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  1. 90
    Neo Cab is poignant, well-timed, and special. A perfect fit for on-the-go platforms like Switch and Apple Arcade, Neo Cab would still be great anywhere regardless of platform because it delivers on all fronts for adventure gaming fans. With a memorable story that’s full of realistic choices and nuanced writing, Neo Cab is one of the best indies of 2019.
  2. Oct 3, 2019
    Neo Cab is a short but altogether engrossing and clever game that offers players a lot of replayability. Lina's journey in Los Ojos was ultimately very fulfilling once I reached one of the game's better endings, and I regretted none of my time behind the virtual wheel. Those who crave an original cyberpunk setting might find this creative, independent title worth playing.
  3. Nov 1, 2019
    Bugs aside, Neo Cab stands tall as a thoughtful and genuinely affecting piece of sci-fi fiction, and one of the better attempts at dialogue I’ve seen in my long career playing games. Hopping into Lina’s cab and touring Los Ojos is a ride I would be happy to take again.
  4. Nov 11, 2019
    It's completely understandable why Neo Cab wouldn't be for everyone. A completely unique experience of this kind could alienate, and make it difficult to justify taking a punt without an in-depth examination of what to expect. Take the chance however, and an immersive, fascinating commentary on the evils of technology interspersed with a murder-mystery novel, are delivered. If excellent pacing and a character driven narrative are the major plus points when handing over the cash, sit back, strap in, and enjoy the journey. With the multiple endings on offer, and only a few hours needed to go from start to finish, the Switch feels like the perfect place to meet new people, embroil yourself in their lives, and appreciate the highs and lows of cyberpunk couriering.
  5. Oct 15, 2019
    Aside from performing your day (night?) job to the best of your abilities, the game also has an overarching plot involving Lina’s best friend Savy, and her mysterious disappearance. This dark shift in tone almost feels at odds with the nature of the gameplay, and whilst that plotline is visited periodically throughout the game, we never felt that much urgency in resolving her disappearance. We were far more content with simply meeting and conversing with the wonderfully endearing inhabitants of Los Ojos.
  6. Oct 3, 2019
    Neo Cab is a captivating story-driven game that gives a glimpse at what a world practically run by robots might look like. With a wonderful art style, a fascinating setting and a story that’ll instantly grab you, it’s well worth taking a ride with.
  7. 80
    The setting of Los Ojos feels alive, and its denizens are a delightful cocktail of awkward, savvy, charming, and repellent. While a playthrough can take around 3-4 hours, it’s worth returning to the world to meet different people and see how your decisions impact the overall narrative. What’s more, the dark and gritty aesthetic works well in a game that portends a potentially frightening future. At the end of a long shift, Neo Cab’s strong writing and effective story-telling make it well-worth hailing.
  8. Oct 2, 2019
    Neo Cab poses a lot of questions, crossing something familiar with a plausible futuristic backdrop. Chance Agency crafts an intriguing world where people all have their own ideas about technology and how much it should be a part of our everyday lives. Neo Cab has the fun of being a driver, meeting new people, and trying to hustle for cash and get that coveted star-rating. But it also offers a much deeper experience – one that makes you look inward. That’s especially why it’s worth the trip.
  9. Oct 7, 2019
    Lina's week-long adventure is a brief but intense adventure in technology, human nature, and all the ways those two can intersect. Where it lacks in length, it makes up for with compelling deeper stories about people.
  10. Dec 2, 2019
    Neo Cab brings a visual novel about a grim story of unchecked corporate power to the Nintendo Switch. Overall, the result is quite positive and the game features relevant social commentary, well written dialogues and a series of varied and interesting characters. With a good incentive for players to return to the game, Neo Cab's main sin is that it's rather short in length and with a main plot that could be more developed.
  11. Oct 9, 2019
    Neo Cab is a very interesting game from a narrative point of view. If you don’t care that much about gameplay and you’re looking for an engaging story set in a dystopian sci-fi world, give it a try.
  12. 70
    Though encumbered by technical issues and a forgettable mystery, Neo Cab is worth the fare thanks to incisive commentary and a colorful cast of characters.
  13. 70
    One of the best narrative-based games of the year, that tackles a number of contemporary issues in an original and entertaining manner and whose main fault is merely a lack of budget.
  14. Oct 2, 2019
    Neo Cab might suffer from inconsistencies and presentation issues in some places, but as a depiction of a near-future society corrupted by tech fetishization, and an exploration of how humans are adapting to automation and the rise of the gig economy, it's got plenty to say about how important it is that we all look out for one another. This is a forward-thinking game, but the issues it explores are extremely relevant in 2019, which makes for an engaging, stimulating narrative experience, even if the central mystery of your friend's disappearance is not particularly interesting.
  15. Oct 2, 2019
    While flashy and immediately arresting, it just isn’t that compelling. Being frank, it could have used a bit more drive. As it stands, it's getting a middling driver rating from me.
  16. 65
    The characters are excellent, the world is fascinating, and following Lina as she interacts with citizens of Los Ojos is entertaining. I just wish that the main narrative were gripping, but it never seems to find its footing, and that’s a shame.
  17. Oct 11, 2019
    While I had issues with Neo Cab, I will admit that it’s worth the fare. It perhaps didn’t set my world on fire, nor do I think it’s going to climb atop anyone’s list of favorite games this year, but it’s at least a nice ride while it lasts.
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  1. Oct 4, 2019
    "Neo Cab"
    Reviewed by: Elias S. Lutes
    Developer: Chance Agency Publisher: Fellow Traveller Platform: Steam (Switch and iOS also available)
    "Neo Cab"
    Reviewed by: Elias S. Lutes
    Developer: Chance Agency
    Publisher: Fellow Traveller
    Platform: Steam (Switch and iOS also available)

    Neo Cab is a wonderfully vivid story full of mystery -- where emotion is the only thing that is clear, and the bonds that you forge light the path to truth.

    As a rare human cab driver in a modern world of automated technology, you take the role of Lina, a young woman taking a chance on moving to a new city full of fresh views to bond with an old friend. Picking up fares as you go, slowly the town around you unravels to show a darker side than you could predict, catching your friend deep in the shadows before you could blink. With her gift to you in hand, you're able to piece together the clues to find out what is really up in this city. Is the megacorporation Capra at fault? Could it be jilted admirers from the opposing activist group "Radix" to blame?

    Neo Cab is a narrative-driven experience where every decision you make matters. Each conversation is steered by your choices, leading to information, anger, and sometimes a little vomit in your car if you're particularly unfortunate. While each interaction is incredibly meaningful and fleshed out, you must focus on managing resources, your own well-being, and the star rating of your cab service in a delicate balance or risk the possibility of losing not only your own livelihood, but the answers to it all.

    With a wonderfully aesthetic graphical style that meshes well with relaxing tech-inspired music, the art direction of Neo Cab is sure to impress. This game never fails to set the mood with it's unique ambiance and charm, wrapping you tightly into the tale of intrigue and leaving you desperate for more. The world-building is done in a way that makes it easy for you to relate to the characters and identify the struggles of living in a modern society that has become so dependent on tech.
    While it can be rough to deal with human kind in some situations, others can be heartwarming, informative, or even just emotionally draining. While being worn down in the chase to find your missing friend, at the end of the day one more cab ride could bring a crucial detail to light, or some much-needed extra cash to ensure a comfy night at the local motel.

    -Rideshare Simulator: The Game
    -Well-written characters
    -Music is absolutely incredible

    -I kind of wish there was a rewind feature, but I realize that would not lend well to the gravity of each decision you make.
    -The main story itself seems to take sidekick status to the bonds and character arcs of the rideshare passengers.

    Score: 9.5/10
    Overall, I would say that this is not a game to skip out on. While the main story pales in comparison to these extremely well-written and realistic people, its still enough to keep you coming back for more. There is no other experience like this out there right now, and if you're in the mood for some introspect and a foray into the unknown, then its a good idea to just get in the car and drive.
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  2. Oct 3, 2019
    Is otherwise great, but the dialogue freezes permanently a lot and I have to reload an old save and try a different path. Hopefully they workIs otherwise great, but the dialogue freezes permanently a lot and I have to reload an old save and try a different path. Hopefully they work out these bugs so it can realize its full potential, since I have really enjoyed the first several game-nights’ content. Full Review »
  3. Apr 6, 2021
    This visual novel is wonderful! I had to stop and think of reasons it wasn't a 10/10. It didn't feel like a 10/10 game - I'm notThis visual novel is wonderful! I had to stop and think of reasons it wasn't a 10/10. It didn't feel like a 10/10 game - I'm not artificially knocking it down! - but it wasn't immediately obvious to me what held it back.

    The game is about Lina, a cab driver in a future Los Angeles (er, "Ojos"), who moves to the city to live with a friend who immediately disappears. She then drives around the city, picking up passengers and learning about the current political/social environment. There isn't any gameplay besides selecting dialogue options, but there are a lot of those options and the game never feels slow. There's also a clever "mood" mechanic that limits your choices depending on how Lina is feeling; as a player, I needed to be strategic about which passengers ("pax") to pick up if I thought they might tick Lina off.

    The characterization and writing are excellent, and the pacing is very strong as well. There are sci-fi elements, social analyses, and good old traditional interpersonal conflicts. The nature of the game means you can lean more into the themes that interest you by picking up those passengers again. I found all of them interesting and well done, but I could see where other players might have found it heavy-handed. I thought most sides of any debate or character motives were shown well. Except for the villain. You love to hate the villain. They're awful and I absolutely know them in real life, too.

    I did experience a few bugs, but nothing that affected my enjoyment of the game. The biggest gripe I have is that there is a ton of replayability to pick up different pax, but the frame story of Lina's missing friend kept interrupting me as I tried to explore other pax stories. It slows down the content. I also didn't love the animation style, as something felt a bit disjointed about how the characters moved, but that's really getting into nits.

    HIghly recommend this game, especially if on sale. I was very lucky to pick it up for $4 on sale and have gotten 8-10 hours out of it. It'll definitely be a replay in a few years when I can't remember much!
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