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  • Summary: Ever wondered what a cross between Tetris and Lemmings would look like? Well, wonder no more, 'cause... MouseCraft is here! MouseCraft is an A to B puzzle game where players help mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking the world's most famous blocks: Tetrominos.
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  1. Mar 3, 2020
    Crunching Koalas has managed to create a hybrid of two classic games and turn it into something challenging and fun. Mousecraft is based on a light-hearted cartoonish story that manages to be family-friendly. Each series of levels manages to introduce new concepts that make levels feel non-repetitive. The developers allowed for players to play their own level of challenge whether it's using the active pause, fast forward or multi-level undo function. While short, but well priced, and it plays well on the Nintendo Switch any devout puzzle gamer fan shouldn't pass up playing this slab of cheesy gaming fun!
  2. Feb 27, 2020
    MouseCraft is a fantastic puzzler with real-time elements that rewards quick and efficient thinking more than most puzzle games do.
  3. Mar 6, 2020
    Mousecraft, a simple puzzle-based game that draws inspiration from some classics of the genre and which can fill up short breaks in the day with its mix of fun and intuitive gameplay and cheery (but not cheesy) audiovisual environment. Fans of puzzlers will go beyond that and will easily enjoy it at much greater lengths whereas other players will prefer to take it in smaller amounts but regardless of the audience, the Nintendo Switch catalogue is richer and more attractive with the arrival of Mousecraft.
  4. Mar 13, 2020
    MouseCraft, while pretty easy, is a fun and unique puzzle game. It’s great to play on the go and worth a buy.
  5. Apr 15, 2020
    MouseCraft‘s simple aesthetic and generic name hide a polished and enjoyable puzzler underneath. The eighty levels will provide you with more than a few hours of puzzle-solving pleasure and an absolute abundance of lightbulb moments.
  6. Apr 10, 2020
    There is nothing surprising here about MouseCraft. What you see is what you get, and unless the simplistic gameplay appeals to you, it is unlikely that there will be much here that the average gamer is interested in. Some of the puzzles are nice and all for a while, but ultimately, there are no true clever ideas or anything beyond just dropping varied blocks into holes and waiting for the mice to hopefully make it.
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