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  1. Dec 10, 2018
    Screencheat is a hit of nostalgia for those who are beginning to feel old, and a fun new way to play for those who aren’t. The stream of unlockables and the chance to constantly try and better your old times are a good reason to play on your own, but the game is definitely at its best when played with friends. Screencheat: Unplugged is a fantastic addition to any game night, and will often serve up some genuinely funny moments between friends.
  2. Jan 14, 2019
    Although not the deepest shooter you’ll encounter, Screencheat‘s terrific point of difference makes for a hilarious couch multiplayer game overflowing with more memes than you could poke an invisible stick at.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Feb 6, 2022
    Very fun splitscreen fps on switch. There almost none of this genre on switch after quake and a few bad indy games
  2. Jun 18, 2019
    FPS game, where all enemies are invisible? you dont see who you are trying to shoot? Impossible game? No! This is screencheat. You must cheatFPS game, where all enemies are invisible? you dont see who you are trying to shoot? Impossible game? No! This is screencheat. You must cheat by looking into the opponents screen. I was able to test it only by fighting 3 bots. And I´m sure, that they are cheating :-) the computer knows where is everybody. I cant look into my partition of the screen and the other players screens. I always die. If I kill somebody... its more luck, then anything else. Maybe playing it with other real players and not bots, would be more fun. And even the game offers a lot of game modes, weapons and specials... Its not a game for me...
  3. Aug 22, 2020
    Let's states the obvious: Solo is not very fun. I don't have online so I can't talk about it but this game does not have online.

    This game
    Let's states the obvious: Solo is not very fun. I don't have online so I can't talk about it but this game does not have online.

    This game will highly depends on your friends. But if you have the good ones, you _will_ have fun. You need to be 3+ to create a "triangle" of opportunity that make this game fun (you can't stay focused too much on someone or someone else is maybe chasing you). 4 player is perfect as you can't check everyone.

    The XP mechanism brings you stuff gradually (mostly weapons/levels, who cares about skins here…) so you can test things smoothly.

    The biggest loading time is on game loading, after, everything is fast (menu/game/etc.), and that's great!
    This game is fast. You will have to anticipate you're friends move. But this is where this game shines. Remember when you succeed to guess what you friend will do, anticipate and win? This game is full of this.

    This switch version is pretty nice. Levels are well designed and beautifully colored. After few minutes, you know where someone is just watching it's screen.

    Weapons are surprisingly inspired and different between each other: I would have loved a controllable rocket (like in Unreal Tournament/Perfect Dark) with a long trail so other players can see where it has been shots and hope the player is still there because he is focused on controlling it's rocket (also letting 3 seconds before another shot so he stay vulnerable and can't defend instantly).
    Some are too big on the screen an hide the view.

    All levels are not equal, my biggest complain is about the floating physics making you fall just because the moose when climbing stairs make you jump and you fall from the map. Maps in sky need more love to avoid the player to fall IMHO.

    Levels with big moving parts (I'm not talking about elevators) are a bad idea. I would have loved an option to keep the level statics.

    The music is perfect and totally match the style! Jazzy electro.

    The sound effects are not all goods and break the "catchy" mood you can feel in this game. From a pure sound effect perspective, it's "flat" and lack of "depth". It's a general note about this particular game design:

    Because you don't see players, you have moments where no fire is exchanged, everyone is looking each other, running into the map. So you only have the (nice) music, but this break the tension. We need more sound:

    * Sound when player fall from a certain distance.
    * Props sounds (telephones, fountains, etc.) Of course those sounds could came from multiple places in the map so you can't totally identified player position.
    * Grenade launcher: Sound when bouncing.
    * Bear Bomb: No sound when exploding? Seriously?
    * Chefolet: The ball should make a continues (electric?) noise so you can heard it growing when its coming to you. It should also make a noise on wall bouncing.
    * HobbyHorse: Pataklop! Pataklop! And then nothing if you hit (just the tiny frag sound). We should have a more catchy sound when a charge is successful (Horsing screaming?).
    * Blunderbuss: Is the most good one! Don't touch it.

    Three bugs for now:

    * Sometime, wind tunnels simply doesn't work. You have the sound, you can move inside like anything else. This is the most frustrating one.
    * Location translation bug: Level menu don't display some levels (French: loc error).
    * You don't see the selection in some menu (selection is bright gray on gray options. A button border would have been better).

    So, to finish this review: If you have friends/brother(s)/sister(s): Instant buy, it's so much enjoyable.