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  1. Oct 11, 2022
    Splatoon 3 has something to offer everybody, regardless of what type of games you usually play. It excludes no one and keeps on giving long after the credits have rolled on its chaotic shooter action.
  2. Sep 14, 2022
    Splatoon 3 may not have reinvented the wheel, but the improvements made to existing mechanics make this entry feel even more incredible to play than I could have imagined.
  3. Sep 13, 2022
    The game is great and well worth buying if you’re looking for some multiplayer online shooting fun without the overt violence.
  4. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3, while more of an evolution than a revolution, is the best the series has ever been. Between an utterly fantastic story mode, some great new weapon additions, and tweaks to the tried and trusted formula you've come to know and love, Splatoon 3 is everything you'd hope it would be and more. Some will say that it's "just more Splatoon", and that's true, but that's far from a bad thing in a series that has been, and continues to be, so consistently strong.
  5. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 refines the most outdated aspects of its prequel to give us an excellent and unique online game with unimaginable potential, as well as continuing in a fantastic way with the lore of the saga.
  6. Oct 11, 2022
    Splatoon 3 remixes and refines what makes Splatoon so fun and wraps it all in a style infused lavish of color and creativity. Many shooters these days lack the spirit that is shown so well. Even comparing to Splatoon 2 this entry blows it out of the water with how much more it has going for it, from entertaining to fresh there's no shortage here! No matter how much content is not new, what the game does to mix things up really makes the game feel unique. With plenty of Splatfests and updates to come I am excited for even more content for this already Inkredible game. Splatoon 3 manages to continue to show that Splatoon is one of Nintendo's best new IPs, and it's shining rainbow of colors will only get brighter and better going forward!
  7. Splatoon 3 doesn’t drastically change the formula because it really doesn’t need to. Its modes are varied and offer truly different experiences that would shine on their own. If you’re a newcomer looking to break into the series, you may be a little lost at first, but stick with it. It’s an inky mess well worth your time.
  8. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a marvel of a game and a good step up over Splatoon 2, polishing many of the weak points of that installment with improvements especially in quality of life features, such as the existence of a lobby to practice between games and many other enhancements. With a great story, complete game modes and a lot of great features, this is a stylish game that has left us in love with Splatsville and its inhabitants.
  9. Sep 16, 2022
    While it is true that there has been no significant change compared to its previous title, the unique enjoyment and short, but intense game play of this particular franchise have become solid with few tweaks. In addition, the fact that it has been localized for the first time in the series is something worthwhile for Korean fans.
  10. Oct 19, 2022
    While the single player is a bit flaky, the core online tilt of Splatoon 3 is strong and refined, offering simple, addictive, and enjoyable matches for casual players and pros alike. With promised support for years to come, we forward to enjoying what Nintendo brings to expand and round out the experience.
  11. 91
    A solid "more of the same" that will delight fans of the previous Splatoon. It is thanks to Nintendo for having made an effort (with good results) to stick a fun and quite varied single player experience to a purely multiplayer-oriented franchise. Splatoon 3 is another example of the Nintendo Difference, perhaps not the most original but certainly one of the most fun.
  12. Nov 23, 2022
    Splatoon 3 takes everything the previous games did and makes it better in pretty much every conceivable way. More fluid, more dynamic, with a more balanced gameplay and a very welcome enlarged one-player dimension, Splatoon 3 is all that could be expected from the third chapter in the series, where the improvements fit neatly with the Splatoon legacy.
  13. Nintendo Force Magazine
    Nov 9, 2022
    Splatoon 3 went live in September, and ever since it launched I've had to will myself to stay away from it. I'm a grown man with a family! I've got a lot of responsibilities! So why do I keep feeling compelled to stay up into the wee hours of the morning shooting virtual ink at strangers? [Issue #62 – November/December 2022, p. 74]
  14. Oct 11, 2022
    Blending fun territories and weapons with easily accessible features, a variety of gameplay modes and a solid solo offering, this installment makes for the kind of game that does the Splatoon name proud.
  15. Oct 3, 2022
    Splatoon 3 has come a long way since the series’ inception on the Wii U and has become one of my favorite competitive games to date, shining brightly with its new quality of life improvements. There’s still a lot on the horizon for this game, given that there are promises to keep the updates coming until 2024, but as it is, you will not regret spending on this fantastic title.
  16. Oct 1, 2022
    With lots of things to see and do and unlock, Splatoon 3 delivers exactly what people want from the franchise and so much more. Despite a few disappointing decisions, like the removal of the rhythm game, a near-perfect Splatoon experience.
  17. Sep 27, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is like a theme park of mainly multiplayer-focused content, which makes it an ideal videogame. From versus matches to co-op and even a card game, Splatoon 3 can be enjoyed endlessly. Its appeal is so broad that being in the world of Splatoon itself feels like a treat.
  18. Sep 20, 2022
    At least for my tastes, Splatoon 3 is a great new chapter in a fantastic series. While more of an evolution than a revolution, it adds enough new things to liven things up for veteran players while also being the new de facto point of entry for new players. I’m not really sure where Nintendo can take the series from here, but I suppose that’s a problem for a couple of years from now after the team has done its thing updating this game. For now, I think we all have enough room in our lives for another helping of colorful, charming, ink-flinging action.
  19. Sep 18, 2022
    The most complete Splatoon experience yet! Painting the terrain by splashing colorful ink is still as fun and crazy as ever, while the new single player mode and tweaks to everything else make the third installment of Nintendo's competitive non-violent shooter an experience that all Switch gamers shouldn't miss.
  20. Sep 15, 2022
    Nintendo finally managed to make a true "online shooter" with the third game of the series. If you thought Splatoon 2 was inadequate as a "second game", I can guarantee that you will not think the same for Splatoon 3.
  21. Sep 15, 2022
    More than innovating, Splatoon 3 is in charge of polishing each of its elements to offer one of the most enjoyable experiences of the year.
  22. Sep 14, 2022
    I will give Splatoon 3 the highest regard anyone can give to a sequel: It makes Splatoon 2 look dated and redundant in comparison. The many improvements Splatoon 3 has makes is the superior game and the best in an already incredible series.
  23. Sep 13, 2022
    Splatoon 3 doesn't change the gameplay in a big way, but rather builds on Splatoon 2 to enrich the content and greatly enhance the experience. For new players, whether you are a fan of FPS games or not, you will be able to get a unique pleasure from it. For veterans, even though the game does not offer breaking changes, the core gameplay is good enough, and the game is now optimized with the addition of Chinese localization, I really can't think of any reason to reject it.
  24. 90
    It took Nintendo just three releases to turn Splatoon into one of its biggest and most valuable properties, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s not complex: Splatoon is something that almost everyone can enjoy. For those who want to be competitive, the blend of weapons, items, and abilities gives the game plenty of nuance, and there’s a true curve from beginner to excellence. For those that just want to jump in and have a blast, it’s a game that’s welcoming, has an excellent single-player mode to onboard you, and never feels like it’s punishing you if you spend less time playing it than others. At a time when online play is becoming increasingly hostile to anyone who isn’t willing to make the game their entire hobby, it’s nice to have a company like Nintendo remind us what it’s like to have simple, uncomplicated fun in online multiplayer.
  25. Sep 9, 2022
    Splatoon 3 may not have been making as much noise as other titles expected this year for Switch as the new generation Pokémon or Bayonetta 3, but it is certainly a safe value.
  26. Sep 8, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  27. Sep 7, 2022
    There’s still no other game that delivers as refreshing a multiplayer experience quite like Splatoon effortlessly achieves. It feels just as fresh now as it first did back on Wii U, and, while more of the same isn’t necessarily bad when the series’ remains consistently brilliant, new weapons, stages and Boss Salmonid can only freshen up and re-energise the game’s multiplayer modes so far. However, what’s here has been tinkered with and refined to near perfection. Inkling and Octoling stalwarts will approach this threequel with a renewed sense of purpose in wanting to prove that they’re the freshest squid on the block, but it will be the content roadmap that inevitably determines whether Splatsville’s worth sticking around in.
  28. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 oozes charm and style at every level, and the level of polish here makes it better than ever. If Nintendo provides good post-launch support, it’s easy to see a time in the near-future when Splatoon 3 is the single best multiplayer experience on the Switch. Considering Splatoon 2 received support for nearly two years, and Nintendo has already revealed a roadmap for Splatoon 3, it seems likely that we’ll all be covered in paint for quite a few years to come.
  29. Sep 7, 2022
    It's pretty fantastic, thanks to the various additions to the game's multiplayer, the overhaul to the story mode structure, and the implementation of new ideas like the three-way Splatfest Turf War. While I wouldn't call Splatoon 2 old and busted by any means, there's no denying that Splatoon 3 does feel like the new hotness.
  30. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 will undoubtedly become one of the best multiplayer games out there. But the issue with playing pre-release is you can only spot the potential. It’s inevitable it will flourish, but I wasn’t able to see it in full bloom. Luckily, the single-player is so good it could be worth buying the game for that alone, while the surrounding quality-of-life improvements and various other additions make this easily the best in the series yet.
  31. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is inkredible, fine-tuning to perfection the series’ unique and colourful third-person shooter formula that I’ve adored ever since its inception on Wii U. Although it doesn’t take quite enough risks to differentiate itself from its predecessors, the excellent story mode and very welcomed new quality-of-life features makes it more than worth your precious time and money. At its core, Splatoon 3 takes the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” mantra to the best of its abilities, offering an unforgettable experience that’s guaranteed to provide hundreds of hours of fresh, splatastic fun for all ages.
  32. Sep 7, 2022
    Nintendo perfectly knows how to take to the next level their traditional formulae, and Splatoon 3 is a clear example of this. It is one of the best multiplayer online games on the Nintendo Switch and a must-have for all of the fans of this colorful franchise.
  33. Sep 7, 2022
    Given that Splatoon 3 shores up nearly everything already present in the series and adds a few extras like Tableturf Battle, it's safe to say that the magic of the series is still alive.
  34. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is the culmination of Nintendo's experience with its squid-and-ink third-person shooter series. Fun, rich in content and graced by a bewitching technical appearance, the third installment of the series is a must have for fans but also an excellent entry point for newbies.
  35. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 isn't the most exciting release on the calendar, but it is the best the game has been. As a standalone game it's a rip-roaring success, and perhaps the game that fans wanted all along.
  36. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is more of the same, but refined to borderline mechanical perfection. It's the most fun we’ve had with an online shooter in years, and for series veterans it makes Splatoon 2 feel entirely redundant for all but its unique single-player content. It feels like the development team has solved every problem the Splatoon community was bleating on about, and then fixed some more that we didn’t even realise were problems until they were fixed. There's nothing revolutionary about it compared to its predecessors, and it's perhaps missing a Big New Idea™ that you might expect after five years, but Splatoon 3 is the pinnacle of the series, and the pinnacle of shooters on Switch.
  37. Sep 7, 2022
    Really, there's very little to dislike about Splatoon 3. It's a game that knows itself well, never threatening to get too lost in the subtleties of its post-apocalyptic tones in its single-player narrative or in the skill requirements needed to compete in its multiplayer modes. This is a game that's very accessible, and although it doesn't reinvent much and will be impressively familiar to anyone who has played Splatoon or Splatoon 2, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  38. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is one of the most enjoyable and accessible multiplayer experiences currently available on the Switch. By sticking to its guns (or paint rollers), Nintendo has crafted a competitive shooter with near-universal appeal in both its presentation and simplistic take on team-based deathmatches...It’s strong competitive offering is only improved by the addition of its capable single-player and cooperative game modes, which means there is a well-served rotation of different options to try out. Fans of previous Splatoon games will enjoy the continuity this third instalment serves and newcomers looking for an online game with a twist will find plenty to wrap their tentacles around.
  39. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is as fun as the last two games. The game got some quality of life changes which makes it a little better than the last one. The story mode is incredibly fun and every level is new and different. Nintendo has another gem on their hands with Splatoon 3.
  40. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a fitting sequel to an awesome series that'll have you happily spray your ink all over the place. It may not do anything particularly revolutionary but does it really have to? No... but it would be cool if it did, right?
  41. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon is back with its most complete and polished entry to deliver the same fun experience, but also better than ever.
  42. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 still lives from its unique gameplay mechanics that had been just slightly extended. Five years after Splatoon 2 there are mostly minor enhancements concerning gameplay and technically. Too little for reaching a new series' climax, but enough for Splatton 3 to maintain the high class of its predecessor.
  43. Sep 13, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is very light on content additions, but it is easily one of the best online multiplayer games I've played. Its weird concept and fun gameplay across a variety of modes and maps are as fun and addictive as it has always been, but it lacks a big new feature. Instead, Splatoon 3 focuses on streamlining the existing experience by removing a lot of the hurdles that Splatoon 2 had imposed. While the online experience was a bit shaky during the first days, with two years of guaranteed updates on the horizon, Splatoon 3 has a mighty journey ahead, and it can only get better and more interesting from here.
  44. Sep 13, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  45. Oct 24, 2022
    Splatoon 3 continues the winning combo that Nintendo’s landed on with this series and remains as fast-paced and addictive as ever. Aside from some work needed to make Splat Fests less frustrating, the bigger issue is that it follows in its predecessor’s footsteps perhaps a bit too closely. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer though, Splatoon’s unique gameplay style, strong design, and wide variety of weapons do so much to get you invested and coming back for more.
  46. Sep 29, 2022
    Expanding the amount of content available (including the incredibly smart decision to open the horde-mode like Salmon Run game mode up at all times) makes this game the best one yet and one of the most enjoyable multi-player shooters on the market. If you have been a fan of the series in the past, Splatoon 3 is a must purchase.
  47. Sep 23, 2022
    Splatoon is back with a third installment that comes off excellently. The various new weapons, decent single player and excellent multiplayer, make this a title that will keep you entertained for a long time. Graphically it is a bit shaky, but we have to take that for granted. After all, Nintendo delivers with Splatoon 3 an excellent game that is especially great when it comes to gameplay.
  48. Splatoon 3 is the best game of the series with its surprisingly good single-player story mode and the online mode, which although it does not offer much innovation, is quite good.
  49. Sep 18, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is not a huge step forward that changes the experience of playing to paint the battlefields and eliminate your rivals with ink. However, the adjustments are enough to have a fun experience and not miss the second installment. The campaign could be better, more entertaining, and clear, but it's not bad either. Thanks to the fact that you can now play Salmon Run any time, you will not be stressed about spending much time in the competitive scenario, which occurs even in friendly matches.
  50. Sep 15, 2022
    Well they say that if it ain't broke you shouldn't fix it and that applies perfectly to Splatoon. All Splatoon 3 needed to be a success was to refine the already solid experience of its 2 predecessors, and it does that phenomenally well.
  51. Sep 15, 2022
    If you’re looking for a multiplayer shooter to fill your days with color this winter, then Splatoon 3 will keep you octopied (sorry). Its changes are small and easy to miss, but there really is nothing else like it at all. A lot of the game’s continued success will come down to Nintendo’s own support of the game and its community, but after seeing the support for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the recent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, Splatoon 3 is swimming in the right direction.
  52. Sep 14, 2022
    Splatoon 3 builds upon the excellent foundation that was previously laid out by the prior two games, now offering the most balanced experience between its multiplayer and single-player content. Even though it may not be groundbreaking, the numerous improvements and extra content in the game make Splatoon 3 the best entry in the series to date.
  53. Sep 14, 2022
    Splatoon 3’s quality-of-life touches improve the general flow of the game, and its plethora of modes will give everyone something to enjoy. While it doesn’t offer any revolutionary features or modes that will take it to the next level, its refinements and addicting multiplayer are good enough to make it the best game in the series so far.
  54. Sep 12, 2022
    If you haven’t picked up a Splatoon game before, then Splatoon 3 is a great place to start. It takes a lot of steps to make it easier to play with friends and has a variety of different modes to play, meaning everyone will have something they enjoy, even if they just want to play single player. The game is more customisable than ever and you are free to change the appearance of your character at any time if you find yourself wanting a new look. The only real problem with the game as it stands is the connection issues. When it works, the game is amazingly fun and you will find yourself playing match after match, only for the connection to drop again out of nowhere. Hopefully this gets fixed soon so I can be playing Splatoon 3 for even longer during my next session.
  55. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3's single-player campaign captivated me with the freedom of choice, which allows me to explore as much of its game as I want, and I can't remember a moment where I didn't want to. Even with the (unfortunate) issue of the same familiar enemies, the stage design, the smart objectives and bosses, full of personality, and the art that made me admire different aspects of the game and the choices of its creative team, keep things fresh, enough to always want to get back in the game.
  56. Splatoon 3 feels complete. The new additions are more significant than what we had in Splatoon 2 at launch. They make it feel like a finished game.
  57. Sep 7, 2022
    The colorful world of Splatoon is back with a sequel that neither disappoints nor surprises, while continuing to be irresistible.
  58. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 confirms that this is one of the freshest and funniest franchises in Nintendo's portfolio.
  59. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is the culmination of its own formula with a more complete experience than ever. Inspired by the Octo Expansion, this new episode offers a fun story mode with the diversity of its levels and its pleasant hub to explore. The title does not forget its fundamentals with an effective multiplayer, as usual, which benefits from new subtle movements and new weapons. And if the Salmon Run is still as nice as ever, what it offers is very similar to what we experienced in Splatoon 2. And if its close proximity to its predecessor is the main criticism that we can make of this third opus , it's still a great new exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.
  60. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, nor does it need to. Instead, it improves nearly every franchise element in sometimes small but meaningful ways. With an already-robust set of content available at launch and at least two years of free and premium content on the horizon, Splatoon 3 is simultaneously the series’ best entry to date and its most promising.
  61. 85
    While more iterative than it is innovative, Splatoon 3 is without a doubt the best entry in the series yet. Despite lacking new multiplayer modes at launch, there's a clear commitment to content and quality, with each aspect of the package being pushed to its logical extreme through smart and meaningful additions. This is the most feature-complete and tightly designed Splatoon to date, and you'd be missing out if you choose to pass it up.
  62. Sep 7, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  63. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is better than Splatoon 2: the new lobbies and catalogs make for a more rewarding experience... but essentially, is exactly the same, as there are no new modes within the competitive or co-op play. It's very fun but also very conservative, although it is elevated by a great single player mode, longer and similar to the Octo Expansion.
  64. Sep 15, 2022
    A fun shooter that shines thanks to a few tweaks to the original formula, as well as some new weapons, maps, and customization options that make Splatoon 3 the best chapter in the saga.
  65. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is confirmed as a title in full continuity with its predecessors, supported by a formula that, seven years after the debut of the series, has not lost a drop of its bursting effectiveness. With an immediate, atypical and hilarious gameplay, the Nintendo title overwhelms players with a barrage of high-intensity multiplayer battles, at the center of a competitive proposal that, net of its undoubted qualities, would certainly have benefited from the '' introduction of more significant innovations, also on the purely content front. The improvements on the side of the "quality of life" of the users are welcome, mind you, so so are the additions to the paraphernalia, the catalog of skills and the list of maps, but a little courage could have opened up the exclusivity the doors of excellence. As for the single player sector, however, not all the changes made to the offer have fully convinced us, although the overall balance still stands at more than positive values. In short, if you loved the first two Splatoon, this sequel will not struggle to conquer you, and in case you have never splatted in company ... well, maybe it's time to think about it.
  66. Oct 28, 2022
    A shooting game, but kid-friendly and, above all, rock-solid. Those last two adjectives have been Nintendo's USP since the late 1980s, and Splatoon 3 is brimming with that DNA. A breath of fresh air for those tired of the Call of duty's and Overwatches of this world for a while.
  67. Oct 10, 2022
    Despite its network issues and generational design flaws, every part of playing Splatoon 3 is a joy. Much like the tired, exterior brickwork of an old home, sometimes all it needs Is a fresh coat of paint to help you realise how much you love the foundation.
  68. Oct 5, 2022
    Not a revolution, but a very solid third instalment of the famous colour shooter series. The gameplay is great, it’s got fun multiplayer and, surprisingly, enough to do if you play alone. But it does miss an unexpected spark of some kind…
  69. 80
    Splatoon 3 might not reinvent the wheel, but it more than makes up for it with the most fully-featured and polished entry in the series to date.
  70. Sep 29, 2022
    As expected, Splatoon 3 is a terrific game. It’s addictive, its core concept is still brilliant, the story mode turned out to be surprisingly good and there are some minor overall improvements. If you haven’t played two previous entries to the series, you should definitely add something to the score. The disappointing thing is, five years were not enough for the developers to stir the old paint properly and for me Splatoon 3 often felt more like a DLC than a full-fledged sequel.
  71. Sep 29, 2022
    Even more colourful, engaging and eccentric than ever before, Splatoon 3 is bringing the same highly amusing casual and competitive fun of Splatoon’s unique paint-based versus gameplay and polishes it closer to perfection, like topping up some old decorations with a fresh coat of paint. It is disappointing that there is nothing ground-breaking, as new weapons, maps and a couple of modes are nothing to scream about, but the campaign is the best and most inventive it has been yet, bringing a good solid 7+ hours of fun. The game also throws in a card battler for some added distraction. The quality-of-life improvements to the multiplayer were so needed, bringing the game closer to the current modern age of online gameplay.
  72. Sep 29, 2022
    There’s very little wrong with Splatoon 3. Almost everything it does is done well, and the few minor complaints I have are likely to be fixed or involve a card game that most players will likely ignore. Its plethora of quality-of-life changes means this will almost certainly be the best game in the series going forward and the place for new players to jump in. Right now, though, if I have to pick between those quality of life changes or the larger amount of content in Splatoon 2, that’s not as easy a choice as it should be because the gameplay hasn’t evolved in any major way, and little of the new content truly stands out. Which means that while I can easily recommend Splatoon 3 to series devotees desperate for new content and new players needing a good starting point, anyone who falls in between may want to wait for the game to be fleshed out before diving in.
  73. Sep 20, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a delight. For long-time fans, you know what you're getting. It's more of the (admittedly excellent) same, albeit with tighter mechanics, some welcome balances and a brilliantly overhauled campaign experience. The changes here do not miss, but it could be argued that's because this entry ultimately plays it safe. If you enjoyed the first 2 Splatoon titles, you will love this. If you've never played Splatoon before, you will be absolutely charmed by what's on offer. If you were looking for something wholly different from what's come before… you may be left wanting. Nevertheless, Splatoon 3 is a very, very good shooter whose novelty makes it easy to recommend.
  74. Sep 19, 2022
    Splatoon 3 offers entertaining, fast-paced multiplayer action that anyone can enjoy, but the new features don't differentiate the game much from its predecessor.
  75. Sep 18, 2022
    Refinement is the name of the game as Splatoon 3 brings the series forward while keeping its one-of-a-kind gameplay exhilarating and approachable.
  76. Sep 15, 2022
    As Nintendo's unique Splatoon series reaches its third installment, the addictive online mode is accompanied by a single player mode that is at least as good. With levels filled with clever and varied ideas, this is Nintendo at its best. Online, much is the same as before - but why fix something that still works well?
  77. Sep 15, 2022
    I’ve been playing versions of this game on and off for seven years now, but the fun doesn’t wear off. Splatoon 3 doesn’t offer something different, it offers more: more fashions, more modes, more ways to spend time in its messy, chaotic universe, alone or together. It is delightful to be back.
  78. Sep 15, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is simply a very good game that can be, however, considered a bit too derivative. But if I were to rate this game without the context of the prequels, the impression would be quite excellent.
  79. 80
    If you’re looking for reasons to upgrade from Splatoon 2, the differences are so small that I can’t say there’s anything that would convince you. On the bright side, if the words “Splatoon 3” were all you needed to get excited, then make no mistake: this is—by a small margin—the best Splatoon has ever been.
  80. Sep 13, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is the definitive title of the series since it improves remarkably in comparison to its predecessors. It feels somewhat continuous but manages to keep some things dynamic with its improved gameplay. It is a game that everyone can play in co-op mode without the need to know the previous games.
  81. Sep 13, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a well-crafted game that provides a highly enjoyable experience for both fans and newcomers to the franchise. While the campaign isn’t long at about 8-10 hours, it still sports a good amount of varied content with a multiplayer mode that’ll keep you engaged for hours on end.
  82. 80
    Splatoon 3 makes many fantastic improvements and changes to the games before it. These minor additions will surely go a long way in retaining a large number of players, even if most of the brand-new content feels somewhat lacking. Splatoon 3 is the best game to start with for newcomers to the franchise. It might be tougher to convince die-hard fans of its merit, but future updates and changes will likely sway their opinions as well.
  83. Sep 13, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is simultaneously brilliant and frustrating.
  84. Sep 12, 2022
    More of the same. But you know, it's a pretty good « same » at heart. Splatoon 3 is packed with little innovations that are enough to justify a new buy. A lot of things are easily forgiven for this truly creative game.
  85. Sep 12, 2022
    With a sizable single-player campaign, enhanced multiplayer modes, as well as an expanded arsenal of whimsical weapons, Nintendo has yet again proven why Splatoon is now one of its most valuable properties. Its core mechanics remain brilliant, only elevated by the superb soundtrack that helps keep things fresh. While nothing revolutionary, Splatoon 3 refines everything that players love about the series for what is its best entry yet.
  86. Sep 12, 2022
    Splatoon 3 feels like a fresh coat of paint for the series, with a new story mode as well as additional weapons, stages and enemies. With the main multiplayer modes largely unchanged compared to Splatoon 2, series veterans may feel aggrieved that there aren’t any substantial upgrades or new game modes. But Splatoon 3 still offers spades of fun and will no doubt be one of the leading multiplayer titles on the Nintendo Switch.
  87. Sep 12, 2022
    Splatoon 3 offers more of the same, but apparently that's enough for tens of hours of fun. I was still a bit hesitant about parts 1 and 2, but now I call myself a Splatoon fan without batting an eyelid. Come, dive in too!
  88. Sep 9, 2022
    There is no doubt that Splatoon 3 sets out on a path that has already been paved by its predecessors, leading straight to success. The game manages to provide the same sense of colorful action and enjoyment in a more refined way compared to the previous titles, though it lacks the spirit and the features that would name it as a true sequel. Until all the new features that have been promised by Nintendo become available, Splatoon 3 will remain a game that we enjoy, yet we do not truly need.
  89. Sep 7, 2022
    Both previous games had surprisingly strong online offerings – and it’s possible this third game’s lack of new ideas might be addressed in the coming months, as Splatoon 3 embraces its nature as a rolling service game. Regardless, though, the launch day package is a definitive Splatoon offering – and a very easy recommendation.
  90. Sep 7, 2022
    Hardly any major innovations, but many small improvements: The thrillingly fast color shooter Splatoon 3 offers a more rounded overall package than its predecessors.
  91. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is an excellent sequel that mainly picks up on the best aspects of parts one and two. Everything works just that little bit more logically and runs as you would expect, from the signature gameplay to the menus. Except for a more extensive, fun single player campaign, you don't have to count on much news.
  92. Sep 7, 2022
    Messy and marvellous, Splatoon 3 is an excellent addition to one of Nintendo’s most creative series. An entertaining campaign delivers fun for all ages, assuming you can pull yourself away from Turf War for five minutes, while the world of Splatsville is a vibrant and immersive treat.
  93. Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks to its fantastic multiplayer, quality of life changes, and great single-player, Splatoon 3 is undoubtedly the best game in the series. It won’t be changing anyone’s mind if they don’t already love the series and is essentially just more Splatoon, but I’ll be damned if that’s a bad thing.
  94. Sep 7, 2022
    While the games have their limitations (the lack of an in-game chat feature has always been frustrating), I always thought that the bar to enjoying these games were much lower than standard shooters, if only because the primary objective is never to "splat" enemies. Luckily, Nintendo didn't switch up its already successful Splatoon formula for Splatoon 3. The game feels bigger than its predecessors, but most of the major changes are meant to improve players' quality of life in game. While some might feel frustrated by the seeming lack of innovation in Splatoon 3, I found that the game understands what works with Splatoon and keeps with it, making only modest changes to make an already fun experience even better.
  95. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a game that’s easy to take for granted. It’ll be tempting to write it off as another fun multiplayer game in a crowded sea -- and one that costs $60 more than some perfectly playable alternatives. But what the Switch exclusive does here should be the norm, not the exception. It’s a fully formed and carefully constructed game out the gate, rather than a good proof of concept that’ll live and die by the developer’s ability to keep up. It doesn’t build out its world after the fact through supplementary YouTube videos and it doesn’t need to pepper in references to other beloved media to manufacture entertainment. Everything you need to enjoy the experience is there on day one, not hiding in a development roadmap.
  96. Sep 7, 2022
    Nintendo's threequel has flashes of brilliance everywhere.
  97. Sep 7, 2022
    This is without a doubt the definitive way to experience the Splatoon series going forward, especially with the promise of new updates for the next two years. The fast-paced gameplay is as fluid and compelling as ever, and the various loveable residents of Splatsville are going to become fan favourites, fast.
  98. 80
    Technically this is the best Splatoon ever, but the complete lack of anything approaching a new idea is profoundly disappointing.
  99. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon is back with its colorful and fun action gameplay. In addition, it is now richer in content than ever before. The problem with the game is that it doesn't bring any real new mechanics or features.
  100. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a bit like your mum making your favourite meal when you head home for the holidays. It’s been a few years since the last game — while there have been some great improvements and additions, it’s the same old Splatoon we know and love, and that’s still pretty great.
  101. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is a small(fry) step forward in the series. It doesn't take the leaps and bounds from the previous titles that would have taken it to the next level, but honestly, Splatoon 2 was a pretty hard game to follow up on. Splatoon 3 is the same reliable fun the franchise has always been, and it has the much-needed improvements that fans clamored for, but players should just be aware of how much new content there actually is before committing to purchasing.
  102. Sep 19, 2022
    Splatoon 3 continues to ride on its ink wave of success thanks to a solid gameplay foundation, with some minor tweaks, extra content, and an improved user experience. Whether or not that’s enough, after years of development and another full price tag, will depend on what you're looking to get out of the experience.
  103. Sep 15, 2022
    All in all, putting the online infrastructure disaster aside, Splatoon 3 is a lot of fun, but I can’t help but feel like it could have been an update to Splatoon 2 rather than a new game. I enjoyed the new story mode, the new weapons are great, and the lobby changes are fantastic, but everything else just feels like too little to warrant $60. I generally don’t like to evaluate games on price point, but it needs to be said this is more like Splatoon 2.25 than a full jump in number or even just half. Once you take into account the awful connection it definitely doesn’t feel worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good game and a great entry for new fans, but I’d get basically the same experience and probably slightly more stable in Splatoon 2 and that’s still right there on my home screen. Nintendo really needs to step their game up in terms of updates, and for God’s sake invest in some servers or better netcode.
  104. Sep 7, 2022
    Did you like Splatoon? Did you enjoy Splatoon 2? And what about Splatoon 2 : Octo Expansion? Did you like it ? Then you'll love Splatoon 3! True to itself, the game does not really seek to convince a new audience, and is careful not to offend the regulars. Yes, despite the arrival of several small new features (weapons, maps, replays, Map mode and territories, etc.) Splatoon 3 clearly relies on its achievements.
  105. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 is as polished and fun as its predecessors, but little else.
  106. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3 may be the series’ best entry yet, featuring some nice gameplay tweaks and new weaponry, an expanded and polished story mode, and more launch content than its predecessors. That said, it’s very much an evolutionary sequel, every bit as iterative as many of the shooter franchises it’s meant to be an alternative to. After a five-year absence, that may not be enough for some. Splatoon 3 is still fun and funky, but Nintendo’s squid shooter series can’t get by on freshness alone forever.
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  1. Sep 19, 2022
    The best and most complete Splatoon game ever made. You should try it if you have a Nintendo Switch console. [Recommended]
  2. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3's existence feels like a corporate decision, meant to fill a release calendar, as opposed to being driven by good design ideas. I rarely find myself thinking that about a Nintendo game, but Splatoon 3 is that disappointing.
  3. Sep 7, 2022
    There are few surprises to be found in Splatoon 3's multiplayer or campaign, but it is the best Nintendo's spectacular series has been to date. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  4. Sep 7, 2022
    As it stands, Splatoon 3 is a wildly inventive story campaign paired with a massive amount of multiplayer modes and options, making it the most robust Splatoon game so far. I need more time to put the multiplayer modes through their paces, but the foundation appears strong. [Review in Progress; Provisional Score = 70]
  5. Sep 7, 2022
    Splatoon 3’s single-player campaign takes all the highs of Splatoon 2’s creative Octo Expansion missions and places them in a satisfying hub world where freedom of choice lets you get as much as you want out of your playthrough — confident that you’ll be back for more. Even when it relies heavily on familiar enemies, smart level design and objectives, and bosses brimming with personality keep things fresh for the whole ride. [Single-Player review score = 80]
  6. Sep 7, 2022
    The game still feels like it’s treading water. And at this point, it might be too little, too late. The series has had two chances to evolve and continue to be a standout series for a generation of Nintendo fans. But it’s only taken baby steps, when it needed to take leaps. Splatoon 3’s script and characters suggest that it’s been keeping up with the times since it burst onto the scene seven years ago. But its stagnant design pillars suggest otherwise. The result is a game that reaches for the excitement of the original, but can’t quite grasp it.
  7. Sep 7, 2022
    As it stands, Splatoon 3 has just about everything I’d want in a sequel — and my real hope is that it’ll be a nice, long while before we see another one. The online space has changed dramatically since Splatoon debuted in 2015, with almost every large-scale multiplayer game essentially doubling as a live service experience. The living, breathing worlds of games like Fortnite have altered player expectations. I spent a long time perfecting my craft (and wardrobe) in Splatoon 2, and now I have to essentially start over from scratch. Hopefully, Splatoon 3 has the kind of life — and support from Nintendo — that means I won’t have to do that again for a long time.
  8. Sep 7, 2022
    If you’re in it purely for the single player content, you’ll find a lot to love in Splatoon 3. It’s disappointing that there’s pretty much nothing else for you if you’re completely offline – without live servers we haven’t even been able to access the included Tableturf Battle card game or spend any time customising anything – but we’ll have more to say once we can actually get stuck into the rest of the game. [Review in Progress]
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  1. Sep 13, 2022
    It's full of connections issues that destroy all the good points, I'm really disappointed.
  2. Sep 12, 2022
    What a disappointment for the 3rd Splatoon iteration. I find it hard to believe that this looks and feels exactly like Splatoon 2. It’s onlyWhat a disappointment for the 3rd Splatoon iteration. I find it hard to believe that this looks and feels exactly like Splatoon 2. It’s only the first week and matches are already horribly unbalanced, weapons are a joke, and now I get randomly disconnected with a threatening message insinuating it’s my end? This game is giant bug. Single player is roughly the same formula with different characters, it’s just a mega disappointment. This feels like Splatoon 2.5, but why make me buy the same game twice? Full Review »
  3. Sep 28, 2022
    Worst game design.

    Battle mode is totally unbalanced, so if you're new you'll fight against high level players with their fully upgraded
    Worst game design.

    Battle mode is totally unbalanced, so if you're new you'll fight against high level players with their fully upgraded weapons and clothes, and if you're high level player you'll carry the newbies to lose your fights.

    Salmon Run is the stupidest game design ever made, to get the needed fish scales you need to fight the boss in the extra 4th phase that only happens once in a while, so you'll get levels and upgrade your Salmon Run rank before you can even reach the boss, thing is this is increasing the difficulty of the game like crazy, so the time you reach the boss the game will be way too hard and the only way for you to get scales would be to lose every game as fast as possible until your rank is lowered to the minimum for the game difficulty to be playable and fun again.

    Story mode is barely ok, some stages are stupidly easy, other ones are stupidly hard, or you get killed or fall in a trap right before the end of the stage.

    Game designer behind this must be fired and never hired again for this job,
    when you can't make a balanced difficulty, can't scale battles with players of the same level, and have fun creating frustrating traps and bad stages, you're not good for this job.

    A good game is suposed to be fun, not punishing the player for being new in battle mode, for reaching the end of a stage in story mode, and for leveling up in co-op mode.

    Splatoon 3 feels like a fast game with bad game design made only for taking money because the other preceding games worked.
    Full Review »