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  1. Positive: 1 out of 9
  2. Negative: 1 out of 9
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  1. 80
    King’s Bounty II is excellent, and much like The Witcher 3, having this thing on the Switch, portable, and playable wherever is very much worth dealing with the drop in visual fidelity. Hugely expansive in scope, and deeply traditional as a fantasy RPG, for fans of fantasy RPGs, King’s Bounty II is a rough gem in so many ways, and the lack of budget compared to what the big guns can achieve is evident at every step. Ultimately, however, that tactical combat system is impossible to put down.
  2. Sep 30, 2021
    Overall, King’s Bounty II was an enjoyable experience with some unique gameplay elements. It’s slightly let down by its frame rate and graphical issues and I can’t really justify it at its current price point, but if it goes on sale it’s definitely one to pick up.
  3. Sep 19, 2021
    Yes, the quests and the story are not crazy. Yes, the technique of the game is outdated. Yes, getting around is boring and the interface painful. But you have fun creating your army, choosing among all the possibilities the best possible combination. We take pleasure in browsing this skilfully constructed universe. And we get excited as we face the challenges of the tough battles ahead. Despite its flaws, the game manages to glue the player and make them want to load up their game. You should not shy away from your pleasure.
  4. Sep 20, 2021
    King’s Bounty II is a good adventure game with better turn-based combat. There are plenty of elements to keep the player interested, but the story does not have the depth you might expect, and therefore doesn’t warrant the $59.99 price tag.
  5. 65
    King’s Bounty II is an incredibly ambitious game that seeks to leapfrog the last thirty years of genre evolution. From a certain perspective it is impressive they’ve managed to get this far while still keeping the gameplay recognizably close to its source material. On the other hand there are just too many obvious quality of life issues to ignore. Too often exploring the world becomes a game of walking in a direction until you realize you’re not supposed to have gone that way due to high level enemies. Too often combat results in re-loading a manual save as you trial and error your way through various unexplained mechanics. There is a good game deep beneath the surface, but it lacks a lot of polish that it would need to be truly great.
  6. Sep 18, 2021
    As far as the structure and gameplay are concerned, this is a great achievement which strikes a good balance between the original formula and today's tastes. At the same time, the way this sequel fits in the Nintendo Switch has its share of problems, with visual performance issues becoming too frequent. All in all, this is a remarkable work that nonetheless ends up getting harmed by its technical execution.
  7. Sep 8, 2021
    The battles themselves are great, with the game treating them as puzzles the player has to figure out. But the slow open-world gameplay combined with the subpar graphics and story keep the game from being truly great. Sometimes less *is* more.
  8. Aug 31, 2021
    Difficulty spikes abound, movement through the world is slow even on horseback, and there’s a lot of cumbersome backtracking that is only made worse by that plodding pace. The voice acting is painfully bad, and that hurts a story that already isn’t the greatest. Bob and weave around all of that, and you may find things to like here. The battle system is excellent, and there is certainly a bit of clunky charm to the game. Promising, but in the end it falls well short of its potential.
  9. 40
    It can sound exaggerated, but King's Bounty II is one of the most boring games that I ever touched. Its open-world poorly executed mechanics are disappointing. The battles, which were supposed to be the core of the gameplay plus the best part of it, also don't stand out , since they're so dependent on grinding through the almost mandatory sidequests.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 35 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 13 out of 35
  2. Negative: 18 out of 35
  1. Aug 27, 2021
    I so so wanted this to be the game that replaces the gap that completing Witcher 3 has left me. My copy arrived today (26/8/21) and I regretI so so wanted this to be the game that replaces the gap that completing Witcher 3 has left me. My copy arrived today (26/8/21) and I regret opening the game seal and inserting the cart. The visuals are terrible. I play on a 42” HDTV, draw distance is ridiculously close with pop in and out; shimmering on objects; ghosting pixels around the hero character; textures so bad it made me feel I needed better glasses as it gave me the feeling everything was out of focus. Probably caused by the ridiculous amount of fog, the likes I’ve not seen since the GameCube days. Then what the heck is going on with reflections on the water! (If you can call the black texture being passed of a water). If you actually play this game then visit the edge of the lake in the snow filled tutorial level, the lamp on the dock near to the cemetery reflected in the lake!! How could they think this was ok. Also I play with a sound bar active and I noticed that the quality of the sound, voice acting is low quality. I played Elisa the paladin and there was definite distortion when certain words are spoken. Similar to Soul Calibur. When I first started the game it downloaded a patch but god knows what the patch did but if it improved the visuals then there is still a mile to go to get this anywhere near playable for me. All of the above is for the 3rd person view within the game. Let’s move to the combat. Due to poor visuals you struggle to make out which unit is which even when you zoom in to the battle area. I’m sure there is a good game and for some games it’s not about the graphics, but for this game the quality of the graphics really do ruin it. Now If the Witcher 3 can run on Switch then this should be better than it is. Playing this game in the state it is currently in has probably spoiled this game for me now and it’s likely to just be left on my game shelf never to be played again. Full Review »
  2. Aug 31, 2021
    Please stop comparing this to the Witcher 3! Yes they are both rpg's but KB2 is a tactical RPG.

    First of I'll say the few negatives, YOU
    Please stop comparing this to the Witcher 3! Yes they are both rpg's but KB2 is a tactical RPG.

    First of I'll say the few negatives, YOU CANNOT RUN. Either you jog very slowly or you have option to walk (Why would anyone want to walk?). Even on the Horse it's the same. Movement is far to slow to get anywhere.

    Second of all is the man's protagonist. His voice is annoying as hell, it's like he couldn't be bothered to actually read the script and you can tell. Havnt tried the two others out yet but I wish I didn't pick the warrior first of all.

    Now the good points, this game is huge! Luckily, we have teleports that really helps (especially with all the walking). The graphics are pretty decent when walking around the world. Although the graphics during battles could do with some work. There's a ton of quests to do, although alot of them is traveling back and forth but some of the quests have a impact on your story. So it's worth coming back for a second playthrough especially with 3 protagonists to choose from.

    Now we come to the best part of the game, the battles. This is where the game shines for me, it's addictive, moving your army around the board plays like battles on Civilization. You have many traders that sell army units all in different categories, if a unit dies in battle, no worries. You can always buy another one! If the unit is hurt during battle, at the end you will have the option to heal said unit for a small fee. Only negative would be that the graphics on the board could do with some work.

    Overall then this is still a great game if you can deal with the flaws. People that moan about the graphics, why on earth would you get this on switch? For a handheld running this game at all I'm pleasently surprised.

    This game is worth it if you like big open worlds and strategic battles, just don't compare this to Witcher 3 and I'm sure you'll enjoy this!
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  3. Aug 25, 2021
    Well. This is very bad.
    I watched an interview with the game's PR manager where he said the game looks perfect when portable. Alas, this
    Well. This is very bad.
    I watched an interview with the game's PR manager where he said the game looks perfect when portable. Alas, this is one of the worst pictures I've seen in games. But okay, let's not talk about performance.
    What about gameplay? We run around the world, talk to characters, but we run extremely slowly. As a mockery, the developers added a "go slow" button. That is, instead of speeding up a slow character, we get his slowdown! Well, ok, we have a horse that ... walks also slowly! And the button "go slowly" when we get on the horse will turn into ... "go slowly"!
    Yes, there are interesting battles where you cannot make out where which character is due to poor graphics. There is nothing else good in this game at the moment. Disappointment of the year?

    Ну что ж. Это очень плохо.
    Я смотрел интервью ПР-менеджера игры, где он говорил, что игра выглядит идеально в портативе. Увы, это одна из самых плохих картинок, что я видел в играх. Но ладно, не будем о производительности.
    Что насчет геймплея? Мы бегаем по миру, говорим с персонажами, но бегаем крайне медленно. Как в издевательство разработчики добавили кнопку "идти медленно". То есть вместо ускорения медленного персонажа мы получаем его замедление! Ну ок, у нас есть лошадь, которая... ходит также медленно! А кнопка "идти медленно", когда мы садимся на лошади превращатся в... "идти медленно"!
    Да, тут есть интересные бои, где ты не можешь разобрать где какой персонаж из-за плохой графики. Больше ничего хорошего в этой игре на текущий момент нет. Разочарование года?
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