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  1. Dec 12, 2017
    Where it takes mechanics from others in the industry, it improves upon them; where it introduces new ones, you slap your forehead in amazement that it hasn’t been done before. Breath of the Wild is development done right, and damn near the best game you’ll play all year.
  2. Aug 30, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece.
  3. May 7, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing short of a masterpiece. The changes made to this game make it both brand new and familiar. The world the game brings us to is vast, beautiful and breathtaking and the soundtrack and sound design are absolutely phenomenal. As a man who has interest in game design this game is a great lesson in how it's done, as a gamer this was a great game to play and as a long time fan of the series I was just so happy I got to play this game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was set to be a one of a kind experience and indeed it was.
  4. CD-Action
    Apr 26, 2017
    I was truly shocked by how good Breath of the Wild is. Nintendo decided to wade into the sandbox games genre dominated by western developers and the result is an open world which outrivals all Assassin’s Creeds, Skyrims, The Witchers and Just Causes combined and offers unprecedented degree of interaction. Simply put, Breath of the Wild is the unbelievable new standard for open world games. [05/2017, p.56]
  5. Apr 26, 2017
    There are no words to describe just how divine Breath of the Wild is. It’s easy to pinpoint its mortal weaknesses, but impossible to number all the strengths, this game represents a new definition of perfection. A simple, outstanding reminder of how simple ideas can overcome modern desires through the power of sheer effort and love.
  6. Nintendo Force Magazine
    Apr 24, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of those rare games. It's an Ocarina of Time-level game. It is a Super Mario Galaxy-level game. This is a game that we're going to be talking about for decades to come. [Issue #27 – May/June 2017, p. 74]
  7. Apr 21, 2017
    It’s beautiful, emotional, full of surprises and nostalgia, and just flat-out enjoyable to play at every moment. While I have played open world titles before, Breath of the Wild gave me a new sense of control over how my adventure played out, offering me a steady flow of chosen objectives and paths to them without overwhelming me with unnecessary information or bogging me down in sidequests. Mechanically sound, aesthetically pleasing (often breathtaking), challenging but rewarding, Breath of the Wild is a joyous journey you won’t want to put down, just so you can see what’s on the other side of each new hill.
  8. Apr 19, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a stunning achievement in terms of gameplay, technical detail, and world building, making the overall experience just fantastic. The Zelda series is certainly no stranger to quality, producing high quality titles since the days of Link to the Past. Never, though, has there been a Zelda quite like this. The openness of its structure brings a breadth of adventure that the series hasn't seen in a long time. It is not only a fantastic game in its own right, but provides a base for the series to build on for years to come. This instance of Hyrule is a joy to explore, and no fan of adventures, or games in general, should miss out on this title.
  9. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Apr 18, 2017
    Zelda gets you in with a series of clever puzzles, interactivity and richness of the gaming world, catchy combat and great design. One of the best games of all time. [Issue#273]
  10. Apr 6, 2017
    Breath of the Wild isn’t just the best Zelda game ever crafted, it’s one of the best games of all time...Hand over the crown, Ocarina of Time.
  11. 100
    If it’s impossible to have a perfect game, then the game that earns a perfect score is the one that is as good as we have any right to expect. I expected a lot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And with its beauty, scope, innovation, sheer playability, and nearly constant sense of joy and wonder, it soared beyond those expectations with ease...So yes, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild receives a perfect score, only the third I’ve given out here on Post Arcade. Now go play. It’s almost unimaginable that you will be disappointed.
  12. Mar 22, 2017
    It is a magical trip to a brave new world for the franchise. There are some issues and possibly a few flaws, but they are not capable of leaving even a smudge on the beautiful face of this masterpiece.
  13. Mar 20, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a marvel of design; it’s a wonder of ingenuity, and it has completely changed the standard when it comes to open world game creation.
  14. Mar 18, 2017
    The largest Zelda? No dispute. The finest launch title for a new console? So, it is. And isn´t it also the best Zelda? Yippee. And something more. Breath of the Wild is so far the best Zelda, which will be unforgettably written in the history of open-world games.
  15. Mar 15, 2017
    The new Zelda game is so big and so full of everything that it's impossible to write about all of that in a traditional review. Breath of the Wild is a true system seller, probably the best starting game in the history of gaming. Nintendo is back and if only this quality of game design is maintained, Switch will become THE console. No question.
  16. Mar 14, 2017
    Breath of the Wild breathes the fresh air that the series needed, and it's this renovated air that makes this game so phenomenal. It's that sense of freedom, of liberation, of emancipation that we want for our lives, to look at the clock and not feel tortured with routine. That's the feeling that Breath of the Wild brings to every gameplay. If you are a gamer (whatever company you cheer for), don't miss the opportunity to play this Legend of Zelda. Games like this don't pop up every day.
  17. Mar 14, 2017
    One of the best Zelda games to date and it’s also the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch due to its portability. It’s a very well-crafted game with some wonderful gaming mechanics and nothing feels contrived or limited but rather, it creates a very engaging open-world experience and one that feels real on so many levels.
  18. Mar 14, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a phenomenal title in and of itself, but it’s particularly special in that it embodies the vision for the series that Miyamoto and Aonuma have never been able to realize until now. It’s a game three decades in the making, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been waiting my entire life for this. Breath of the Wild is, by any measure except nostalgia, the best Zelda game ever made, and considering how many unbeatable classics this series has already produced, that is a staggering accomplishment.
  19. 100
    It’s by no means a perfect game, as no game can be. But its faults are simply overwhelmed by its positives, and they never detracted from the joy I felt with each passing hour. Indeed, it’s the best Zelda game the company has ever made, and certainly one of its best games of all time. In this, it’s more than just a game for the storied company: it’s a statement that Nintendo continues to have some of the best game developers in the world, and its understanding of joy is second to none.
  20. Mar 10, 2017
    Breath of the Wild doesn’t feel like an experiment for the Zelda series, it feels like the realization of what Zelda always wanted to be. It easily stands toe-to-toe with the best open world games of the generation, and is a marvelous way to introduce a brand new system. Whether you’re a Zelda fan or not, this is certainly an experience you should not miss out on.
  21. Mar 10, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a "Legendary" game and one of the absolute best in the long history of video games.
  22. Mar 10, 2017
    There are already a ton of great games in 2017, with plenty more to come over the next nine months, but Zelda is a once-a-generation title that I think no one should miss out on. Fans of the series will be in love, those that never managed to get into it will be enthralled. This is the next evolution of the series, and quite possibly one of the best games I have ever played. Do not miss this game.
  23. Mar 9, 2017
    A wonderful experience is what awaits the player in this piece of art. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a must-have and it represents a new era for the saga.
  24. Mar 9, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, without a doubt, a masterpiece. Its few minor faults do little to detract from one of the very best games ever made.
  25. Mar 8, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is easily a contender for the best game of all time. It's a mastercraft in both technical and game design, and one which we'll be talking about for many years to come.
  26. 100
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has taken over A Link to the Past as my favourite game in the entire Zelda series. Therefore, Breath of the Wild has become what I consider to be the greatest game I have ever played. It does not have the narrative depth of other games reviewed on this site, but it is the first open-world game since the original Legend of Zelda that successfully tells the player to take it at their own pace (without feeling like you should be doing something else).
  27. 100
    Despite the stellar story and the absolutely fantastic visuals (aside from some framerate issues on the Switch), it’s this world overflowing with life that will grab and hold your attention for hours upon hours of gaming. As much as this is a story-driven RPG, Breath of the Wild is about its world, a world so vast that you could spend hours upon hours traversing its lands (trust me, I did) before actually making tangible progress in the story...It’s the Zelda game we’ve all been waiting for.
  28. Mar 7, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is not just the best game in the franchise, it’s also manages to reinvent the open world genre. This will be remembered as a masterpiece for years to come.
  29. 100
    Many games have presented a "go anywhere, do anything" structure, but few have been filled with places, challenges and mysteries as intriguing and charming as Breath of the Wild. The massive land of Hyrule, from beautiful grassy plains and craggy mountains to marshy swamps and long-forgotten ruins, is rife with wildlife, monsters, villages and all manner of suspicious landmarks that tug constantly at your curiosity, and demand to be investigated.
  30. 100
    I’ve honestly fallen head over heels in love with Breath of the Wild in a way I’ve not fallen in love with an open world game before. While many of the singular elements I’ve spoken about here may not sound terribly groundbreaking for the genre, the way they come together once you’re a couple of hours deep is some of the best paced, polished and fun open world design I have ever experienced. The separate parts combine into something far exceeding their sum total.
  31. Mar 3, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is still very much a traditional Zelda adventure at its heart. Smart puzzles, dungeon-dwelling bosses, charming characters, and imaginative storytelling are still on the agenda. In fact, thanks to inspired new powers spawned from the mysterious Sheika Slate, puzzle-filled Shrines, brilliantly crafted enemy encounters, and a beautiful world brimming with life, the game's more familiar beats are better than ever.
  32. Mar 3, 2017
    This is the pinnacle of adventuring, Zelda style. It takes the core elements that fans know and love from Nintendo's long-standing series, and mixes it smoothly in with gorgeous open-world exploration of Xenoblade Chronicles, to craft something so breath-taking and absorbing that hours upon hours will pass by without notice, and barely any progress will have actually been made in the main story because there were so many other aspects to take in and play around with, as well as sub-missions that fit so naturally into the core quest. Nintendo has outdone itself with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - absolutely sublime work.
  33. Mar 2, 2017
    A titanic open world full of life and things to do, a robust combat system, the best story ever to grace the series, an unprecedented artistic direction, puzzles that will blow your mind...are only some of the elements that make The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild an authentic masterpiece that will leave a mark on this medium forever.
  34. Mar 2, 2017
    It's one of the best video games I've ever played, and is sure to keep you busy for many hours, days and weeks, exploring this vast, beautiful, unexpected world.
  35. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no mere Zelda game — it is a return to form for the decades-old series, showing that Nintendo still very much understands how to handle their property. Breath of the Wild may not only be the best Zelda game ever produced, but it rivals Super Mario 64 and Halo: Combat Evolved for the best launch game ever shipped with any console. With no exception, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterclass in game design and creativity, unprecedented from even Nintendo.
  36. Mar 2, 2017
    With Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has built a living, breathing world that you never want to leave. If you’re a newcomer to the series, a longtime fan or just want to see what all the hype is about, you won’t be disappointed.
  37. 100
    The characters are amazing, the world is gorgeous, the enemies make you become a better fighter, and the shrines and dungeons constantly force you to pay attention to your surroundings and think. It is an absolutely extraordinary game, one that is a fitting end to the Wii U and glorious beginning for the Switch.
  38. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild’s only tangible constraint is how creative the player can be at any given moment. The game is genuinely challenging, with secrets and rewards to be found around every corner. As you play, the staggering amount of ways in which you can interact with Hyrule naturally reveal themselves. There is always something new to discover, but at your own pace. Somehow, the adventure never loses momentum over dozens of hours of exploration, the inspired design holds up, making for an unmistakable Zelda game that completely changes everything expected from the series. After spending so much time with Breath of the Wild, it is already hard to imagine going back to the antiquated presentation of the past.
  39. Mar 2, 2017
    If there’s a better game out there than Breath of the Wild, I haven’t played it. Nintendo has created, for me, the greatest game of all time. It’s everything I want from a game and one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.
  40. Mar 2, 2017
    I think the result of all of its interlocking systems is a game that wants to slam you with moments of epiphanies. For me, my experience with Link’s Awakening was about getting that one major flash of insight and then using that to understand the rest of the game and then the rest of the Zelda series. For Breath of the Wild, Nintendo made a game that could replicate that moment over and over.
  41. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo firing on all cylinders. It's not just the best Zelda game yet, it's quite possibly the best game Nintendo has ever produced and is nothing short of a masterpiece.
  42. Mar 2, 2017
    Having played numerous RPGs over many years, it’s tough to think of one that is as spellbinding and so moreish as this. A modern day marvel on the Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is simply stunning.
  43. Mar 2, 2017
    It is dense yet lean; its maps bursting with distraction but without an inch of it wasted. It is classical yet modern; drawing on the heritage of its own illustrious series while openly embracing more recent gaming trends. It is challenging yet welcoming; giving you the choice to ease yourself in or take on some of the game’s most fearsome creatures...These are just some of the reasons why, after several dozen hours of play and despite not yet seeing its quest to completion, I am convinced that it is one of the very finest video games ever made.
  44. Mar 2, 2017
    In reinvigorating the Zelda series, Nintendo has rediscovered what gave it life all those years ago, capturing a spirit of adventure that flows through Breath of the Wild like the breeze on Hyrule's fields. Link and Princess Zelda's battle to save Hyrule and vanquish evil has rarely felt like such a personal journey, thanks to a masterful game defined by its peerless, charming and truly beautiful setting. A masterpiece.
  45. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s Magnum Opus. It’s not only the best Zelda game ever created, it’s also one of the very best videogames in the history of the art. Games like this are so rare that it would be impossible to classify it as anything other than a masterpiece. Experience it at all costs.
  46. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is the best example to describe the power of Nintendo and its people, that can transform the beautiful games of the past into current masterpieces.
  47. Mar 2, 2017
    A masterpiece of design that shows Nintendo at the top of his game and shows an incredible lesson in creating a open world game in all its meanings.
  48. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t just good, it’s the best launch title I’ve ever played. It will single-handedly validate the purchase of the Switch for many people, and given the device's $299 price tag that's a huge accomplishment.
  49. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild draws from many sources of inspiration, including older Zelda games and titles like Skyrim and The Witcher 3, to create something wholly unique. Nintendo has crafted a wide, beautiful world to explore, underpinned with some interesting emergent mechanics. Breath of the Wild stands as one of the best in the series and a great opener for Nintendo's newest console.
  50. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild isn’t just for longstanding Zelda fans, it’s the pinnacle of an open-world experience that will appeal to anyone looking for a great game. An overall lack of voiced dialogue and an initially tricky menu layout are easy to come to terms with and overlook when compared to the sheer scale and fun found in Breath of the Wild. Anyone wondering how it stacks up, it’s important to note that this could very well be the best Zelda has ever been, and it provides gamers of all walks with a Hyrule that’s more than worth saving.
  51. Mar 2, 2017
    I’ve mentioned Ocarina of Time a few times, and there’s a reason – it is the benchmark by which all other Zelda games are tested. Somehow, and beyond all of my expectations, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild exceeds that mark. I can confidently declare that Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game ever made.
  52. Mar 2, 2017
    This sense of wonder is something that I haven’t felt so strongly since I played A Link to the Past when I was seven years old. Ocarina of Time was able to capture some of that same magic in my teenage years. Now that I’m in my thirties, I don’t think that I expected it to be possible for a game to make me feel like that again.
  53. Mar 2, 2017
    A game that marries the best bits of the franchise’s long history with the best bits of the rest of the gaming world, and produces something even greater than the sum of its parts.
  54. Mar 2, 2017
    I was entranced by this version of Hyrule, and it surprised me at nearly every turn, from its wealth of discoveries to the way it shuns the established tropes of previous Zelda games. It represents a profound new direction for one of gaming’s best franchises and a new high point for open-world interactive experiences.
  55. Mar 2, 2017
    I guess, in the end, it’s not just that Breath of the Wild signals that Zelda has finally evolved and moved beyond the structure it’s leaned on for so long. It’s that the evolution in question has required Nintendo to finally treat its audience like intelligent people. That newfound respect has led to something big, and different, and exciting. But in an open world full of big changes, Breath of the Wild also almost always feels like a Zelda game — and establishes itself as the first current, vital-feeling Zelda in almost 20 years.
  56. Mar 2, 2017
    The most freeform Zelda yet, without sacrificing the charm, fun or quality you expect from the series. Nintendo’s finest work since Super Mario Galaxy.
  57. Mar 2, 2017
    This is the most special game Nintendo has made in years - especially for the core game playing audience. It's certainly the most important, interesting and exciting Zelda since OoT and LttP. It is a new all-time classic.
  58. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a landmark release for its franchise and Nintendo. It's the first time that Nintendo has truly taken on the open-world genre in a current-generation sense; in arriving late to the party, though, it embraces some strengths from top-of-the-class games while also forging its own identity. This game is a revolution for the franchise, but the Legend of Zelda essence is still there - its soul remains. The end result, then, is a captivating experience. This will be in the running as the best game in the IP's history, and it will likely be discussed as a leading contender in the broader open-world genre. Nintendo has bravely taken one of its biggest franchises in a new direction, and it's delivered a triumph.
  59. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild writes a new chapter in the videogames industry. Nintendo jumps to the open world scenario with passion to renew all the things we know about Zelda. It's a new dawn for the franchise, but also a work of heart, recovering the basis of the series from NES. The world of Hyrule is just a dream come true, and the game is unforgettable. It's a legend.
  60. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a monument of a game, a dense, rich, enveloping and challenging adventure that puts the players on the mercy of their wits from the very beginning and introduces survival variables and item management as something to take very seriously throughout the entire quest. Bringing much needed innovations while remaining fully loyal to the Zelda series, Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece and a dream come true that has undoubtedly earned its place among the greatest games ever made.
  61. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wlid offers the same great feeling of scale and adventure as the first Zelda-games. This game throws you in at the deep end, and you get a great sense of freedom in return. The new version of Hyrule is to die for.
  62. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is a defining moment for The Legend of Zelda series, and the most impressive game Nintendo has ever delivered.
  63. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is an absolute masterpiece, and may well be the best The Legend of Zelda game ever made. Despite a few minor technical issues, this a truly unforgettable experience.
  64. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a masterclass in open-world design and a watershed game that reinvents a 30-year-old franchise. It presents a wonderful sandbox full of mystery, dangling dozens upon dozens of tantalizing things in front of you that just beg to be explored. I’ve had so many adventures in Breath of the Wild, and each one has a unique story behind what led me to them, making them stories on top of stories. And even after I’ve spent more than 50 hours searching the far reaches of Hyrule, I still manage to come across things I haven’t seen before. I’ll easily spend 50 to 100 more trying to track down its fascinating moments.
  65. 100
    The best Zelda there’s ever been, and very possibly the best video game ever made.
  66. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is The Legend of Zelda game I didn’t know I always wanted until I starting playing. It’s a disservice to simply label it spectacular, and “must buy” as a Switch launch title is merely a formality. Nintendo promised a lot and left us hanging delay after delay, culminating in a cross-gen switch, but it’s delivered in every sense of the word. Breath of the Wild is the best in a series that’s almost never disappointed.
  67. Mar 2, 2017
    It's like nothing else Nintendo has made, an experience so simultaneously prodigious and accomplished that it feels like a mind-blowing mic drop to the sort of "open world" games (Grand Theft Auto V, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, The Witcher 3) the industry seems bent on proliferating.
  68. 100
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games ever made.
  69. Mar 2, 2017
    This isn't your typical boiler plate open world cash grab, rife with to-do lists and busywork. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an evolution of the formula for both eastern and western philosophies alike, and a new blueprint.
  70. Edge Magazine
    Feb 27, 2017
    The result, for all the longevity of its series and the familiarity of the open-world genre, is a game that evokes feelings we haven’t known for 20 years. Not since Ocarina Of Time have we set foot in a world that seems so mind-bogglingly vast, that feels so unerringly magical, that proves so relentlessly intriguing. Plenty of games promise to let us go anywhere and do anything; few, if any, ever deliver on it so irresistibly. Nineteen years on, Ocarina is still held up as the high-water mark of one of gaming’s best-loved – and greatest – series. Now it may have to settle for second place. [April 2017, p.104]
  71. Mar 4, 2017
    The experience is so phenomenal, it deserves to be in the conversation about the best Zelda game of all-time, if not the best games of all-time. When I say Breath of the Wild is a must-play title, it’s not hyperbole, you simply must play this game.
  72. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is without a doubt one of the best and most complex game in Nintendo’s history. With an open world full of wonders, its addictive ambience seduces you constantly to explore the depths of Hyrule while it defies the best of your skills with perfect mechanics in combat. It's easily among the most enjoyable sandbox games.
  73. Mar 2, 2017
    Breaking all the conventions of the series, and even a few general gaming conventions, Breath of the Wild is essential for any self-respecting gamer. A new bar has been set in open world gaming.
  74. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild changes up the formula and offers a gigantic open world for the player to discover. It is truly an unforgettable experience.
  75. 97
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a sort of mythical experience, that kind of trip where you end up asking yourself if the God of videogames truly exists, and if it does, it may have the face of Shigeru Miyamoto. A huge open world that keeps enchanting the player every step of the way, well beyond the end of the game. Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda ever made, and one of the best videogames of all time.
  76. Mar 2, 2017
    One of those games that you have to play. A great adventure and an excellent beginning for Nintendo's new console.
  77. Mar 2, 2017
    It may look different on the surface, but Breath of the Wild is the same The Legend of Zelda from 30 years ago, making a triumphant return to change gaming forever... Once again.
  78. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of the Wild is excellent in terms of controls, game design and interaction, and these three elements together create something really unique. This is an open world where you have to know and understand the morphology of the territory: following the radar isn't enough. This isn't just a masterpiece, it's also a videogame that exalts an underestimated virtue: grace.
  79. Games Master UK
    May 19, 2017
    Up there with the finest Zelda games, Breath of the Wild is bold, liberating, and utterly astonishing. [Apr 2017, p.60]
  80. Apr 6, 2017
    While other open world games offer a path you may stray from only slightly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers a path that is as wide and far-reaching as the eye can see. In this way, it stands apart from almost the entirety of its genre - and it does so in a way that makes it more than just a game. Breath of the Wild is simply more akin to the breath of life; after which you can live in their world however you like...Breathe in, and let your heart(s) guide you where they may... I know I did.
  81. Mar 23, 2017
    A new direction for the franchise that is as brilliantly successful as it is bold, Breath of the Wild raises the bar for a series that has already set a phenomenally high standard.
  82. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an incredible journey and an exhilarating adventure in a rich world. A real must-have.
  83. 95
    It truly recaptures the distinct essence of the original Zelda game on NES in a way that feels warm and familiar but also exciting and new. This is an amazing, standout entry in a series with a history dotted with masterpieces. It absolutely reinvents the Zelda style while still staying true to what makes past games work so well. This is a hell of a way to kick off a new console (or close one out if you play it on Wii U), as Breath of the Wild is one of the most impressive games I’ve played in years.
  84. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has forever changed the franchise – a feat accomplished by looking to the past. Nintendo have captured the sense of wonder, danger, and awe that they created in 1986, and embedded it in a vast, enthralling world.
  85. Mar 2, 2017
    In spite of all the strong framerate dips, and poor textures, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is simply the best game of the IP. A true masterpiece that transforms the series we all know into something else, a true adventure for grown ups, a game you must play.
  86. Mar 2, 2017
    While Breath of the Wild doesn’t follow the standard Zelda formula, it may be the quintessential example of the Zelda spirit. With a stunningly beautiful and interactive world, surprising difficulty, and a dizzying amount of riddles and puzzles, there’s no end to the secrets hidden in the vast land of Hyrule.
  87. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a culmination of every small step Nintendo’s made with the series resulting in one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever played.
  88. Mar 2, 2017
    It’s been worth the wait. This is one of the largest and more surprising games Nintendo has ever made, overwhelmingly big and a true revolution for the franchise. It’s a new take on the open-world concept, and a game you can’t miss if you like true adventures.
  89. Mar 2, 2017
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduces clever ideas, it's like a breath of fresh air for the series - one of the best action-adventures in video game history.
  90. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Mar 24, 2017
    A game that justifies buying Switch – or, at the very least, renting it for a good while. [Issue#218, p.72]
  91. Mar 2, 2017
    For any gamer that views Ocarina of Time as the highlight of the franchise, Breath of the Wild is a very pleasant surprise. The innovations Nintendo offers are -nearly all- amazing and Hyrule is more appealing and grandiose than ever before.
  92. Mar 2, 2017
    This is the best Legend of Zelda since Ocarina of Time. While Nintendo might not be the ingenious pioneer of the 80s and 90s, they prove, that they are willing to evolve and are still able to set a creative mark. With its towers, the loot and the collecting appeal it can’t deny its ingratiation to the zeitgeist, but most of the time Nintendo does it better and more subtle than the competition.
  93. Apr 3, 2017
    Breath Of The Wild delivers a huge world, and one that is interesting to explore even when such escapades prove fruitless. It comes good with satisfying combat and dozens of reasons to carry on playing after the credits. For all of its issues, it’s a game that manages to reinvent itself, comfortably, effortlessly, in a space dominated by the industry’s triple-A heavyweights. This is one of the most creative and engrossing open-world games in quite some time.
  94. Mar 17, 2017
    However you characterize it -- rebirth, change of direction, or coming of age -- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most mature game in the series' long history. It is a difficult game from a combat and survival perspective, and a challenging game in the amount of information that players have been trusted to figure out for themselves. Compared to its amazingly interactive and constantly surprising world, Breath of the Wild's relatively rote story and sometimes frustrating controls add a note of disappointment to an otherwise peak gaming experience.
  95. Mar 14, 2017
    Whether new to the series or a long time veteran, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the perfect balance of challenge, adventure and fun that shouldn’t be missed out on.
  96. Mar 13, 2017
    There is almost nothing without purpose in Breath of the Wild’s world and it is easy to get lost for hours on end without ever advancing the story. Even so, it helps that the narrative holds up as well, providing another meaningful journey for the Hylian hero and heroine. Breath of the Wild is by no means perfect, but when you’ve got a game that rewards every kind of exploration with a new wrinkle, it might not have to be.
  97. Mar 7, 2017
    What Nintendo has created is an all-encompassing mind-body possession in which you find yourself inside something unusually, hauntingly engrossing.
  98. Mar 2, 2017
    You know when you were a kid, in the summer, you used to have huge pretend adventures in the back garden with all your mates? Where the shed was a castle and the hedge was a jungle? And it was like really having an adventure? This is sort of like that.
  99. Mar 2, 2017
    Link's biggest adventure turns a blind eye to some technical insecurities but bets everything on an inimitable style, a perfect mix between fantasy and fantastic, perfect incarnation of a thin and modern fable.
  100. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that is meant to be loved and savored for years to come, and I'm sure it will be looked back on with as much fanfare and admiration as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Nintendo's other hallmark titles.
  101. Mar 2, 2017
    Breath of The Wild is not perfect. It suffers technical limitations compared to other open-world games on other consoles... of course. But this new adventure is absolutely fantastic though, and it's actually one of the best in the series.
  102. Mar 2, 2017
    Nintendo has achieved something really special with Breath of the Wild. All that’s holding it back are the glaring framerate issues, but even that’s not enough to dim the greatness that shines through. After trying for nearly a decade, the Zelda team has finally made a radical departure from the established Zelda formula. This is a bold new direction for the series, one that so perfectly embraces the spirit of the original NES adventure and re-imagines it for a new generation. Rather than striving to outdo Ocarina of Time, Nintendo has given us something entirely different, yet its impact is just as profound. Breath of the Wild is a landmark game that’s hopefully just the start of an amazing future for Link’s continuing adventures.
  103. Mar 2, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dramatically updates this venerable and beloved series, bringing new ideas into the fold which, while seemingly taking inspiration from others, seamlessly adapts them to fit and never loses its own identity. It's refreshingly new and familiar at the same time, making for both one of the greatest launch titles and the sweetest swan songs any console could wish for.
  104. 90
    Breath of the Wild is a landmark achievement for both the Zelda franchise and Nintendo as a whole. It's a brave new step into uncharted territory that continues to offer surprises and challenges long into its massive running time. I can't overstate how great it is to see the Big N taking risks again — though the vast majority of them do pay off, I have to admit I felt a good deal of affection even when the chances they took fell flat.
  105. Mar 2, 2017
    One of the best Zelda to date, Breath of the Wild is huge, charming and challenging. Maybe not the best game to show Switch’s potential, but one of the best experiences so far.
  106. Mar 14, 2017
    The story might be relatively forgettable and I had a few technical issues, but most of my time spent with this Zelda was a delight. It’s nice to see that even after all these years, Hyrule still has plenty of magic left in it.
  107. Mar 12, 2017
    At its absolute best, Breath of the Wild offers some of the most absorbing experiences a Zelda game ever has. Unfortunately, it makes you work harder for it than you should, buried as it is under a pile of small but constant irritations that collaborate to form a thick crust of frustration around a delectable center. Breath of the Wild is a delightful adventure, one that tries its utmost to be as big a pain in the arse as possible.
  108. Mar 13, 2017
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild surprises with its gorgeous visual effects, spectacular horizons and the vast freedom given to players. Sadly, the open world is often empty and soulless, lacking a proper soundtrack, characters or stories that make for a truly unique experience.
  109. Mar 12, 2017
    The audiovisual beauty alone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is liable to convince you that more is indeed better.
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  1. Mar 2, 2017
    After spending a week utterly immersed in Nintendo's open-world reimagining of the tried-and-true Zelda formula, it's hard to return to the more formulaic entries of the franchise's past. Breath of the Wild is an instant classic and a brave new direction for a series that has been stuck in some of its ways for far too long.
  2. Mar 7, 2017
    It's hard to overstate the courage and conviction with which producer Eiji Aonuma, director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and their team have rewritten their own work, and the size of the risk Nintendo has taken with a beloved property. Breath of the Wild isn't just the most radical departure from the Zelda tradition in its 30-year history, it's the first Nintendo game that feels like it was made in a world where Half-Life 2, Halo, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Skyrim happened. It's inspired by those greats and others, but it doesn't ape them any more than it rests on its own laurels. [Essential]
  3. Mar 2, 2017
    In this modern age of objective-laden open worlds, convoluted skill trees and tiresome hand-holding, that sense of real adventure – that you might find something that no one else in the world has seen – is all too rare. And a Zelda game may have been the last place in the world you expected to find it.
  4. Mar 2, 2017
    This is a game that will dominate dinner conversations. It’s a game that will lead to countless anecdotes, discoveries, and swapped stories. Already, colleagues and I have spent a great deal of time comparing notes and talking about how we solved major puzzles.
  5. Mar 2, 2017
    That's what makes this Zelda so special. For all that's familiar in the world and its inhabitants, the mechanics and the abilities they empower, there's one critical difference: Breath of the Wild sets you free. We've marched off to free Hyrule from Ganon's clutches time and time again, but this is the first Zelda game in which you can really, truly lose yourself.
  6. Mar 7, 2017
    Breath of the Wild has something that’s been missing from the series for years: surprise. Most recent Zelda adventures have become formulaic, abiding by a rigid and proven structure that offers nostalgia and familiarity, but little room for revelations, either big or small. Breath of the Wild is more open and natural than its predecessors, letting you discover things — like how lightning works — through experimentation. It isn’t always as curated and cinematic as other Zelda games, but the unpredictability makes it feel like a true adventure, where you’re uncovering your own path, instead of hitting your marks and following the script.
  7. Mar 2, 2017
    In marketing material, Nintendo has been calling this game an "open air adventure," the sort of unique genre description that is invented alongside so many big budget Japanese games. When I first heard that term, I rolled my eyes a little. The power of the term "adventure" has been diminished through use in the games industry. A term that once conjured a feeling of momentum and danger, intrigue and bravery has become generic. But Breath of the Wild managed to revive the term for me. For the first time in years, I don't just feel like I'm fighting enemies or searching for loot, like I'm "questing" or "exploring." I feel like I'm adventuring.
  8. Mar 2, 2017
    It’s scale is unprecedented for a Zelda game, and it encourages you to move slowly. I want to honor that. And while I fear that the sheer breadth of the experience might ultimately push some players away, I’m relishing my time spent in this hushed, half-dead Hyrule. After thirty years of The Legend of Zelda, I’m delighted that the series has finally lost its way again.
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  1. Mar 3, 2017
    Breath of the Wild broke a lot of records in the history of gaming. By that, I mean it is most likely impossible to find one thing wrong withBreath of the Wild broke a lot of records in the history of gaming. By that, I mean it is most likely impossible to find one thing wrong with this game. It's like Nintendo took the base of Ocarina of Time and modernize it to make it look like this game over here. This is why Nintendo will forever remain in my heart no matter where it all goes. I'm telling you this, Breath of the Wild has everything... yes, every... single... thing that made Ocarina of Time look like a masterpiece. This is the lost brother of Ocarina of Time and the true brother Ocarina of Time will ever need. Just go buy this game, it wants your money so bad, it wants you to play it so bad, it wants to be your local friend literally bad. I'll be waiting until you get this game. Full Review »
  2. Mar 3, 2017
    Stunning in every way, While everyone thought that this Zelda would just copy new games and lose its identity, it showed everyone else how itsStunning in every way, While everyone thought that this Zelda would just copy new games and lose its identity, it showed everyone else how its done. What an amazing time to be a gamer Full Review »
  3. Mar 3, 2017
    This is Nintendo! They've done it again! Captivating adventure, unforgettable experience. Lost for words to fully express the way this gameThis is Nintendo! They've done it again! Captivating adventure, unforgettable experience. Lost for words to fully express the way this game makes a player feel. It is unique and you need to find out for yourself what makes it so. An instant classic, no two ways about it. Full Review »