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  1. Jun 24, 2021
    With its frantic new modes and spot-on gameplay, playing Mario Golf: Super Rush is the most amount of fun I've had with a sports game in a very long time. Throw in that iconic Nintendo charm and comprehensive multiplayer and you're left with a hole-in-one.
  2. Nintendo Force Magazine
    Oct 7, 2021
    In all, it's incredible, and a great purchase for fans of past installments. [Issue #54 – September 2021, p. 67]
  3. Jun 24, 2021
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is the plumber’s best sports outing in a good long time, featuring smartly-revamped core mechanics, beautiful, varied courses, clever new modes, and a single-player Adventure full of fun twists. The game may be a bit light on content (something Nintendo is promising to address with free updates), but aside from that, Mario’s form is close to flawless this time around.
  5. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush’s plethora of options and solid mechanics make this one of the greatest arcade golf video games to date. The inclusion of the exciting, speed-based Rush and Battle modes helps take the genre in a new direction that will appeal to gamers old and new. With an incredible story mode that will keep you hooked throughout and the returning cast of characters in fresh golfing garb, it's clear Nintendo has hit a glorious stripe down the fairway.
  6. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is just about everything a player could want out of a Mario sports title. Nintendo and Camelot really threw the kitchen sink at the game, giving players a plethora of options to make the experience whatever they want it to be. The three modes available in Play Golf are a blast solo or with other players, and Golf Adventure is a meaty single-player experience for those that want one. Re-doing the same challenges in Golf Adventure can be a bit of a pain, but it can also be pretty satisfying completing some of the tougher tasks. Mario Golf: Super Rush continues the proud legacy of the series, offering just about everything a fan could ask for.
  7. Jul 2, 2021
    Whether you easily land birdies or struggle with bogeys, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a joy to play with friends and family. With accessible controls and mechanics that appeal to casual fans and hardcore golfers alike, there’s a lot to love with this Mario sports title!
  8. Jun 24, 2021
    With some further precautions, the exclusive Nintendo Switch could have aspired to an Eagle, a result that has not yet completely abandoned the field: a lot will depend on the quality of the post-launch DLCs that will reach the green for free over the next few months.
  9. Jun 24, 2021
    As a true sports game, Mario Golf: Super Rush will allow beginners and experts alike to have fun on the fairway and the green. With a very simple handling and game modes each more fun than the last, this new Mario will surely accompany you for many hours this summer and will add spice to traditional golf.
  10. Jun 24, 2021
    It doesn't matter if you like golf or not. Nintendo has turned it all over to make this slow sport a pure craziness with running, special shots or traps, making choices that will appeal all kind of gamers. All topped with an exquisite control and nice and colorful graphics. It's a shame that the story mode and online don't offer a little more...
  11. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario isn't just the king of Jump And Run, but also the master of fun sport games. Seven years after the last part of the series Nintendo delivers a worthy sequel on Switch, that might not displace Mario Kart 8 from it's pole position, but that's still a joy to play, on your own as well as online.
  12. Jun 24, 2021
    Despite the underwhelming nature of the story mode, Mario Golf: Super Rush delivers plenty of golfing greatness. With a strong foundation and multiple fun avenues of play, Mario Golf: Super Rush carries on the long-standing tradition of Nintendo sports games by being a good time regardless of your fandom of the actual sport.
  13. Jun 25, 2021
    Camelot golf experience returns with the best Nintendo characters. Discover new modalities such as fast golf and compete online to be the best with players from all over the world. Great fun both alone and in company, although its extensive tutorials explaining the obvious or a short adventure mode slightly tarnish the gaming experience.
  14. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is a compact and funny golf game, with appreciable physics and graphics. Speed Golf is really cool, but we doubt that it will be as loved as the normal mode.
  15. CD-Action
    Sep 1, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is a solid game with hints of Camelot’s past RPG prowess. While the new features are hit-and-miss and the story mode is a bit too basic, it’s the core gameplay that has made this series shine, and Super Rush is no exception. [09/2021, p.48]
  16. Jul 1, 2021
    While Mario Golf: Super Rush isn't the deepest experience, the arcade gameplay and modes on offer allow it to stay on par.
  17. Jun 29, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is another Nintendo title that promotes fun, specially when enjoyed with friends. This is not a game to be played for many hours daily, nor can you expect an experience like Odyssey. Instead, Nintendo churns out a sport in simple practice with all that's charming about the Mario universe, creative mechanics that extend it’s entertainment element.
  18. Jun 28, 2021
    I don’t think it’s worth picking up Mario Golf Super Rush for the campaign unless you’re a solo player really keen on arcade golf and the Mario property. However, it’s an absolute no-brainer if you’re part of a big family who enjoy Mario sports games.
  19. Jun 24, 2021
    Although Mario Golf: Super Rush doesn't do anything groundbreaking, it does what it does, from a great solo career to sophisticated serious golf to crazy Speed and Battle Golf. Singleplayer and multiplayer are absolutely equal partners here, to such an extent that even if you are only interested in one of them, the game can still be recommended without hesitation.
  20. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is a great arcade video game that will delight all those interested in golf. The variety of its environments, game modes, and characters create an incredible number of possibilities.
  21. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush transforms the most relaxing sport into a frantic race across the courses of the Mushroom Kingdom! Many modes, many ways to play golf, between battles and classic matches, adventures and boss fights, all relying on a great control system.
  22. Jun 24, 2021
    Super Rush is an excellent golf game, but the fact that only one of the advertised modes can be played with three-to-four players simultaneously on a single console is a little bit disappointing. Still, this manages to be the best Mario sports title on Nintendo Switch, and a great multiplayer gem for low-energy gatherings with pals.
  23. Jun 24, 2021
    The best Mario Golf game since the N64 original and while it does have some odd ideas they’re almost all optional, resulting in an impressively comprehensive sporting experience.
  24. Jun 24, 2021
    Overall, one of the most fun golf games I’ve ever played. The side games really make this title shine, not the basic traditional golf you’d expect in this package. Battle Golf is really the star element here and shows how you can turn what is, for some, a rather dull sport and give it a real video game excitement that’ll appeal to all.
  25. Jun 24, 2021
    Reflecting on my time with Mario Golf: Super Rush it’s hard not to draw comparisons with 2018’s Mario Tennis Aces. Just like that game, the story mode once again lacks punch leaving little (outside online) to keep lone players occupied. That being said, new modes Speed Golf and Battle Golf are fantastic additions and the mechanics at play continue the series trend of offering an accessible and highly satisfying golfing experience. Get some friends together and Mario Golf: Super Rush is a hole in one.
  26. Learning to master “Mario Golf” is one of the game’s most compelling challenges.
  27. Jun 24, 2021
    Rather than playing safe with the same, proven method, Mario Golf : Super Rush addresses the notion - if not the issue - of pace through a more dynamic approach carried by the new spin system and the optional addition of running between shots, wholly integrated into the environments' ingenious architecture. While such speedy, bumpy or even battling formula may disrupt some calm purists because of the constant pressure, it orientation towards multi player competition and online bursts shows Camelot's very own vision of this sport.
  28. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush manages to deliver what it promises; a full golf experience, mixed with an all-stars cast of the Mario franchise. Despite the enhanced playstyle and game types that are offered in the game, there are still some areas that require improvement.
  29. Jun 24, 2021
    With speed taking precedence, Mario Golf: Super Rush is for players who want to experience the thrills of golf at quadruple the pace. However, traditional Mario Golf fans may feel snubbed here as there is little challenge outside standard golf and solo play, with character unlocks and incentives completely excluded. Perhaps with the promise of continuous updates due to its rather limited base game, Super Rush may feel less one-sided, though for now it values velocity over proficiency – the complete antithesis to real-life golf. Not quite an eagle, almost a birdie, but absolutely on par.
  30. Jun 24, 2021
    While the single player adventure is a little underwhelming, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a terrific multiplayer experience I can see being added to over the years.
  31. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush puts delightfully fast-paced twists on arcade-style golf, both in its hilarious multiplayer modes and robust, solo adventures.
  32. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush shoot another star in the never-ending career of Nintendo's mascotte. The game is perfectible and maybe its flow needs some tee lessons from Hot Shot rival, but surely is another entertaining piece of software.
  33. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Sep 3, 2021
    Like any golf game, Mario Golf is a niche product. But it has that amazing Nintendo magic – even if you aren’t a golf aficionado, you’ll still have a lot of fun. [Issue#254, p.66]
  34. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush is a delivery at the height of the saga, with an exquisite playability, but where playable innovation collides with a general ambition that prevents it from achieving excellence.
  35. Jun 24, 2021
    Nintendo finds the right balance of arcade-fun, challenge, tradition and innovation. Technically it could achieve more, but especially the multiplayer fun makes up for the underwhelming presentation.
  36. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush relies on solid golf gameplay and the multiplayer funfactor, but gets bogged down with some innovations.
  37. Ninty Fresh Magazine
    Dec 3, 2021
    It’s great to see Mario Golf back with some great new modes to play but changes to the gameplay take the series one-step forward and two-steps back. [Issue #4, p.53]
  38. Jul 6, 2021
    The brand new Mario Golf's game hits the Switch, along with a couple of fun and crazy modes. However, the feeling that something is lacking is undeniable.
  39. Jun 30, 2021
    Mario Golf: Super Rush offers solid gameplay and a fun experience. However, some of the formula changes will disappoint more than one.
  40. Mario Golf: Super Rush is an easy-to-learn, fun party game. It brings a new and funny perspective to golf games.
  41. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf Super Rush is a game with effective gameplay, as demanding as it is accessible, and which offers a beautiful experience to all golf lovers. The Speed Golf mode is a success, and it brings a real dynamism to the game. Nevertheless, the solo mode is less generous than we would have hoped for and a little too dirigiste. It is a game that will not mark the minds despite its qualities because it remains a little too classic
  42. Jun 24, 2021
    Super Rush is fantastic gameplay-wise, but the lack of modes both for one and multiple players holds it back from becoming a better game.
  43. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf: Speed Rush combines the well-known Camelot’s pick on Golf (with some substantial changes in the swing) with new gameplay opportunities. In terms of contents, though, it’s not very convincing at this time, with just five real courses and easily forgettable modes.
  44. Jun 24, 2021
    Mario Golf Super Rush is a fun game to play with friends thanks to a good variety of characters and some fun new modes. Golfing alone can be fun as well when you're honing your skills in Golf Adventure. People expecting this to be a full-fledged story are going to be disappointed a bit though.
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  1. Jun 24, 2021
    Nintendo and Camelot has created a new Mario Golf for Nintendo Switch. It is fun, it has an adventure mode and it also innovates with the quick golf matches. However, it also lacks contents to justify weeks and months of playing.
  2. Jun 25, 2021
    Running between shots can be chaotic fun, but Mario Golf truly lives in its ever-soothing standard mode. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  3. Jun 24, 2021
    But what I really like—what I love, even—is grabbing a character and a set of clubs and taking on a course on my own terms. Mario Golf: Super Rush might make many players feel the need for speed, but its chill, regular old golf game is pretty super in its own right. [Impressions]
  4. Jun 24, 2021
    I can’t imagine spending much time playing traditional golf in Super Rush. I have plenty of alternatives I could turn to for that. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the only game that lets me body-check Luigi on the way to notching a birdie on the 18th hole.
  5. Jun 29, 2021
    I couldn’t help but wish that more of the game had the same zany, Nintendo-like feel of battle golf. I wanted more oddball courses and modes, more chances to get into weird situations. Instead, the solid mechanics and colorful world are dragged down by a story mode with a bland story, and a sped-up version of golf that’s actually pretty slow. There’s still fun to be had, particularly with two people hitting balls on the same Switch. But while Super Rush gets the golf part right, it’s lacking what makes Super Mario games special.
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  1. Jun 27, 2021






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  2. Jun 28, 2021
    What a downgrade... Take everything you know and love about other mario golf titles and remove the creativity and fun. What you're left withWhat a downgrade... Take everything you know and love about other mario golf titles and remove the creativity and fun. What you're left with is the generic, sterile, and boring golf game I've ever played. It feels more like wii sports golf with added mario characters. Full Review »
  3. Jun 26, 2021
    I want to preface this with saying I’m a big Toadstool Tour fan. I love how much personality the characters have with their animations and theI want to preface this with saying I’m a big Toadstool Tour fan. I love how much personality the characters have with their animations and the silly things you can make them say. I love the level of control and accuracy you have that’s easy to understand and figure out. You’re able to control where on the ball you hit and able to put a topspin or backspin or even stronger variants. Super shots felt important and needed to be managed carefully. The aim of your shots are easy to figure out because you can follow the path of the shot and change it depending on the whole arc, giving fantastic control to the player.

    Super Rush falls short of every single one of these. Character animations are practically dead and there’s no way to make snarky comments when others are shooting. The time I spent with the game I tried to parse how to simply put a backspin on my shot, and the game just doesn’t tell you anything. The game pretends to give you control over putting a spin on the ball, but then rng kicks in and it’ll change what your spin is regardless of your input. Different clubs don’t seem to change shot arcs but instead just change distance, something you can already do with any club. Aiming is an absolute mess, your only tools are a birds eye view that doesn’t show depth at all and a “first person” aiming mode that barely controls at all.

    I would comment on the extra modes, but with how the game controls on the basest levels it just isn’t worth even getting into them. There’s a few neat multiplayer ideas but the single player possibilities are so sparse compared to the tournaments and challenges of older games. It’s to such an extent I don’t think the game could get course corrected even with patches, something that shouldn’t even be a requirement to ask for. As much as I want a good new Mario Golf game, this isn’t it. I’d recommend finding a copy of Toadstool Tour instead.
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