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    I really recommend playing this game. It’s a quick play, doesn’t overstay its welcome, and is packed with a lot of love and charm. I really enjoyed the writing and voices, as well as the art direction. I’m unsure if the Switch version got this as an exclusive, but there’s a couple of Nintendo jokes to be found early on that started the game off with a great tone. It ran great in both handheld and docked mode. I recommend headphones to hear all of the music, sound effects, and voices as clearly as possible. It’s not a game I’d play on the bus, or in a busy area without headphones because of the great voices. But subtitles are an option as well. If you have a moment to try something new, and fun, give this one a look.
  2. Jan 30, 2018
    Stick It to the Man plays great in both handheld and docked modes.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 9 Ratings

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  1. Nov 29, 2017
    Did grim fandango and Rocko’s Modern Life have a baby?

    Mob bosses, suicidal sleeze balls, dancing queens and kings all help to flesh out
    Did grim fandango and Rocko’s Modern Life have a baby?

    Mob bosses, suicidal sleeze balls, dancing queens and kings all help to flesh out the world in Stick it to the Man. A puzzle adventure game developed by Swedish studio Zoink games and originally released in 2016. With an essence of 90s cartoons reminding me of ahhhh real monsters with a twist of rocko’s modern life, you explore as Ray Doewood. A normal guy with abnormal problems.

    After getting hit in the head with a secret government capsule containing a strange silhouetted creature, Ray wakes up with a huge piece of pink spaghetti sticking out of his head. This magenta noodle gives you some super powers that allow you to read minds, swing from push pin to push pin, and tear through the paper world you inhabit. Trying to dodge goons sent by an evil cigarette toting villain. With the goal of finding problem solving stickers which you then use to solve the problems of the characters around you...and oh what characters they are.

    Platforming through each level, you use your noodle to read the minds of different people or animals that you encounter. Finding out their ironic problems, then searching the world for a sticker that solves them. A pair of mobster brothers are having their own internal family struggles while getting ready to bind a man’s feet in cement, then toss him in the river. While that man is in the trunk late to meet up with his girlfriend to win a dance competition; all next to a dog who is waiting to get payback on the mobster brothers. Just a few sticks and the dog gets his payback, the mobsters get what’s coming, and the dancing couple can cure their case of saturday night fever.

    While you do platform in this game and a few times, swinging from push pin to push pin dodging goons can be quite a challenge. The foundation of Stick it To The Man is the layered and eccentric world Zoink games has created. From a therapist who wants to solve every ailment with a lobotomy, to a lousy magician whose dead wife is mad at him because he accidentally sawed her in half. Each level leaves you with a smile on your face as you stick some goofy solution together to keep these crazy characters satisfied.

    While the ten chapter campaign moves along relatively quickly, the concise nature of this game gets you in and out, before you linger too long, never wondering I go next.

    Playing on the go was not my preferred choice for Stick it To The Man, as you really need to be immersed in each level to have a cohesive experience. Definitely not a pick up and play for 15 minutes sort of game. I would recommend docked mode, with some time to invest in the characters and theme of each level.

    If you’re a fan of adventure games in the light of Grim Fandango, then Stick it To The Man is certainly for you. While very light on the platforming aspect, it has a great sense of humor, fantastic visuals, and extremely satisfying narrative puzzles. This game will certainly keep you stuck

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  2. Nov 26, 2017
    Stick it to The Man!
    From charming to tedious
    Stick it to the man is an adventure game where you play as Ray... a hard hat tester The game
    Stick it to The Man!
    From charming to tedious
    Stick it to the man is an adventure game where you play as Ray... a hard hat tester
    The game starts with him getting hit on the head, to find himself in this dream worth with a pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his head... and of course you have to figure out exactly what is going on…
    This opening tutorial level takes you through the basics...
    And is honestly what I wish the entire game was… a straight forward adventure platformer.. but sadly it isnt
    This is a game is told across 10 different chapters and is all about readings minds and trading items...
    It’s about 4 hours long and is full of humor which makes it so enjoyable…
    Your sticky hand can be used to grab thumb tacks to reach higher locations in a levels, but more importantly its used to read characters minds, and snatch their thoughts in the form of a sticker…
    As an adventure game you’re basically running around an area, using your map to see locations you haven’t been to yet and interacting with everything you can, listening to everyone’s thoughts until eventually someone thinks of an item you can grab and take it to the person that needs that item.. They’ll then either think of a new item or drop an item you need for someone else... and the cycle continues...
    It’s a really fun cycle, definitely one of my favorite ways an adventure game is delivered... you aren’t really combining items.. Just listening to characters, their needs, and providing them with those items to eventually be able to get what you need to move onto the next section…
    However… listening to characters gets old really fast…
    Dialog can go on for what feels like forever…
    Thankfully you are able to just fast forward thoughts, which is what I ended up doing for more than half of the game...
    he mind reading novelty quickly wore off for me…
    but you’re not the only one that knows about your sticky hand...
    There are of course bad guys after you too, and you’re able to read their minds to put effects on them like temporarily putting them asleep so you can sneak past them..
    At first they’re a nice little challenge for you to overcome every once in a while... but by the games end they just become a nuisance in your way...
    As the game wants to annoying you with like 5 of them at once…
    Though I was over this game long before its conclusion…
    This is still a really clever and charming game…
    There’s a story and mystery that keeps you going forward, the adventure aspects are delivered wonderfully and the writing is guaranteed to make you laugh here and there…
    I give Stick it to the Man!
    A 7.5/10
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