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  • Summary: Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative card game about relationships and communication. Encounters are conversations rather than combat. Your ability to navigate social situations and understand different perspectives is based on an expressive card game experience.
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  1. Mar 18, 2021
    A unique combination of conversation gameplay and deck building, Signs of the Sojourner is a truly special game dripping in charm.
  2. 85
    Signs of the Sojourner is a refreshing game, succeeding largely in how well it takes eternally relatable ideas like talking to other people and transforming them into a very sensical card game that has a surprising amount of depth despite a straightforward presentation. The way playing cards represents conversations is genius, making this a standout for how unique it feels.
  3. Mar 23, 2021
    With a bunch of different paths to play through and endings to reach, it’s worth doing a replay or two just to feel things out a bit more. I wish the overarching plot was a little more engaging, but I found enough in the moment-to-moment to keep me quite satisfied.
  4. Apr 7, 2021
    I’ve played many deck-building card-battlers in my time, but Signs of the Sojourner is truly unlike anything I’ve played before. The way the developers have managed to distil the concept of a conversation between two people into an engaging card game, while also delivering a heartfelt, open-ended narrative is nothing short of astounding. Couple this with the fantastic visuals and soundtrack, and Signs of the Sojourner becomes a must-play in my books.
  5. Mar 22, 2021
    Signs of the Sojourner is a unique deck-building experience that is inviting to begin, but depending on your style, is finicky to finish. The overall tight production value is a joy to immerse yourself in, and the heartrending story and gameplay balance to present this reality even further. Perfectionists beware, as this game will have you endure as many failures as there are triumphs – but isn’t that the beauty of traveling and connecting with strangers?
  6. Mar 30, 2021
    Signs of the Sojourner is a good, challenging card game that has more at stake than expected. Replayability is high as you create various decks, befriend new people, and try to get that good ending.
  7. Apr 12, 2021
    Signs of the Sojourner is an intriguing deckbuilder with a great cast of characters and integrated story and gameplay. While there are some glaring flaws with its mechanics, this is a nice relaxing game that teaches the beauty of communication.

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  1. Mar 26, 2021
    Awful awful “game”. It’s nothing but a failed attempt to prove a concept. Aside from the hippy fantasy completely unrelatable “story” theAwful awful “game”. It’s nothing but a failed attempt to prove a concept. Aside from the hippy fantasy completely unrelatable “story” the basic gameplay mechanic just doesn’t work. You essentially have about two options of how to proceed at any one time, no way to strategise likely card drops and therefore no investment in the outcomes. Utter waste of cash. Pretty annoyed by the positive reviews. Expand