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  1. 60
    It would be easy to take one look at Super Ping Pong Trick Shot and write it off as shovelware, but to my surprise there’s more below the surface. Offering a rather robust challenge mode, a score attack, and local multiplayer, there was more to this little game than I could have imagined. Unfortunately the simple game mechanics and repetitiveness start to run thin sooner rather than later. This is one you’ll end up putting down way before you see everything it has to offer.
  2. Oct 26, 2017
    Don’t be fooled, Super Ping Pong Trick Shot is entirely and unabashedly all about trying to get a ball to land in a cup. What it sets out to do, it does right. It’s not particularly exceptional in any way, however the basic concept is addictive enough to overlook the bland visuals and clustered user interface. The range of levels to play across multiple modes and the inclusion of both touch-screen and gyro control options are an added bonus. If you want a game that you can enjoy in short bursts in between time consuming titles, Super Ping Pong Trick Shot will do the job. Don’t expect it to work wonders, just enjoy its simplicity for what it is.
  3. Nov 20, 2017
    Super Ping Pong Trick Shot is exactly what it says: a game based on trick shots with a ping pong ball. Everything is simple here, perhaps too simple regarding the game's presentation but the puzzles are well designed and despite two out of its four control systems being virtually useless, the game can provide a limited amount of fun.
  4. Oct 26, 2017
    Super Ping Pong Trick Shot is a game you probably wouldn't even buy on a mobile device to waste a bit of time, let alone a dedicated gaming system. It's cheap, but so are some other eShop titles and your money is better spent elsewhere.
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  1. Nov 28, 2017
    For only $4.99 it may keep you busy for a while, but you’re likely to be bored with it before all 80 stages are complete.
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