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  • Summary: Mechanical bird continues its journey full of dangers. After gaining knowledge about red, steampunk world, the bird is intercepted and modified by the chief scientist of the mechanical green world. The hero gains power over time, which will enable him to overcome new deadly obstacles.
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  1. Dec 14, 2017
    While I’d recommend picking them up on iOS or something, they serve their purpose well.
  2. Nov 28, 2017
    For all the intriguing set up, interesting art style and great - if limited - music, Green Game: TimeSwapper falls flat in the gameplay department. The tagline of manipulating time is as misleading as it is frustrating. There is a cute little puzzle game in here, but with unintuitive controls along with some bland and frustrating level design, the game is quickly reduced to a pretty average experience that fulfils neither its promise nor potential. You'll never really feel like a 'master of time'; it's more a mix of stumbling through level after level or - if you're a completionist - probably enduring some serious frustration before you 100% each stage. It's a port that is another case of style over substance.
  3. Nov 29, 2017
    Green Game is a let down with its badly implemented 'time' mechanic. Conceptually interesting on paper, but it just doesn't deliver on its promises. But if you desire counter-intuitive touchscreen controls and really want to punish yourself, you may as well do it with some catchy jazz.
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  1. Nov 21, 2017
    The player guides a character through levels, but cannot interact with the character directly. The character will always move in a straightThe player guides a character through levels, but cannot interact with the character directly. The character will always move in a straight line until they run into a direction changing obstacle.

    The only way that players can interact with anything at all is by swiping left and right on the touch screen, which moves a bar of green light across the screen. When the bar of light is moved, it toggles every single changeable object in the level at once. The end result is that the player feels like they're pushing and pulling the same lever non-stop in order to play. This is the "timeswapper" mechanic. As far as I can tell, it is the only control. Occasionally the lever will need to be carefully positioned in the middle of the screen in order to force the bird to move at an angle. This gets particularly frustrating as you may only have a second or two to wrestle with swiping exactly 27, 42, or 83% of the way across the screen to get the stupid bird to move at a punishingly precise angle or else run into a wall and die. Repeatedly. Although the collectibles in each level (a series of 3 star tokens) might have been used to give the player a mental gymnastic exercise, in practice they only encourage the player to struggle against the game's overly simplistic and poorly implemented user interface.

    Due to the fact that there's literally only one thing the player can do to control anything (swipe), there is no ability or incentive to explore. Also due to the fact that there's literally one control, the game highlights the most mundane parts of video gaming. It actively draws attention or of the level and makes you focus on the fact that you're repeating the same gesture ad nauseam. The levels become more technically difficult, but provide no diversity of experiences. The one redeeming factor is the fifteen second animation at the beginning of the game. Downhill from there. Sure, it's only the price of a hot dog, but I've played better games on my cell phone for free. More than the price, it's just not worth the time.

    So go but a hot dog. You'll enjoy it more.