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  • Summary: Northern Canada, 1970. A strange blizzard ravages Atamipek Lake. Step into the shoes of a detective to explore the eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive. The first installment in a series of four games, Kona is a chilly interactive tale you won't soon forget.


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  1. 70
    The supernatural elements in the game had me interested right away, but the interface issues and the tone of the narration kept pulling me out of the experience.
  2. Mar 21, 2018
    Kona is a walking simulator that makes an admirable attempt to increase the usual level of interactivity and player agency. While not all of those attempts pay off, and it suffers from some disappointing technical issues, it remains a highly absorbing and atmospheric adventure-survival experience.
  3. Mar 22, 2018
    Loaded with tension and cadenced by the need to survive, Parabole's work tries to change a genre often negligent on the gameplay front, but fails to worthily conclude a story that at first proves interesting.
  4. Mar 22, 2018
    Although the game of Parabole is strongly captivating from the very beginning, the development of its story and the improvable technical work will make the player lose interest. Due to that, the sound quality and interface are relegated to the background, resulting in a game with good ideas that will remain submerged in the snow of Quebec.
  5. Mar 22, 2018
    Kona aims to satisfy those users who do not like narrative adventures, but ends up failing in their attempt. Unfortunately the narrative goes in the same way, leaving serious plot gaps after a few hours of interest. However, just to feel the recreation of a humble Canadian rural village is worth going into it despite the visuals problems on Nintendo Switch.
  6. Mar 27, 2018
    Kona is a game made by canadians for canadians. Only them could really fall in love with the wintry and snowy atmosphere of a quiet North American village and its local folklore.
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  1. Oct 19, 2020
    Very good game. The graphics could use a little work but the voice acting and level of detail these devs achieved is truly beautiful. GreatVery good game. The graphics could use a little work but the voice acting and level of detail these devs achieved is truly beautiful. Great art direction and color pallet as well. I really felt like I was in the 20th century! Expand