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  • Summary: Hunt for the truth and escape the ones who are chasing you through an unforgiving city.


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Milanoir - Release Date Announcement Trailer
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  1. 70
    The very best examples of nostalgic homages are those that add something in the process. Goichi Suda's grindhouse-toned games, for example, add all kinds of stylistic features that help to build on the thematic basis. Milanoir isn't that game. It's slavishly devoted to something very obscure and doesn't do enough to appeal to people who don't know the base material. But that's not to say it's a poor game. Its energy and ballsy attitude is engrossing all in itself.
  2. Aug 2, 2018
    Overall, Milanoir is a very fun title. It has a deliciously dark and entertaining storyline, something that even the most expensive AAA games would kill for. It’s also home to some of the most creative use of a pixel art style seen in recent memory. The environments and characters look authentic to the period and drip personality, making all of the twists and turns of Piero’s adventure that much more irresistible to watch unfold. There are some mechanical issues that hold Milanoir back, but don’t let that stop anyone looking for a more unique video game experience from giving it a download from the eShop.
  3. May 31, 2018
    The biggest frustration was the lack of indication when a chapter is completed.
  4. 50
    Milanoir is a disappointment. It’s frustrating stage and boss design mar what was obviously a work of pride by people who care deeply for this period of Italian cinema. But, Piero’s misadventures simply aren’t fun to play. When things are working well the game is at best good, but it’s never an elevated experience. At its worst, Milanoir is a frustrating test of patience.
  5. Jun 22, 2018
    Despite hitting a lot of the same notes, Milanoir is not the Hotline Miami successor many were expecting. The game has a lot of style, enough for its 6-8 hour campaign to keep you engaged, but it is hidden underneath a layer of extreme frustration brought to light by its technical issues and extreme difficulty curve.
  6. Jun 1, 2018
    Milanoir takes an appealing aesthetic with a promising setup and turns it into a dutiful slog without much of a payout. It's basic, it's petty, and it's laughably crude. It is a noir title that really doesn’t have a whole lot to say.
  7. Jun 6, 2018
    If Milanoir were a Tarantino film, it would be Death Proof; a self-indulgent exercise in tedium that would make most people who experience it want their money back.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. May 31, 2018
    By the time I had booted up Milanoir, I had forgotten what the trailer showed and why I was interested in it. Seeing the name Good ShepherdBy the time I had booted up Milanoir, I had forgotten what the trailer showed and why I was interested in it. Seeing the name Good Shepherd excited me though, as the last game from them I played was absolutely fantastic. Of course, the same publisher doesn’t always mean similar quality; likewise, developers are entirely capable of making something completely different from their previous IPs. But I like to be optimistic in these cases, especially when it comes to indie games. Of course, 1970s pulp fiction is much different from 1920s America focused on fictional and non-fictional stories.

    The opening of this game surprised me, as I really didn’t expect the direction it would take. It was an interesting choice for introducing the main character, and certainly one I won’t forget for a while. In a post-Hotline Miami world, hyper violence in a top down world is normalized in games. At first I thought that’s what we’d be getting with this, but it turned out to have a lot more to offer than busting into rooms and close quarter situations. The first level has you heading to a motel of sorts, choking guys out and getting information. Soon after you bust into the designated room and your first gun fight takes place. Following this you will use gun-play quite a bit, and will even lead to you in a car pursuit shooting enemies while driving and dodging obstacles. It ends with a boss battle utilizing all the mechanics the game has taught you up to this point, and is fairly straightforward.

    The game offers a normal difficulty and it only goes up from there. If you feel the game is too hard, this is the type that requires you to “git gud.” It’s not overly challenging, as the most difficult sections are usually because of a hidden enemy that ambushes you, or because you make a stupid mistake. Unlike the titular Hotline Miami and an assortment of games that followed in its footsteps, death does not come as quickly as a single hit. Far from it as your life is much more reminiscent of the games that did away with health bars and allowed you to regenerate your health by avoiding damage for a few seconds.

    The choices used for this game make for a unique experience, although at times things seem a bit too drawn out. The difficulty has always made these types of games more strategy based than anything, with fairly short levels that could easily be sketched on a small piece of paper. The ideas for many of the levels in this could be done in the same manner, although they seem to be extended much longer, making them feel padded for length. There are an assortment of enemies that you’ll come across while traversing the levels, each of which have guns, knives, and more, oh my. Admittedly, the AI isn’t all that intelligent, as melee enemies will often times walk up to the environmental object you’re hiding behind allowing you to shoot them.

    Maneuvering the zones will often mean rolling around to avoid arousing any suspicion. Using cover is vital to survival, although objects used for cover are able to be destroyed. The game offers you the option to play through portions stealthily, but unless it’s specifically supposed to be played in that manner, chances are you won’t get far that way. Similarly to the first Uncharted, the melee option lasts for one or two guys, but soon becomes a fire fight. It’s far from A Thief’s End, which allowed you to clear areas out entirely with stealth. In addition to the different weapons you’ll come across, you’ll be able to utilize the environment for attacks as well.

    It’s nice to see a game that is not afraid to do something different, especially with a genre that has more or less provided everything I thought we’d see from it. From the way the levels are depicted and how the story plays out to the battles themselves, the game is a fun romp through the 70s in a tale for revenge. While parts of it seem to drag out a bit too long, the game is undeniably fun and worth checking out.
  2. Jun 6, 2018
    Cool story, cool environments, even the shooting feels good. Except the game is so easy to beat that they had to implement stupid QTEs whereCool story, cool environments, even the shooting feels good. Except the game is so easy to beat that they had to implement stupid QTEs where you have to mash buttons to death for minutes. And, better than that, boss fights that are ridiculously hard, where you have to learn every pattern perfectly and retry dozens of times.

    So you end up with a game that is everything except deep and involving, as you crush through funny but easy levels to hit a boss, bleed your fingers off it and repeat. There is no originality in the gameplay, barely 2/3 different guns that you are to use only in a specific level. It's repetitive and never rewarding.

    In the end we got a nice looking game that revolves only around ridiculous die and retry portions. Please note that it will not only frustrate you, but hurt your hands badly, as the combinations of buttons to mash are really nasty. I say that and I have big hands, if you don't, don't even dream to try this game.

    This below average game was praised by Angry Joe who got to "collaborate" with the devs.... lol -_- Even your favourite reviewer can become a sellout when "you have to pay the bills" (as he said in the video, that should have tipped me off).