty badly.
  84. Jan 17, 2023
    As a fan of the Fire Emblem series, I enjoyed the new game for what it was. The story isn't exactly original, the gameplay isn't exactly innovative, and there's perhaps a bit too much emphasis on nostalgia (nostalgia that English language fans can't even truly appreciate, given how many Fire Emblem games didn't get released outside of Japan). However, the game is a treat to view and the combat is just challenging enough to keep you on the edge of your seat even if the same handful of tactics seem to work on every map. Fire Emblem Engage neither stands above the other Fire Emblem games nor does it fall below them. It firmly sits in the middle of the pack, which should be good enough for most fans of the franchise but might not appeal to those who haven't really experienced the franchise before. 
  85. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage has so much to love, yet feels a little empty. With tight and tricky combat, gorgeous graphics and art, and vibrant character designs, its first impression is a good one. But as the story progresses, things feel a little soulless. It’s good and it’s bad, and how much you like it just depends on what you want from it.
  86. Jan 17, 2023
    While Fire Emblem's combat mechanics have never been better, Engage's story and structure lack the ambition of its predecessors. The result is a predictable and straightforward romp that's carried by its fantastic presentation and engaging combat. And although the Emblem Rings add a deep and satisfying wrinkle to the battles, the heroes contained within them are one-dimensional apparitions that leave a lot to be desired. If you’re looking for a deep tactical RPG with some colorful characters, it will certainly scratch that itch. But beyond that, Fire Emblem Engage feels like a safe, straightforward entry in Nintendo’s long-running series.
  87. Jan 17, 2023
    At the end of the day, Fire Emblem Engage ends up being a rather middling experience that wasn't afraid to try a few new things as far as combat is concerned, but couldn't come close to the heights that its predecessors have set for the series. I don't necessarily see myself revisiting Engage anytime soon, but if you just want an excuse to see your favorite icons from the series again, or if you're craving more tactical RPG goodness, you could do a lot worse.
  88. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is enjoyable but leaves little impression. If the narrative was more compelling, if the character relationships were deeper and more interesting or if combat was more varied, there’s every chance that Engage would have felt more robust and impactful. In the absence of those things, Engage just feels…fine.
  89. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage recalls earlier series entries by hitting familiar tactical notes, but it augments them with a cool, new team-up system. Its multiplayer modes need work, though.
  90. Feb 2, 2023
    Fire Emblem: Engage offers a very pleasant and engaging combat system, but the story leaves a lot to be desired (especially when it comes to characters).
  91. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is an okay addition to the Fire Emblem series, with fun and varied maps and enough changes to the tactical mechanics to make it probably worth playing for any FE fan, though not all of its changes are winners. Its spectacular graphics are something to behold; it’s just a shame that it is accompanied by a story that falls completely flat and emblem heroes that are shadows of their former selves. It’s just sadly underwhelming in the face of what its predecessor, Three Houses, achieved better. 
  92. Feb 1, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage drowns a solid and entertaining tactics game under layer upon layer of boring filler nonsense that does a very good job of ruining the experience.
  93. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is a great strategy game, but we don’t think it’s a great modern Fire Emblem game. Whether the reverence for the social elements of Three Houses came as a surprise to the team or not, the dearth of those moments in Engage makes it feel like it’s missing half of its core at times.
  94. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem’s tradition of focusing on character relationships hit a peak in Three Houses, and we all kind of assumed that would continue into Engage. Sadly, that’s not the case. Fire Emblem Engage scales its social interactions down to a bare minimum, leaving a cast of underdeveloped characters in its wake. At the same time, it features some of Fire Emblem’s best tactical combat, making the game feel as sharply divided as its protagonist’s over-discussed red-and-blue hair.
  95. Jan 27, 2023
    Fire Emblem: Engage feels like a massive step backward from both Awakening and Three Houses. Losing many of the features that made modern Fire Emblem games, ironically, engaging, we’re left with a barebones game that barely feels like a Fire Emblem title. Stories are poorly written, characters are barely fleshed out anime tropes, graphics are muddled, and the series’ signature bold and clear tactical battlefields have been replaced with PS2 era maps with indistinguishable tiny 3D models on them that look near identical until the camera swoops in.
  96. Jan 25, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is mostly a streamlined experience that gives you a taste of what the series has to offer, but doesn’t showcase its true potential as a strategy game. It lacks genuine innovation, and doesn’t quite meet the standards set by previous entries or establish a challenging and balanced system that reflects Fire Emblem's core identity.
  97. Jan 29, 2023
    What makes Fire Emblem Engage especially frustrating is that, even for all of its glaring issues, there’s an undeniable joy in successfully conquering a difficult battalion through a mixture of skill, luck, and good timing.
  98. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage resurrects the weapon triangle to great effect, making the turn-based combat feel like a game of death and dares, while an unmemorable cast of characters and an unexplored world sadly drag behind it.
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  1. Jan 20, 2023
    Although the story is awful, the rest of the game is simply brilliant. [Recommended]
  2. Jan 17, 2023
    Nintendo's long-running fantasy series looks to its rich history for this smart, satisfying turn-based strategy game. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  3. Feb 1, 2023
    I’ve always believed that mobile games are an approachable gateway for new fans to enjoy an otherwise esoteric IP, and Engage streamlines the gameplay in all the right ways. Unfortunately, though, the story falls short of what I’ve come to expect from any Fire Emblem game, and I’m still struggling to understand why. With Fates, the poor writing could be attributed to its sheer character bloat, but Engage has a reasonably normal-sized cast. The watered-down stories felt like an intentional appeal to capture new audiences. But at some point, I want to move on from the appetizer to the main course. With its disposable conversations, shallow handling of themes, and incohesive visual design, Engage is the chicken wing, rather than a full chicken dinner.
  4. Jan 17, 2023
    Engage, even when it’s fixated on stats and weapons and training, is always rushing toward the next battle, because that’s where the story lies. It’s not a reinvention of the genre, but a distillation. It can’t quite reach the crescendos that Three Houses did, and it certainly doesn’t achieve the longevity of Awakening. But it is consistently great. And it’s confident enough to let me take the reins. [Polygon Recommends]
  5. Jan 17, 2023
    There’s something deeply seductive about Fire Emblem Engage’s combat. It’s the reason why I contentedly spent over 70 hours in a game that otherwise has little else to recommend it. As Fire Emblems go, it’s a great jumping in point if you’ve never experienced Nintendo’s foundational tactical RPG series. But if you’re like me and desperate to feel the same emotions Three Houses or Fates made you feel, you’re simply better off playing those games again.
  6. Jan 17, 2023
    Fire Emblem Engage is obsessed with the series’ past. It builds itself around the protagonists of previous games, re-uses those game’s most memorable maps, and builds its narrative around referencing the beats of older, better told stories. If the next Fire Emblem game is like this, it will be a disappointment. Engage’s tactics, however, set a new standard for the series. IntelligentSystems managed to perfectly meld mechanics and tone, but the tone they picked was fun, but ultimately empty. If they could manage to apply these same principles to more interesting narrative ends, the next Fire Emblem game would be the series’ best.
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  1. Jan 21, 2023
    When viewed in the context of the entire franchise, Engage is a disappointment that represents a regression rather than a progression inWhen viewed in the context of the entire franchise, Engage is a disappointment that represents a regression rather than a progression in quality.

    Whilst containing an admittedly interesting new battle system, it fails to reach the heights of games like Thracia and Conquest and will seem utterly unremarkable to long-time fans. Furthermore, whatever pleasure is granted by the battle mechanics fails to compensate for the lacklustre nature of the game in all other areas. Alear wanders through a generic world of forgettable characters trying to obtain macguffins whilst nothing interesting or of note occurs. It is a plot and world so generic and formulaic that one wonders if they fed the previous scripts into an AI and generated it mechanically. Plot beats range from mind-numbingly bland to hilariously overdramatic and forced: Engage is a game that seems to want emotional pay-off whilst giving you no reason to care for the characters it establishes.
    Characters are regression to the shallow tropes of Fates which feel poorly thought out and like there was no underlying intention to them other than to pad out the roster. Beyond some exceptions such as Diamant, they range from non-entities to Jar Jar Binks level irritating presences that have one personality trait and will repeat it for hundreds of lines of dialogue. The music is serviceable but the most generic of the post-Awakening Fire Emblem games. Character design is awful; it is ironic that despite being so flashy and outrageous, none of these characters will stick in the player's mind once they go off-screen.

    It would be interesting to see the break and emblem mechanics in a game that knew what its identity was.
    There is no artistic vision or cohesive idea underlying Engage: it is a bundle of elements of poor quality slapped together on top of a gameplay system that whilst may be impressive to players whose only prior experience was Three Houses, fails to come even remotely close to being the best of what the franchise has to offer, or to make it worthwhile suffering through the other aspects of the game.
    Engage, by all metrics, is at best an average Fire Emblem entry, and at worst a cynical, soulless product with an identity crisis.
    Full Review »
  2. Jan 21, 2023
    While the story is much less gripping, the return to form of "there's the evil dragon, go kill it" feels refreshing in an odd way. TheWhile the story is much less gripping, the return to form of "there's the evil dragon, go kill it" feels refreshing in an odd way. The gameplay is some of the best of the series we've had so far, with the Emblems providing a nice layer of stratagy to the game. Full Review »
  3. Jan 22, 2023
    This game is probably like 7 but I am harsher on it because it seems that the franchise is going in the wrong direction. With a story andThis game is probably like 7 but I am harsher on it because it seems that the franchise is going in the wrong direction. With a story and visual presentation worse than the previous game and relying on previous franchise for cameos instead of creating new characters. The simpler battle systems seem a step back from me compared to three houses options. Worldbuilding also suffers a step down even if is not FATES level. Full Review »