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  1. 65
    All in all, Super Sportmatchen definitely has a cool retro appeal and is fun as a multiplayer game, and if you often have friends over and are looking to add some variety to your game nights, give the title a look. That said, I can’t recommend it for solo players, there simply isn’t enough content or variety. This game finishes the race, but it would need a few disqualifications to earn a medal.
  2. Jun 8, 2018
    Super Sportmatchen deserves some praise for including online leaderboards to help prolong the replay value of the individual experience. A lot of games of this calibre fail to add this feature. Competing against the A.I. will definitely get old, fast, so this is a great way to sustain interest. For some, this still might not be enough. The main contest here is the local multiplayer. Provided you have friends or family around, this is another one of those titles that is fun for brief sessions in between more prominent multiplayer titles.