Description: Red Barrels invites you to experience mind-numbing terror, this time with friends. Whether you go through the trials alone or in teams, if you survive long enough and complete the therapy, Murkoff will happily let you leave… but will you be the same?


  • PC
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Mar 5, 2024
  • Red Barrels
Publisher: Red Barrels


Alex Charbonneau
Directed By
J.T. Petty
Written By: writer
Andreas Apergis
Cast: The Pusher
Carlo Mestroni
Cast: Dr. Hendrick Joliet Easterman
Cat Lemieux
Cast: Nurse Barlowe
Catherine Kidd
Cast: Small Grunt
Chimwemwe Miller
Cast: Big Grunt
Emmanuelle Lussier Martinez
Cast: Female Player 2
Julian Bailey
Cast: Sergeant Leland Coyle
Karl Graboshas
Cast: Nighthunter
Lucinda Davis
Cast: Mother Gooseberry
Tyrone Benskin
Cast: Cornelius Noakes
Charles Ayotte
Produced By: producer
William Sylvain
Sound: sound
Simon Peacock
Casting Director
Max Laferriere
Stunts: stunt performer
Carl Langlais
Stunts: stunt performer
Thomas Liccioni
Stunts: stunt coordinator
Robert Montcalm
Stunts: stunt performer
David Chateauneuf
creative director
Hugo Dallaire
creative director
Philippe Morin
creative director
Simon Peacock
voice director
Paul Taylor
Music Department: orchestrator