Description: The sparrows are flying again. Thad Bealimont's evil twin, George Stark, has returned in this thrilling computer graphic adventure game based on the Orion pictures film, from the novel by Staphen King. A successful horror writer, you are drawn into the psychological mystery behind your evil twin as he commits crimes and murders for which you are blamed. To defeat the evil forces, you must dodge the police, uncover clues and discover the secret of the dark half. Only then can you prove your innocence, save your family, and silence George Stark forever.


  • PC
  • Symtus
Publisher: Capstone Software


Robert Fiorini
Directed By
Stephen King
Written By: based on novel by
David Turner
Written By: game concept
James Wheeler
Written By: game concept
Leigh M. Rothschild
Produced By: executive producer
David Turner
Produced By: producer
Daniel Bourbonnais
Art Department: additional art
John Garcia
Art Department: art design
Kelcey Simpson
Art Department: art design
Bruce Turner
Art Department: additional art
Katie Scott
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