Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Sep 20, 2019
    However you want to describe it, though, there’s no denying Hob is great. It’s an action-adventure game that has an abundance of both of those things, and if you want some Zelda-adjacent action on your Switch, you’ll find plenty to love here.
  2. Apr 17, 2019
    With a deceptively linear quest and extremely accessible challenges, it is unsurprising that Hob: Definitive Edition, like RiME, is not the most cerebral challenge. It is, instead, a gorgeous journey that dutifully sweeps you away into another world. It continues to be a charming tale and Panic Button has smoothed out many of the original’s irks.
  3. Apr 11, 2019
    Hob: The Definitive Edition is a 3D adventure game that combines fluid combat, landscape altering puzzles, and engaging platforming. The varying area designs and atmospheres are a treat to experience and entice you into pushing forward. The enhancements since the original improve the experience as well.
  4. Apr 26, 2019
    The magic and poetry of this title are great. A pity that its duration is so short. We can also find some small problems in the enemy AI and some technical drops in portable mode.
  5. Apr 25, 2019
    Hob has obvious inspirations and an overwhelming originality. The Runic Games's title is a tale of adventure mastered as rarely seen before. Classic in its approach or progression, it offers a high-end artistic direction and a dream soundtrack. The impression of "déjà vu", inherent to the genre, is sometimes present but does not affect in any way a smooth and pleasant progression. The ten hour longevity of Hob is well worth the investment.
  6. Apr 17, 2019
    Overall, the new port is solid in execution and the indie title is perfectly suited for the Switch. The frame rates are speedy, the loading screens are quicker than a blink of an eye, and the controls are intuitive. Though the narrative and direction of Hob can be unclear at times, unraveling the mysteries of its charming world on a handheld console is a true delight.
  7. Apr 16, 2019
    HOB: The Definitive Edition made a good jump to the Nintendo Switch, a system that needs more than first-party titles to make it a legitimate contender late in this generation. HOB is a cornucopia of genres in one title that focuses heavily on action-RPG than puzzles, which means you will be moving and shaking more often than stopping and thinking. It is entertaining, engaging, motivating with its intentions, while slightly flawed in its design. It’s definitely worth looking into, though, if you’re looking for something to fall into without a huge commitment needed.
  8. Apr 14, 2019
    Although it has a slow start, Hob: The Definitive Edition opens up into a fruitful and unforgettable journey with solid gameplay.
  9. 80
    Hob: The Definitive Edition on Switch doesn't fully get it to the peak of where it could have been, but it's much closer than before. An overall better experience awaits new or returning players, with just some minor visual downgrades as the tradeoff. If you've been looking for a unique and atmospheric puzzle platformer, then you won't be disappointed with Hob: The Definitive Edition.
  10. Apr 4, 2019
    We've been stung before with ports of console and PC games - especially those lauded for the size and intricacy of their worlds - but Panic Button has proved, once again, that it really does know how to do the right games justice within the constraints of Switch's hardware design. Hob: The Definitive Edition retains all the qualities of the original, with only a reasonable downgrade in its visuals serving as a caveat. With a cel-shaded art style helping negate the effect of this aesthetic sacrifice and all the improvements genuinely helping elevate Hob's overall quality, Hob becomes the latest 3D platformer to secure a well-earned place among Switch's most exciting new additions.
  11. May 10, 2019
    Hob is still a solid title with a good amount of content. You’re looking at 10 hours easily with even more if you’re going for 100% completion. While certainly not of the same quality of a Legend of Zelda or even Hyper Light Drifter, Hob still has some great entertainment value if you’re looking for a good adventure/exploration game.
  12. May 1, 2019
    Fortunately for me, I happened to be in just that frame of mind after playing through the amazing and absolutely brutal Cuphead. The last thing I wanted to do after that was play another stressful and nail-biting experience. So, HOB just so happened to scratch the opposite itch I was craving. Had I played it under a different mindset, it’s hard to tell what my reaction might have been. If you’re in that sort of mood, I think HOB might hit the spot. If not, well then, maybe HOB isn't the game for you. But if that is the case, I would encourage you to play it when you are feeling inquisitive.
  13. 70
    Design and technical issues aside, Hob: The Definitive Edition is a solid little dungeon crawler that will hopefully find a new, more appreciative audience on the Nintendo Switch.
  14. Apr 9, 2019
    Hob reveals to be a satisfying experience. The level design is diverse and conveys a real appetite for exploration and puzzles. Alas, the fight mechanics aren't so engaging and the handheld mode is filled with technical issues.
  15. 70
    Hob is a serviceable and congenial game. I enjoyed my hours with the game, but a lot of it is more fleeting, especially whenever I played it with the muddy portable visuals. Exploration is fine here, but a minor lack of ingenuity in puzzles and combat all coalesce into making this a satisfactory but not very memorable adventure. If you can play on your TV the whole time, the visuals can overwrite those ills, but if you play mostly on the go, problems will abound.
  16. Apr 4, 2019
    Hob is very much a case of a game I’m glad got a Switch port so I could experience it. The big question is whether this version is the true “Definitive Edition”. In most cases, people looking for portability are ok with compromises to be able to play on the go. Hob needs some work on the visual side of things for sure but other than that, it is great thanks to various enhancements and additions this release brings.
  17. Apr 22, 2019
    The Definitive Edition mainly includes quality of life features that are likely to go unnoticed if you played through the original release, but the added features make this the obvious version to pick up if you’re looking for some light-hearted platforming to immerse yourself in.
  18. Apr 15, 2019
    An enchanting adventure, no doubt, and one that lasts quite a while. I just don’t know if it feels quite at home on Switch.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 26 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 26
  2. Negative: 5 out of 26
  1. Apr 20, 2019
    I do not give a ten lightly. But aside from a couple glitches when I jumped where I should not have (thank you respawn button), this game isI do not give a ten lightly. But aside from a couple glitches when I jumped where I should not have (thank you respawn button), this game is a masterpiece. The sense of adventure, the surprise of the unknown, the story--compelling even without words, makes this game better than the rest.

    I simply could not stop playing until I looked in every hiding space, fought every enemy and finished the story. On normal mode, the fighting is not very challenging. But the challenge is in travelling the world, understanding what to do, where to go next. The map is a great help.

    I took many pictures of the beautiful world, and my ears delighted in the wonderful sounds.

    (Admittedly, I never played in handheld mode, so I can't address those criticisms.)

    If you like what you see in trailers and snapshots, then jump in, this game is fantastic!
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  2. Apr 6, 2019
    Very nice, relaxing game. Beautiful world, technically impressive. Highly recommended.
  3. Apr 8, 2019
    В портативном режиме игра выглядит просто ужасно, в док станции игра выглядит нормально. Геймплейно игра интересная, головоломки не оченьВ портативном режиме игра выглядит просто ужасно, в док станции игра выглядит нормально. Геймплейно игра интересная, головоломки не очень сложные, но подумать приходится иногда. Full Review »