Description: Becoming a magician and learning the craft of magic is the greatest dream of 12 year old Jeremiah Hazelnut. During the last two days of his summer vacation this dream finally seems to come true. Out of thin air, an elegantly dressed rabbit who goes by the name the Marquis de Hoto appears,carrying Jerry with him into an enchanted realm...


  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: May 28, 2013
  • Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment


Matthias Kempke
Directed By
Joanna Green
Directed By: voice director
Matthias Kempke
Written By: story
Valentina Tamer
Written By: additional dialogue
Jed Kelly
Cast: Jerry Hazelnut
Wayne Forester
Cast: The Marquis de Hoto,Huckster Lizard
Steve Furst
Cast: The Mysterious Woodsprite,Spitzweg,Hedgehog with Blue Pants
Peter Marinker
Cast: The Old Magician of Mousewood
Charlotte Moore
Cast: Mrs. Hazelnut
Brian Deacon
Cast: The Great Zaroff
Andrew Wincott
Cast: Banking Lizard,Japanese Poet
Neil McCaul
Cast: Building Contractor Lizard,Fortune Telling Lizard,Backpack Mouse
Adam Longworth
Cast: Plato the Frog,Mouse Guard 2,The Pole Whale
Alix Wilton Regan
Cast: Anja Mouse,Polar Scientist
Ian Drysdale
Cast: Mr. Churchmouse,Cannon Mouse
Glen McCready
Cast: Conrad Owl,Lighting Technician
John Bull
Cast: Jonathan Squirrel,Memory of a Raven
Ben Elliot
Cast: Humbert
David Rintoul
Cast: Steinberg,Hedgehog with Red Pants
Alison Pettitt
Cast: Edith Squirrel,Dance Mouse,Friend of the Polarscientist
Tim Bentinck
Cast: Hangover Mouse,Fox Gatekeeper
Keith Wickham
Cast: Ludwig Mole,Garden Rabbit
Harriet Carmichael
Cast: Kitsune
René Dawn-Claude
Cast: Jerry Hazelnut
Alison Dowling
Cast: Mouse Guard 1,Hespera (Moth Nun)
Paedar Kelly
Cast: The Leprechaun,Mr. Hazelnut
Rula Lenska
Cast: Phosphera (Moth High Priestess)
Erik Range
Cast: Garden Rabbit
Terry Wilton
Cast: Night Watchman,The Rock Toad
Carsten Fichtelmann
Produced By: executive producer
Matthias Mangelsdorf
Produced By: producer
Tilo Alpermann
Sound: sound designer
Kit Challis
Sound: dialogue editor
Juan Manuel Delfin
Sound: dialog recording
Thomas Gimpel
Sound: sound designer
Tobias Omernik
Sound: sound designer
Matthew Panayiotopoulos
Sound: english dialogue editor
Victoria Prentice
Sound: dialog recording
Marta Puerto
Sound: english dialogue editor
Malte Seddig
Sound: sound designer
Samantha Werner
Sound: sound designer
Mark Estdale
Casting Director
Olga Andriyenko
Art Department: lead character designer
Johannes Lott
Art Department: graphic designer
'Weird Al' Yankovic
special thanks