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  • Summary: In a post-apocalyptic future controlled by a sinister corporation, ninja mercenary Zaku is the last hope for humanity. Inspired by the demanding gameplay of 8-bit action/platformers, Oniken pits your agility and swordplay against a gauntlet of enemies, traps, and challenging bosses.
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  1. Feb 7, 2019
    An extreme exercise in nostalgia, which works perfectly at transmitting "retro feels". It needs some polishing on the controls side, though.
  2. Mar 1, 2019
    After every punishing stage I finished in Oniken, I felt completely drained; my nerves shot. I would force myself to take a break, jumping into a less emotionally taxing game before heading back. That feeling clearly won’t be for everyone and the game’s over-the-top violence will definitely scare off some gamers. However, the personal satisfaction that comes from finishing each of the game’s stages cannot be overstated. Oniken: Unstoppable Edition is meant for a certain kind of NES fan; those that revel in that sort of old-school challenge will find little else like it on Switch.
  3. 60
    With Oniken, what you see is what you get, and your first impression of the game is probably spot on. If you miss your friendly, Tecmo ninja man, you might want to give this one a look. For everyone else, leave this one in 20XX.
  4. Mar 4, 2019
    Oniken does a few things right, but flounders when it comes to the most important parts of the experience. The visuals and audio of the game are a faithful and accurate tribute to the style of classic NES action games, sure. All of the artistic flair in the world can't help a game that simply isn't fun to play, though. Action in Oniken is consistently stiff and frustrating, and while boss encounters can provide brief moments of gratifying gameplay, only the most dedicated of action platformer fans will have the patience to reach those encounters.
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  1. Jan 1, 2020
    Aesthetically and in terms of presentation and craft, this is a 10. Yes, it is pretty tough, but that is what your would expect from an gameAesthetically and in terms of presentation and craft, this is a 10. Yes, it is pretty tough, but that is what your would expect from an game that sets out as a tribute and model of contra 8 bit style gaming.

    It is a game in its own right. It doesn't feel excessively imitative or derivative, even if it is based upon a bygone gaming paradigm. Boss fights are challenging and it is not for casual gamers. The game is addictive and draws you back in for more. Beating a level is tremendously satisfying.

    The main draw back are some control issues. But ironically, in this way it feels more authentic as an 8bit style game. They are not bad by any means, but could be slightly more polished.

    Still, a solid game that is usually inexpensive as a download.