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  • Summary: Follow along with Sally, an extraordinarily lucky girl for whom nothing can stand in her way, as she journeys home to see her critically-ill father in this indie award-winning puzzle-platformer! Could Sally's luck be a mere coincidence?
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  1. May 20, 2018
    I confess that I identified myself in both the role of son away from the father and the role of father doing everything to protect his daughter.
  2. 85
    Despite Sally's Law being much shorter than I would've liked, I can't deny my enjoyment while playing. The underlying message is quite a nice one, and certainly stays with you. From a gameplay perspective, it is also rather fun to nail down puzzles the best that you can. It doesn't matter if that is alone or with a friend, because the game tweaks it enough to serve both audiences well. If you are in the need of a brisk yet engaging puzzle platformer, Sally's Law deserves a spot on your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Apr 18, 2018
    Sally’s Law is an example of an already great game being improved and adapted to fit its new home. The adorable characters, heartfelt story and progressive mechanic of relying on each other is both a technical and thematic success. It is a short game, and once you’ve played through to get all the photos there’s just the co-op mode to go back for, but Sally’s Law is as much of a cherished, emotional solo experience as it is one you’ll want to share.
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