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  1. May 26, 2020
    Where MLB The Show is basically just refining its (admittedly very good) formula while it waits around for the next generation, and RBI Baseball chose this year to take a step backwards, SMB3 feels like a substantial improvement over its predecessors — which I already loved without reservation. It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s got about as much depth as you could want in a baseball game. Just about the only thing missing at this point is a create-a-player feature — which, I hope, is in the cards for my presumptive 2023 GOTY, Super Mega Baseball 4.
  2. May 22, 2020
    The pitching mechanics have improved, the base-stealing is light-years better than before (it actually takes good timing and skill to execute), and the game’s performance is excellent. There were only a couple hiccups I experienced, but that was in online play which could’ve just been connection related. If you’ve been looking for a great baseball game to play on the Switch, Super Mega Baseball 3 should be your first choice. They’re also offering a free demo that allows you to play the online Pennant Race mode, play the Exhibition games, and access to player customizations. Hope to see you in-game sometime soon!
  3. 95
    Super Mega Baseball 3 continues the masterful mix of arcade and simulation baseball to make one of the best sports games ever made.
  4. May 26, 2020
    If you’re a Switch owner with a passing interest in baseball, Super Mega Baseball 3 is a must buy. One of the best independent titles to date on the platform – and arguably the best indy sports title, period – it does everything its predecessors did…only better.
  5. May 23, 2020
    What it lacks in hyperrealism and officially-licensed teams, Super Mega Baseball 3 more than makes up for with a carefully adjusted set of physics that are deep enough to cater to RBI Baseball players while offering up the welcome addition of some improved modes. Franchise mode alone feels like a proper extension of the brand, with its irreverent sense of humour lending a welcome nuance to an otherwise content-heavy sports simulation.
  6. 80
    Super Mega Baseball 3 provides a fun, arcadey baseball experience that isn't too hard to get into and offers a lot of laughs due to its zany nature.
  7. 70
    Super Mega Baseball 3 feels like the baseball games I used to love from a few generations ago. Liberated of the "depth" of modern sports games, there's an efficiency to the action that is appealing, and the gameplay modes that it does offer are all compelling. On the pitch, the difficulty curve is perfectly tuned, and while the game doesn't innovate and is ultimately destined to be the kind of thing that you pick up for short bursts of play at a time in multiplayer, the accessibility makes this one so much more appropriate for that than most other sports games out there. It's good, honest and clean entertainment, and that's something a lot of sports game developers have lost sight of in their efforts to monetise every moment of their content.
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  1. May 13, 2020
    Great gameplay, a little more difficult than before, less silly, more realistic, but more features and strategy:
    -Full Review: The
    Great gameplay, a little more difficult than before, less silly, more realistic, but more features and strategy:
    -Full Review:

    The third iteration in this franchise holds many of the same values as the last two, but adds franchise mode, where you can take a team from the start and grow both your current players, and sign new ones as seasons go on. These are all welcome additions for players interested in more customization, though may limit new players looking for more of an arcade experience. As far as I’ve seen, there are no obvious issues with the switch port. The updated graphics are nice, but the feel has changed from outlandish and goofy to a bit closer to reality. There are still silly looks and sounds, but I’m missing a bit of the ridiculousness that the previous iterations brought. The gameplay seems to be a bit faster than before, with pitching and hitting being a little harder to time at first. Despite this, it remains a great game all around. If I had to make a change, it would be to bring updated graphics and game mechanics to the old silly character models, where butts stick out to make the characters look like an S.
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  2. May 14, 2020
    Played a LOT of SMB2 on both PC and Switch. This feels a lot like a massive expansion to SMB2 rather than a new iteration. The newPlayed a LOT of SMB2 on both PC and Switch. This feels a lot like a massive expansion to SMB2 rather than a new iteration. The new franchise mode is lite compared to some baseball simulations, but works fine for SMB. TBH if I wanted a realistic franchise mode, I would not be playing the competitors to this product, I would be playing OOTP. Difficulty seems fine, as long as you don't expect to be playing at your SMB2 ego level in the first few dozen games. Seems to be a lot more errors now than in SMB2, but I could be unlucky or rusty. The main point is that I am already hooked, will not be playing SMB2, probably ever, due to this product, and plan on playing a LOT of SMB3. At least until I can manage my Crocodons out of this mess that the last GM placed them in. Who makes at least 3 major moves and still doesn't address the glaring issue of the bullpen? ;)

    . . . on a side note, if they figure out how to share saves between PC and Switch, I will buy a second copy again.

    (Quick edit : When I state there are more errors, I mean player errors, not game bugs. I have yet to encounter any bugs or glaring testing issues).
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