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  1. Jan 25, 2023
    It’s a fun game to play, but it gets repetitive after a while because very little changes from session to session. There just aren’t very many variables in play in Void Prison, and the ones that are here feel a little more random than I’d prefer. You can be doing everything right only to have an enemy pop in next to where you are standing and bounce you out without any recourse. Void Prison is best enjoyed as a little snack here and there, a few sessions at a time. In that capacity, it certainly earns its meager keep.
  2. Jan 23, 2023
    It does what it wants to well, and we feel expanding the game out – to include co-op or competitive modes for example – may have gone against its Game Jam origins. Still what you’re left with is a game that’s a solid high score chaser with online leaderboards and a suitably low price tag. If you’re looking for something that will a scratch a very small itch then this could be worth a look.