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  1. 100
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes exists for people that liked Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It takes the narrative and characters of the original tactics RPG and provides an “alternative history” take on events, and that was an inspired way to allow the game to be both familiar while telling its own story. For anyone that fell in love with the characters the first time around, this approach makes this take very hard to put down, no matter how frequently you play the Musou releases. My overwhelming impression of this game is that it exudes confidence. Koei Tecmo's team had a clear vision on how to turn everything that people loved about Fire Emblem: Three Houses and turn it into an action game, and with the exception of one new character that turns out to be a Jar Jar Binks-level misfire, they have delivered on that vision. Or, to put it simply: people loved Three Houses, and for all the reasons that they did love that game, they will also love Three Hopes.
  2. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a stunning and immersive game, offering a satisfying combat system and delightful tactical strategy mechanics.
  3. 90
    While the original Fire Emblem Warriors offered a decent Musou game in the shell of a Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes provides the full Fire Emblem experience by offering a deep story and social system on top of slightly reworked Musou mechanics that are grounded in the rules of Fire Emblem's turn based combat.
  4. Jun 24, 2022
    Swich gets another fine exclusive game interconnected with other games. This one represents Fire Emblem in each part of the core mechanism including social interactions, support points and even strong plot told in several storylines. And putting dozens of characters to Musou-style battles is more encouraging than ever.
  5. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the best musou spin-off to date, offering an unbelievable amount of storytelling that any fan will delight in. Swirling around all this is a cacophony of mechanics that may at first overwhelm, but once they make sense, the game is harmonious and hard to put down. It feels like a mainline Fire Emblem game with more action, which might actually be music to the ears of anyone who’s not tried the series before.
  6. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a fantastic game. While I may have found the beginning to be a little slow, once the battles pick up there are hours of fun to be had. The button-mashing technique is simple but thrilling and will please anyone that enjoys racking up large combos. Hacking and slashing through enemies feels rewarding, and the added strategic element allows for experimentation in how you take on each battle. And ignoring the awkward camera, the style of the game is wonderful to look at, with each playable character having their own distinctive style and aesthetic. This game has ignited a love for Fire Emblem that I didn’t even know I had, and I think this is a great choice for anyone after a new Switch game.
  7. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes brazenly leaps headlong into battle, delivering tactical brilliance and heroic thrills in equal measure. This is an exceptional standout among the many Warriors games on Nintendo Switch, and perhaps the best to grace the portable home console up until this point – laden with armies to slaughter, heartfelt storytelling and more than enough content to keep you occupied for months on end whether at home or on the move.
  8. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is not a mainline Fire Emblem title, and anyone expecting a 1-to-1 recreation is going to be disappointed, but it absolutely comes from the same lineage. If losing the cerebral, tactical piece-moving combat doesn't dull your interest – if that's not why you came to Fire Emblem in the first place – Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has enough of the franchise's DNA to satisfy. And in some ways, zooming across a battlefield while triggering abilities like Assassinate or Nosferatu seems more in line with the chaotic, war-torn battlefields of Fodlan than what came before. I might not go so far as to say that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is my ideal for what Fire Emblem could and should be going forward, but it is quite frankly a lot closer to perfection than it has any right to be.
  9. Jun 21, 2022
    Being as succinct as I can, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the finest collaboration between Nintendo and Omega Force to date. The life sim elements are masterfully done, feeling identical to Three Houses. The hack and slash action is sumptuous, with plenty of characters and playstyles to choose from. Lastly, the levels of choice are remarkable, adding plenty of replay value. Fire Emblem fans won’t want to miss this gem, and newcomers who would otherwise be put off by the core series’ tactical gameplay are all set for a grand adventure.
  10. Jun 21, 2022
    The more I played Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the more I liked it.
  11. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes takes the game you loved, spins a new yarn, and throws hack and slash combat in for good measure to create a fun, accessible experience that’s incredible value for money.
  12. Jun 21, 2022
    As someone that thoroughly enjoyed my 200 hours with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I never expected Three Hopes to meet, let alone surpass that experience — but it does. Three Hopes’ systems all coalesce into something truly special, and the war-driven story allows the world and characters to shine their brightest. Though it could do with less padding, Three Hopes represents Koei Tecmo firing on all cylinders, and it’s easily another title to add to the growing list of essential Switch games.
  13. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a thoroughly entertaining mash-up of Musou mayhem, strategy and relationship-building aspects that should more than satisfy fans of both the franchises involved here. It improves upon its 2017 predecessor in several ways, most notably in providing a far more engaging story featuring a narrative that's ripe for several replays. With impressively solid performance on Switch and an action-packed campaign that'll see you blasting your way through tens of thousands of foes for a good 30 hours in a single playthrough, this is right up there with the very best Omega Force has served up thus far.
  14. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes feels like a great return to spending time with a gang of characters who drew me in over dozens of hours, but with an all-new tale keeping me on my toes at the same time.
  15. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes may just be the best Warriors game to date. It’s an utterly flawless fusion of fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay with methodical, considered strategising, with a returning cast that is as vibrant as its ever been. With a cast as big as it is, it’s not surprising that a lot of characters come off feeling similar in combat, but that’s easy to look past with how fantastic every other aspect of it is.
  16. Jun 21, 2022
    Thanks to its entertaining story and gameplay mechanics, we found Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to be a very fun and essential game for fans of the franchise. Of course, it has its weaknesses, such as an improvable multiplayer. However, it is really enjoyable as a musou game.
  17. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is not just a fun game that combines an unbridled and spectacular combat system with the strategic elements of Fire Emblem. It is a great starting point for the curious who want to get to know this Nintendo franchise and are afraid of how complicated it can be. Although the game's performance is not that stable, the gaming experience is solid and shows that the Nintendo Switch console still has a lot to offer.
  18. Jun 21, 2022
    Needless to say, if you were already a fan of the work of the developer studio and its famous Warriors, here you will find its highest and best achieved point. I can't believe I liked it so much, but boy am I glad I did.
  19. Jun 21, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  20. Jun 29, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a combination of two beloved game styles, and it manages to approach both in a way that is entertaining and quite refreshing…Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a fascinating game. It may not be perfect, but it is well worth every second spent playing.
  21. Jun 28, 2022
    An improvement over Fire Emblem Warriors and a new perspective on the universe of Three Houses, Three Hopes gives you plenty to do and presents it all in a way that makes for a robust musou experience that is more than just mashing buttons. While the game can tend to drag on at times with a story muddled in politics, you are sure to find joy in its various features that marry two genres together in a surprising, yet successful way.
  22. Jun 27, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes feels like a well made crafted game with very fast and direct action. The game inherits many of the mechanics from the main game. It's not just pressing buttons like crazy, it's knowing how to play it as the original game.
  23. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is pure fan-service in the best possible way. It’s a perfect blend of Warriors-style hack-and-slash combat, traditional Fire Emblem JRPG elements, and the established world of Three Houses. Anyone who enjoyed Three Houses will no doubt experience Three Hopes as a beautifully hand-written love letter from Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, and those who haven’t are still bound to find some enjoyment here as well. Graphically impressive, mechanically thrilling, and jam-packed with content, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the best Warriors game yet, making it an easy recommendation for Switch owners.
  24. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes shines bright in the long lineage of games in the Musou formula. Miles better than its predecessor, this is one of the smoothest Warriors-style games yet. Barring a rare example, its mission and gameplay loop holds up. The narrative does the best it can in a genre not particularly known for stellar stories, but will still remain a little oddly paced from time to time. Provided is a joyous occasion to revisit some treasured familiar faces and engage in riotous combat and a smooth experience not too barred down by menus. If the series continues on this trajectory, it’s all smooth sailing ahead. For Fódlan!
  25. Jun 24, 2022
    If you like musou, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is one of the best options you're going to find on the market. If you're here because you like the tactical side of Nintendo's saga, you'll find similarities, but in the long run you may be put off by the particularity of this genre, which is designed for very special palates. As always, its elaborate narrative is its main attraction, as it offers an alternative but very interesting story that makes us want to know more about both the cast members and the many political intricacies of this medieval fantasy, which still bears many similarities to our society today.
  26. Jun 21, 2022
    If you like strategy and everything that makes Fire Emblem so great, then you are really going to love Three Hopes. Action keeps the same musou formula (for good and for bad), but it's a much deeper and bigger game than it seems on the surface.
  27. Jun 23, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a great game that offers loads for the hours you'll spend on it. While it doesn't feel revolutionary, it's still a lot of fun to play especially for fans of the two series.
  28. Jun 21, 2022
    Omega Force is really upping the ante with their latest licensed musou: Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a very solid and enjoyable musou-rts-rpg hybrid, and we liked it more than we anticipated we could.
  29. Jun 30, 2022
    Three Hopes allows you to revisit your favorite characters from Three Houses while providing them with a different plot from the original game. However, many of the missions begin to feel repetitive. You will be disappointed if you expect this to have as much strategy as a core Fire Emblem game, but the character developments and new storylines are fun to explore.
  30. Jun 29, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is an interesting "what if?" direction for the franchise. It genuinely feels like an alternate universe take on Three Houses with action combat, rather than feeling like a mere license. The core gameplay is a lot of fun but becomes one-note as you get more powerful, but it's not enough to sour the experience. Overall, it's a good Warriors game and a big improvement over the first Fire Emblem Warriors.
  31. Jun 29, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the sort of Musou game that not only gets what is special about Fire Emblem in general, but about Three Houses specifically. It’s a very involved title. The story gets quite detailed. So much so that folks who don’t have that Three Houses experience might not get the most out of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. But it’s generally an incredibly solid Musou game and a lot of fun if you are aware of everything going on.
  32. Jun 28, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is an utter delight that can be overwhelming at first, but is worth picking up for those wanting to dive into fast-paced combat with that Fire Emblem twist.
  33. Jun 23, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a gigantic adventure jam-packed with everything you love about the series. If you can open your heart to the Warriors gameplay, you’ll find a terrific entry in the FE series awaits you.
  34. Jun 22, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has a lot going on both in combat and in its camp, and the result is a game that sometimes feels overloaded but never fails to satisfy.
  35. Jun 21, 2022
    Holding on to the core features of the license it inspired, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes proved to be a solid and fun title, as well as a hybrid that could potentially satisfy both Intelligent Systems strategy lovers and fans of musou action. If his best weapons are to be found in the grafts made to the combat system and in the complex narrative plot, which according to the choices made along the way will stage three unpublished and well-diversified stories on your screens, his greatest weakness is represented by the technical sector. . Whether or not you are familiar with the magical lands of the Fódlan, our advice is to let yourself be bewitched by what we do not struggle to call one of Omega Force's best recent works.
  36. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes feels like a classic warriors game but still requires strategic thinking. It provides little to no innovation regarding the core gameplay, instead it offers quite a few aspects we‘ve already seen and loved in Three Houses. If you miss the characters and want to enjoy some fast-paced combat, it’s worth checking out.
  37. Jun 21, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  38. Jun 21, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  39. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes gives the series the whirlwind combat that its fantastical story deserves, while still allowing you to lovingly gaze at your favourite anime boy or girl at a picnic. It’s really the best of both worlds.
  40. Jun 21, 2022
    I really feel like anyone who has been through Three Houses would be doing themselves a disservice to skip Three Hopes. The story diverges enough to make each house a new adventure all its own and each of the paths has a vastly different array of battles to fight. Additionally, aspects of strategy, classes, skills, and camaraderie between characters have also made their way over and are implemented well here. I wish characters fought a bit more uniquely and that the game performed a bit better in docked mode, but outside of these complaints, Three Hopes feels like another solid example of what Omega Force can do when Nintendo entrusts its IP to the Musou dev.
  41. Jun 21, 2022
    With its dense gameplay and its numerous progression mechanics, Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Hopes really has everything it takes to make Fire Emblem and mass beat them up fans enjoy themselves. However, it can be criticized for clogging the player with menus, with endless end-of-battle screens and maybe too many things to manage outside the battles. Nevertheless, FEW3H remains one of the most solid and complete musou of the last years, you would be wrong to miss this return to the world of Fodlan.
  42. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has a lot going on both in combat and camp, and the result is a game that sometimes feels overstuffed but never fails to satisfy.
  43. Jun 21, 2022
    Three Hopes runs a few chapters too long, and some late-game twists don’t carry the impact they should as a result, but my 36 hours were a great time. Three Hopes successfully and expertly integrates everything great about Three Houses into its musou format, both in narrative and in gameplay; it’s been one of my favorite Switch experiences in recent memory as a result. If you like Three Houses, you should play Three Hopes, and I’d recommend it to you even if you aren’t familiar with the musou genre. And if you haven’t played Three Houses, there’s a good chance that’ll be your next game after rolling credits on this one.
  44. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes proves that musou really does work for the IP. It already worked once with the first game, and now this sequel improves several aspects from a narrative standpoint as well as regarding its technical performance.
  45. Jun 21, 2022
    While it would be accurate to call the game a spinoff of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, that’s selling it short; it’s a full-fledged sequel, just played in a different key. Three Hopes doesn’t have the series’ signature turn-based tactics, but just about everything else is there amid its flurry of Dynasty Warriors-sized action. With no expenses spared when it comes to the mainline series’ RPG hooks, developer Omega Force creates an action game that still makes players feel like a five-star general.
  46. Jun 21, 2022
    With endlessly stylish and deceptively simple skirmishes at its core, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a surprisingly well-rounded power trip that, needlessly deep systems and sluggish opening chapters aside, should easily captivate franchise fans and anyone looking to finally meet its popular cast of characters. It’s the most genuine fun I’ve had with a story-driven game in ages, and one that’s a great entryway into a beloved franchise.
  47. Jun 21, 2022
    he story of Three Hopes expands a lot on the story of Three Houses and that's one of the main reasons it is a must-have for fans of the original game. It also works fine as a musou game, adding some popular Fire Emblem elements correctly to the mix.
  48. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a terrific home run for Omega Force. Whether this is your first foray into Fire Emblem or you've spent the last three years romancing every character in Three Houses, this mix of blood-pumping action and thoughtful strategy means you're in for a treat.
  49. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is another enjoyable slice of Musou action, even if it does little to advance either franchise. Fans of Fire Emblem will adore chatting to the huge cast of returning characters as much as going into battle with them.
  50. Jun 21, 2022
    Three Hopes serves up a fun story that will definitely please a lot of Three Houses fans, and despite a few character missteps here and there, it's well worth experiencing. Just be careful not to fall to the dark side.
  51. Jun 21, 2022
    Three Hopes is one of the best musou spin-offs released to date, combining its tried-and-tested gameplay with a level of story depth that was missing in the Fire Emblem Warriors. Its sheer scope may be a bit much for players simply looking for a hack-and-slash action game, though.
  52. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes blends the classic Musou formula with the strategic aspect of its namesake impressively well. Throw in a story that's more immersive than you'd expect and you're left with one great Warriors spin-off.
  53. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes succeeds admirably as both a spin-off stacked with fanservice that truly understands the source material and as a compelling take on the Warriors format. It's not going to win over any detractors of musou-style gameplay and it starts to buckle under the weight of repetition by the end, but if you're a fan of Three Houses and can handle that, you're in for a treat.
  54. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a musou proudly holding on to the canonical series, which fails, however, to shine due to a backward technical compartment.
  55. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warrior: Three Hopes turns out to be an ambitious sequel to the previous game and is ahead of it in several aspects. However, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is not free of criticism. The automatic camera, for example, sometimes behaves a bit strangely in cramped situations, the mission design seems a bit repetitive after a dozen hours and the fact that the audio synchro is again not available in German could also annoy one or the other player.
  56. Jun 22, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes may initially seem like just another musou, but it possesses some elements that serve as a link to the illustrious Fire Emblem series. This gives it a distinct identity, but at the heart of the combat, the mechanics of the series will inexorably feel like something already seen. Great for fans, a little less so for others: if you're not afraid of a challenge, play by enabling the permanent death of fallen warriors. It will help you better enjoy all the possibilities the game offers.
  57. Jun 22, 2022
    Though the opening hours feel rushed and the graphics in need of a complete makeover, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a much improved sequel to Fire Emblem Warriors that combines the franchise’s strategic depth with fast and exciting musou gameplay.
  58. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a fairly solid game. Mechanics from Fire Emblem: Three Houses integrate well with the traditional Warriors-gameplay, and the characters and setting of Fódlan remain interesting even three years after the release of Three Houses. Sadly, the gameplay can get tiresome, as you are always either fighting, or making your troops better prepared for battle. Even though there is a lot of content to discover, we frequently found ourselves wanting to put the game down for a while.
  59. Jun 21, 2022
    A good spin-off of the Fire Emblem saga that combines unbridled action with strategy and narrative to add a great musou to the catalog of the genre that no fan should miss.
  60. Jun 21, 2022
    Despite these qualities, Three Hopes is nonetheless a Musô with inherent flaws in this kind of game, such as a certain repetitiveness in the gameplay which will put some people off. As for the technique, if the graphics are simple, the framerate manages to remain stable as a whole, even if it happens to have slowdowns. A pleasant return to Fódlan in itself.
  61. Jun 21, 2022
    A musou as we have come to expect from Omega Force, but the developer transcends the repetitive gameplay by adding the necessary additional elements, making it much more interesting. The story is also very entertaining and there is plenty to do, if only the performance left a little to be desired. Visually, it is also mediocre. Nevertheless, it is an adventure that is worth playing, especially if you have played the previous installment.
  62. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is Omega Force's finest musou yet, with a fun tactical layer added to the sword-swinging gameplay that keeps fans coming back. Three Houses fans will love the chance to spend more time with that game's characters, too.
  63. Jun 25, 2022
    Among the many Warriors games, this is one of the good ones. Rich story with three distinct paths, many elements straight from the Fire Emblem games and the well known Warriors action gameplay make it a good choice for fans of both franchises.
  64. Jun 22, 2022
    With Fire Emblem Three Hopes, Omega Force once again proves its ability to unite opposing universes and create an adaptation that works almost perfectly. Provided you have a strong liver and can withstand repetitiveness that can quickly become indigestible. Three Hopes inherits nearly all of the genre's inherent flaws, but manages to gloss over them with deep gameplay and exhilarating micro-management, provided you're fond of that sort of thing. Addictive in its own way, the game is nonetheless too long for its own good. To consume with moderation.
  65. Jun 21, 2022
    The Warriors series can be considered the king of satisfying hack-and-slash action. Three Hopes now tests your patience more than ever with a long-drawn-out story and few developments during combat it is the perfect game to pick up and play whenever.
  66. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes rides a great hybrid battle system while barely slowing down for its beloved characters.
  67. 70
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes feels tailor made for the relatively small cross-section of people who are both hardcore fans of Musou and Fire Emblem. That isn't to say you won't enjoy this if you liked Three Houses, there's a lot that Three Hopes has to offer on a first playthrough, just be ready for the repetition to set in if you want to see it all through to the end.
  68. Jun 21, 2022
    The Musou games have been on an upward trajectory ever since Omega Force stepped outside of its Dynasty comfort zone. This, along with the recent releases, has shown a stronger willingness to embrace the unique mechanics of the franchises it is borrowing from and Three Hopes is one of the strongest examples yet. The repetitive and sometimes frustrating combat, however, is what makes up the majority of the experience. Even with improvements, the base idea behind the combat still loses its luster quickly. If you squint, though, you arrive at something closer to a Fire Emblem: Three Houses extension as opposed to a licensed spin-off hoping to cash in on recognizable characters and locations, which is a good place to be.
  69. Jun 23, 2022
    There’s value here for the matriculant willing to put in the effort, but you’ve really gotta want it. And even as a Fire Emblem diehard I found it a bit of a slog. Repetitive and more often than not caked in superfluous activity, Three Hopes is a mash of ideas drawn out beyond its measure, and if you take into account the option to play through each House’s own campaign, the target audience thins to a specific tine, and you might be confronted with an intimidating wall, looming convolutedly large.
  70. Jun 21, 2022
    Fire Emblem should be the perfect partner for Dynasty Warriors style action, but this incompetently made crossover squanders its potential on trite fan service and hollow gameplay.
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  1. Jun 21, 2022
    An inventive twist on both the musou formula and the acclaimed Three Houses RPG, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a high point for the genre. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Jun 21, 2022
    It truly is fine, and all the proper elements are in place, but in many ways it’s also very expected and not particularly innovative. It makes me wonder, not for the first time, how much longer “it’s fine” will be enough in the world of Musou titles.
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  1. Jun 25, 2022
    I must admit I have my doubts about this game because I love Fire Emblem Gameplay and I thought It would be a repetitive button smasher gameI must admit I have my doubts about this game because I love Fire Emblem Gameplay and I thought It would be a repetitive button smasher game but I was wrong, the strategy elements are there and all other elements that made Three Houses an amazing game are there too. It's incredible that they made new routes, the characters are back and the roster is incredible big. Thanks Nintendo! Full Review »
  2. Jun 26, 2022
    It's an incredible game for Fire Emblem Three Houses fans, even if the gameplay it's different there's a lot of elements related and I loveIt's an incredible game for Fire Emblem Three Houses fans, even if the gameplay it's different there's a lot of elements related and I love every hour I had already spent in this game Full Review »
  3. Jun 26, 2022
    Good game. Definitely a fun one