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  • Summary: With the post to shift gravity, prepare to aim your cannons, blast your enemies, and enjoy the fireworks. Worbital is a real-time strategy artillery game in space, peppered with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. The goal: be the last civilization standing.
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  1. Apr 6, 2020
    Worbital is a bizarre blend of real-time strategy and Worms, in space. Sadly falls flat in presentation and variety, but is a blast to blast through in an afternoon. Just be warned; it’ll make your head spin!
  2. Jan 27, 2020
    Worbital plays a bit like a Worms in space, minus the turn-based sequences. Even though blowing up planets in epic space wars is a plus, the lack of depth in battle structures and mechanics make this one better suited to short play sessions. The campaign mode, although a nice addition for single players, has dialogue segments that go longer than necessary.
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  1. Dec 11, 2019
    Hey all, it's your friendly neighborhood PS4 guy. Coming at ya with a strategy and a planetary force! Strategic, stellar even intergalactic.Hey all, it's your friendly neighborhood PS4 guy. Coming at ya with a strategy and a planetary force! Strategic, stellar even intergalactic. It's like worms but, with planets!

    Worbital is a mix between an RTS and worms but in SPACE*Dramatic echo*. Orbital is a cartoon style Syfy genre RTS game the runs a refined gambit of strategy and resource management through both the multiplayer and campaign. The game as in most cases with the genre is at its best in multiplier with a few unique mechanics to think about along the way. As for the single-player campaign, it's a story of frenemies that are trying to solve the resource crisis in the galaxy. They all have different views and plans to resolve this, it best to experience this first hand.

    The gameplay has many classical elements but, refined and attached to one unit as opposed to an army. Your planet is both your base and man unit. Weapons and defenses even in a melee capacity, are built like you would with any RTS using resources built up over time. Resources are established static waiting, from destroying asteroids or enemies. You can also count attacks which aren't often something you see. As we are essentially piloting kaiju planets at war, they do in fact maintain orbit much like plants in fact do. This adds our last unique mechanic and layer of strategy, changing orbit. Think of this like a rail you are on and with certain conditions can allow you or enemy's change that rail. You can even go as far as to force orbit change on someone if played right.

    Really as a package, it comes down to 3 major modes. Practice, campaign( think puzzle mode but with the story, if that makes sense) and of course the main bit multiplayer. One of the neat features includes couch play on a split-screen. Between the couch play and practice, you will be able to practice all your upgrades. This is one of those games then you really just need to try yourself to get the full picture. It may not be a trip to a galaxy far far away... But it's one worth visiting.

    That "new" feeling that shows you new elements to the genre
    Great ideas that come to fruition

    Very hard to put into words(this was hard to even write you know!)
    Some of the mechanics are not clear
    With this all said I give this game a final rating of:


    Though Worbital was not really my type of game it is objectively made well. If you like RTS games or worms this is a game for you. Not to mention is in SPACE!